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Sunday, 26 November 2017

LNR Resolved Internal Crisis Calmly


This week was fraught with both real and fake news stories about an internal political crisis in the LNR in the Donbass. The genesis of the conflict appeared to be a dispute between Interior Minister I A Kornet and former LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky. Kornet stated that saboteurs surrounded Plotnitsky and that such people had to go for the good of the LNR. At no time did Kornet publicly accuse Plotnitsky of any personal wrongdoing. However, many believe that Plotnitsky isn’t an inspirational leader and that he isn’t up to the task of running a republic besieged by aggressive warfare from the fascist Kiev régime. For some time, social media had rumours of Plotnitsky’s responsibility for the deaths of LNR commanders in the past, although these rumours have likely spread because people came to see Plotnitsky as in ineffective commander rather than a traitor. There’s never been any substantial evidence showing that Plotnitsky ever conspired against his own officers.

LNR Security Minister Leonid Pasechnik is the interim Head of State until new elections. Pasechnik thanked his predecessor for his service and announced the appointment of Plotnitsky to a new role as LNR envoy for future discussions on the Minsk Accords (which aim to bring a long-term ceasefire to the Donbass conflict). This move clearly has the intent of demonstrating the LNR’s internal stability, insofar as a man seen as not fit to be the leader, would still have a respectable position within the government, albeit as an envoy whose role is largely honorific due to the stalemate in implementing the Minsk Agreements. The move also helps put to rest rumours from pro-junta social media that Plotnitsky was dead or under torture. Clearly, neither of these assertions is factual. Pasechnik stated:

Plotnitsky made a great contribution to the peaceful settlement process. He’s one of the Minsk accords signers. We appointed him LNR plenipotentiary for execution of the Minsk accords.

Whilst details concerning what convinced Plotnitsky to finally relinquish power are yet to be fully known, it’d appear that, as was the case of the far more experienced Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Plotnitsky realised that his former comrades wanted a changing of the guard and like all leaders who’d rather leave with dignity than with a fight, he eventually acquiesced. Overall, the comparatively smooth transition from a leader whose popularity had waned to an interim leader apparently supported by those agitating for Plotnitsky’s ouster demonstrated that the LNR is now politically mature, in spite of only being founded in 2014 and being the victim of an aggressive war since the moment of its founding.

Furthermore, as pro-Ukrainian regime media and social media somersaulted with various conspiracy theories and with the Kiev regime eager to exploit the de facto resolved political crisis in the LNR, the fact of the matter is that Kiev wasn’t able to upset the LNR’s security during was a week-long crisis. The LNR and DNR function as states, but the Kiev regime can barely function at all, in spite of continued support (lethargic) from the West. Throughout the crisis, the LNR bureaucracy was generally functional, police and security services maintained the peace, and life for ordinary citizens went on normally, with no one harmed. By contrast, political assassinations in Kiev are all too common, political ultra-violence has long been the norm, and junta chieftain Poroshenko is under a sustained political attack from the former Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili, who seeks to replace Poroshenko at the soonest possible moment.

The political health of the LNR isn’t perfect, but considering that it’s the victim of a brutal war, it functions rather better than the aggressor in the war, especially considering that Kiev has the support of all the major Western powers, whereas the LNR isn’t even supported by Russia, beyond the provision of humanitarian aid and minor civilian material aid. The LNR’s neighbour, the DNR, is even more stable. DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko has proved to be an effective leader who’s withstood the most aggressive phases of the war (thus far) and has been able to broadly maintain the DNR’s security in spite of losing his most skilled and beloved commanders, M S “Givi” Tolstykh and A P “Motorola” Pavlov.

Earlier this year, Zakharchenko proposed creating a union-state of Malorossiya between the LNR, DNR, and other areas within the 1991 Ukrainian SSR borders that want to unite peacefully as a single state. At the time, Plotnitsky claimed to be unaware of this idea, which is a clear sign that he was either not up to the task of leadership or that he wasn’t considered important enough to get an advance notice of a major announcement that many local and foreign journalists received. With Plotnitsky out of the picture, it’s possible that such a union-state is now increasingly possible. The beginning of such a wider union would, of course, be a formal union between the LNR and DNR, which would replace the current less-formal confederation, which amounts to little more than an alliance.

Ultimately, the future of what remains of the Ukraine will likely be the creation of voluntary unions that more or less correspond to the borders of historic Malorossiya and Novorossiya, in addition to separate entities accounting for the parts of the 1991 Ukrainian SSR, which include former parts of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. With the probable exception of historical Galicia returning to Poland, there also remains the possibility of each aforementioned entity returning to its mother country.

24 November 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran      



Thursday, 10 November 2016

As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Away, Misha, Run Away!



