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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Insouciance Rules the West

00 Iranian take on the Statue of Liberty 230815

Iranian caricature of the Statue of Liberty

US Embassy in Iran

Tehran IRAN

late 20th century


Refugees are overrunning Europe, fleeing both Washington and Israel’s hegemonic policies in the Middle East and North Africa, which bring a massive slaughter of civilians. The inflows are so heavy that European governments are squabbling amongst themselves about who is responsible for the refugees. Hungary is considering constructing a fence, like the USA and Israel, to keep out undesirables. Everywhere, the Western media carries reports deploring the influx of migrants; yet nowhere is there any reference to the cause of the problem. The European governments and their insouciant populations are themselves responsible for their immigrant problems. For 14 years, Europe supported Washington’s aggressive militarism that has murdered and dislocated millions of people that never lifted a finger against Washington.  The destruction of entire countries, such as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and now Syria and Yemen, as well as the continuing American slaughter of Pakistani civilians with the full complicity of the corrupt and traitorous Pakistani government, produced a refugee problem that the moronic Europeans brought upon themselves.

Europe deserves the problem, but it isn’t enough punishment for their crimes against humanity in supporting Washington’s world hegemony. In the Western world, insouciance rules governments as well as people, and most likely everywhere else in the world, as well. One doesn’t know yet if Russia and China have any clearer grasp of the reality that confronts them. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, Director of the US Defence Intelligence Agency until his retirement in August 2014, confirmed that the Obama administration disregarded his advice and made a wilful decision to support the jihadists who now make up ISIS. Here we have an American government so insouciant, with nothing but tunnel vision, empowering the various elements that make up Washington’s excuse for the “war on terror” and the destruction of several countries. Just as the idiot Europeans produced their own refugee problems, the idiot Americans produced their own terrorist problems.  It’s mindless… and there’s no end to it.

Consider the insanity of the Obama administration policy toward Russia. The total unawareness of Washington and the EU to the consequences of their aggression and false accusations toward Russia astonished Kissinger and Brzeziński, two of the left-wing’s most hated bogymen. Kissinger said that American foreign policy is in the hands of “ahistorical people” who don’t comprehend that “we shouldn’t engage in international conflicts if, at the beginning, we can’t describe an end”.  Kissinger criticised Washington and the EU for their misconception that the West could act in the Ukraine in ways inconsistent with Russian interests and receive a pass from the Russian government. As for the idiotic claim that Putin is responsible for the Ukrainian tragedy, Kissinger said, “It isn’t conceivable that Putin spent sixty billion Euros (4.72 trillion Roubles. 436 billion Renminbi. 4.52 trillion INR. 68.3 billion USD. 90 billion CAD. 93.5 billion AUD. 43.5 billion UK Pounds) on turning a summer resort into a Winter Olympic village to start a military crisis the week after a concluding Olympic ceremony that depicted Russia as a part of Western civilisation”. Don’t expect the low-grade morons who make up the Western media to notice anything as obvious as the meaning of Kissinger’s observation.

Brzeziński joined Kissinger in stating unequivocally, “We must reassure Russia that the Ukraine won’t ever become a NATO member”. Kissinger is correct that Americans and their leaders are ahistorical. The USA operates using a priori theories that justify American preconceptions and desires. This is a prescription for war, disaster, and the demise of humanity. Even American commentators whom one would consider intelligent are ahistorical. Writing in OpEdNews (18 August 2015), William Bike says that Ronald Reagan advocated the destruction of the USSR. Reagan did no such thing. Reagan was respectful of the Soviet leadership and worked with Gorbachyov to end the Cold War. Reagan never spoke about winning the Cold War, only about ending it. The USSR collapsed because hardline communists opposed to Gorbachyov’s policies arrested him and launched a coup. The coup failed, but it took down the Soviet government. Reagan had nothing to do with it and was no longer in office.