Mikhail Saakashvili announced his resignation, accompanied by a statement filled with pejorative criticism of the current government in general and of President Poroshenko in particular. He promised to stay in the Ukraine, to continue the political fight with organised crime and corruption…

7 November 2016

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatury


Friday, 5 June 2015

Lugansk Young People Used Jackass to Symbolise Saakashvili During Rally “So, You’re in Odessa, Mishka!”

00 Lugansk. saakashvili jackass. 05.06.15


The Association of Lugansk Youth held a satirical rally “So, You’re in Odessa, Mishka!” They went through the streets of Lugansk with a jackass that they used to symbolise ex-Georgian President M N Saakashvili. Association of Lugansk Youth activists expressed their opinion of the recent appointment of Saakashvili as Chairman of the Odessa Oblast OGA* by junta strongman P A Poroshenko. Participants displayed posters in a rally at the Taras Shevchenko monument illustrating Saakashvili’s “achievements” in Georgia.

  • “The population declined by 600,000 (15 Percent)”
  • “An unemployment rate of 16.5 Percent”
  • “A quarter of Georgians live in poverty”
  • “Odessa, we sympathise with you”

Many participants wore red ties, which they chewed from time to time, as Saakashvili once did on-camera during a TV broadcast. They explained that they wanted to use a particular animal to portray Saakashvili… they wanted to find the one closest in spirit to the ex-president… so, they chose a jackass. One of the organisers explained that they wanted to portray the former president as a jackass dragging a load of problems. Deputy of the LNR Peoples Soviet Dmitri Sidorov said, “I hope that Saakashvili won’t bring all the problems that he had in Georgia to Odessa Oblast”. Marchers accompanied the Saakashvili-jackass, playing the parts of “Odessites” and “their new bosses” to the Shevchenko monument at the intersection of Oboronnaya and Sovetskaya Streets, then, to the puppet theatre; later, they went to Heroes of the Civil War Square behind the P B Luspekaev Lugansk Academic Russian Drama Theatre. They put up a replica of the monument to Duc de Richelieu, the first Russian Governor of Odessa, where the participants read out an appeal to the young people of Odessa Oblast, “Now, you see pretentious projects designed to enrich your bosses, not improving the people’s life. Just like Georgia, your population may decline, as you may leave for a life in other cities and countries. Young people of Odessa! Come to Lugansk! Odessa’s debt is going to go up to the stratosphere. In Georgia, [Saakashvili] ran it up to 11 billion bucks. Hold on! We believe you can do it”. Organisers called the rally “greetings to a patriot who abandoned his motherland for a governorship”. At the same time, they expressed their sincere sympathy to Odessites for the fact that the junta imposed such a “Governor” on them.

  • OGA: Oblast State Administration, administrative apparat of an oblast

4 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



The Anglo Americans are desperate… no “Ukrainian” wants to aid them, not even Galician Uniate fascists! They’re all waking up to what the Anglo American pigs want. Do remember how the Americans tried to give away mineral rights in Novorossiya to a corporation ostensibly headed by Biden’s kid. If that wasn’t crank every which way to Sunday, I don’t know what it was! Even the Uniate nationalists are waking up to the fact that American neoliberals (“conservatives”) are objectively evil predators. Remember… the Republicans and the Interventionist Democrats are identical… both want to impose terror to fatten their bankrolls. Ted Cruz or Chilly Hilly… both are identical Antichristian raptors. The last hope for the USA is Bernie Sanders. If we elect anyone else, the Evil Empire will live… in Washington! It’s time to fight the Beast… we can do it… if we stand together.

Will you swallow a kopeck’s worth?

You can follow Christ or you can follow Neoliberal whores like Rod Dreher and Chilly Hilly (they’re identical under the skin… trust me on that one)… it’s up to you…


Sunday, 8 February 2015

8 February 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Saakashvili Thinks that the Ukraine Can Conquer Russia… We Should Get His Rubber Room Ready

01 madman


Read this. This guy is either serious, in which case we should get a rubber room ready, or, he’s kissing the Anglo Americans’ ass big-time. I think, sadly enough, that it’s a bit of both! This jabronie was dumb enough to go to war at Condoleezza Rice’s urging in ’08 and got his ass waxed by the Russkies every which way but loose. Today, the junta army is taking French leave en masse, the Grivna is in freefall, the power flickers on and off, the hot water hasn’t been on in months, and junta armed bands attack government buildings. These guys are gonna take Russia? I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge…

The only question now is “when” shall the junta fall, not “if”… the post-1991 power vacuüm is over. Russia’s back and the Anglos haven’t caught on yet. They say that payback is a motherfucker…


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