Some ahistorical Americans can’t tell the difference between war criminals such as Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and Obama, and people such as Jimmy Carter, who spent his life doing, and trying to do, good deeds. No sooner do we hear that the 90-year-old former president has cancer than Matt Peppe regales us on CounterPunch about Jimmy Carter’s Blood-Drenched Legacy (18 August 2015). Peppe describes Carter as just another hypocrite who professed human rights but had a “penchant for bloodshed”. What Peppe means is that Carter didn’t stop bloodshed initiated by foreigners abroad. In other words, Carter failed as a global policeman. Of course, Peppe’s criticism of Carter is a stale reiteration of the false neoconservative criticism of Carter. Peppe, like so many others, shows an astonishing ignorance of the constraints of existing policies institutionalised in government exercise over presidents. In American politics, interest groups are more powerful than the elected politicians are. Look around you. The federal agencies created to oversee the wellbeing of the national forests, public lands, air, and water are all staffed with executives from the very polluting and clear-cutting industries which the agencies are supposed to regulate. Read CounterPunch editor Jeffrey St Clair’s book, Born Under A Bad Sky, to understand that those who are supposed to be regulated are in fact doing the regulating, and in their interests. The public interest is nowhere in the picture.

Look away from the environment to economic policy. The same financial executives who caused the current financial crisis, which resulted in enormous continuing public subsidies to the private banking system, now into the eighth year, are the ones who run the US Treasury and Federal Reserve. Without a strong movement behind him, from whose ranks a president can staff an administration committed to major changes, the president is, in effect, a captive of the private interests who finance political campaigns. Reagan is the only president of our time who had even a semblance of a movement behind him, and Bush Establishment Republicans counterbalanced the “Reaganites” in his administration. During the 1930s, President Franklin D Roosevelt had a movement behind him consisting of New Dealers. Consequently, Roosevelt was able to achieve a number of overdue reforms, such as Social Security. Nevertheless, Roosevelt didn’t see himself as being in charge. In The Age of Acquiescence (2015), Steve Fraser quotes President Roosevelt as telling Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau at the end of 1934, “The people I’ve called the ‘money-changers in the Temple’ are still in absolute control. It’ll take many years and possibly several revolutions to eliminate them”. Eight decades later, as Nomi Prins has made clear in All the Presidents’ Bankers (2014), the money-changers are still in control. Nothing less than fire and sword can dislodge them. Yet, and it’ll forever be the case, America has commentators who really believe that a president can change things, but refuses to do so because he prefers the way that they are. Unless there’s a major disaster, such as the Great Depression, or a lesser challenge, such as stagflation for which solutions were scarce, a president without a movement is outgunned by powerful private interest groups, and sometimes even if he has a movement.

Private interests were empowered by the Republican Supreme Court’s decision that the purchase of the US government by corporate money is the constitutionally protected exercise of free speech. To be completely clear, the US Supreme Court ruled that organised interest groups have the right to control the US government. Under this Supreme Court ruling, how can the USA pretend to be a democracy? How can Washington justify its genocidal murders as “bringing democracy” to the decimated? Unless the world wakes up and realises that total evil has the reins in the West, humanity has no future.

20 August 2015

Paul Craig Roberts

Sputnik International



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28 April 2015. My Address is the Lugansk Peoples Republic!

00 LNR Passport. 04.04.15



Of course, you recognise the riff on My Address is the USSR… say it loud! Say it PROUD! I’m LEFT… you DIDN’T beat me, you rightie son-of-a-bitch, and you can ram your Slobberin’ Ronnie and Wet Willy Romney up so far that the sun couldn’t shine that far. You didn’t “win” the Cold War (the USSR committed suicide, sadly enough… Gorby’s got the complete onus on that one)… you have nothing to crow about, rightie.

There’s a lot of unfinished business… they’re starting to right it in the DNR and LNR… fancy that. Stay tuned… same bat time… same bat station… things are changing before our very eyes…


Monday, 6 October 2014

“NATO Can Deploy Wherever It Wants”: NATO Admits that it’s an Instrument of Aggression, Not a Defensive Bloc

00 StopNATONow! 01.09.14


00 Adams. NATO Rools! 2014


New NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg boasted, “Next year, at the ministerial meeting, we’ll take decisions regarding the so-called spearhead but, even before we establish it, NATO has a strong army after all. These capabilities already exist. We have them, and we can deploy them in individual regions. This is only an add-on to what the alliance already has”. Sounds impressive, huh… don’t get excited… it’s only a matter of several thousand troops, equal to a single brigade. Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian Prime Minister (a rather bellicose rightwing Labour Party member… an equal of Chilly Hilly in the USA) is blowing smoke out of his ass, no doubt to please the American neocon bosses of NATO. Reuters trumpeted last month that the USA transferred 20 M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks and about 700 soldiers (with Bradley MICVs and Stryker light AFVs… the latter are lightly-armoured POS jokes that one can cut to pieces with a light autocannon or even an old WW-II-vintage anti-tank rifle) to the Baltic States. Again, this is bullshit. 20 tanks is only 2 tank companies (10 tanks per company, 3 per platoon)… although Bradleys are fully capable MICVs, Strykers are lightly-armoured crapola AFVs only fit to fight in low-level COIN operations in the Third World. This is a force equal to an understrength battalion task force (there was no talk of artillery or helicopter support units). Russia’s supposed to be scared of such a deployment?!? It’s nothing but a tripwire force… if the Russians attacked, the USA would respond with tactical nukes. NATO admits that it’s an aggressor… it no longer serves a defensive purpose (if it ever did), a notional purpose that lapsed with the fall of the USSR in 1991. Remember what US Secretary of State James Baker said to Gorbachyov… that if the Soviets allowed the DDR and BRD to unify as a single state, NATO wouldn’t move “one inch” further east. Furthermore, Jack Matlock, the US ambassador to the USSR at the time, went on record as stating that the USA gave Moscow a “clear commitment” on NATO’s pledge not to expand further in Russia’s direction.

There are liars afoot… they’re NOT in Moscow…


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Russia Revives May Day Tradition on Red Square… A Sign of a New Red Revival

00h KPRF May Day 2012 Moscow


More than two million people will take part in May Day labour union demonstrations throughout Russia. A festive march will occur on Red Square in central Moscow for the first time since 1991. Mikhail Shmakov, head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, told a news conference at ITAR-TASS, “Russia is reviving a tradition to celebrate May Day at the Kremlin walls. We’ll hold demonstrations in 1,100 cities and district centres. More than two million people will take part and I hope that they’ll hear our voices. Regional branches of trade unions will add their demands along with common slogans with their requirements. Despite the more than 100-year history of May Day, the fight for an eight-hour labour day remains topical”.

After the 1917 Revolution, the day of workers’ solidarity was an official holiday, with massive and festive celebrations. Traditional festivities began with speeches of top party functionaries, then, there was a parade, ending with performances by athletes and a workers’ march. For a long time, May Day was a symbol of revolution and class struggle. Now, almost all countries mark it as a peaceful holiday of labour. In Russia, International Day of Solidarity of Workers became the Holiday of Spring and Labour in 1992. In 1990, the second-to-last year that of Red Square rallies, May Day grew into high-spirited political action. Demonstrations in Moscow assembled around 100,000 people in the past. Around 50,000 people participated in a rally on Red Square in 1991, after which the tradition lapsed for 13 years. Then, Shmakov said the rally “involved Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachyov, Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet Anatoly Lukyanov, Chairman of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Boris Yeltsin [first Russian president], and Chairman of the Moscow Gorsoviet Gavriil Popov, with the theme, ‘Solidarity and Human Rights for Labour’”.


Here’s another revival of past Soviet practises by V V Putin. Can’t American leftists see that he’s a new NEPman, NOT a neoliberal swine like Willy Romney? There’s none so blind as those who WILL not to see.


29 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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