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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

3 May 2017. America’s Latest Foe in the Mediterranean… Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich




Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich is the ship’s cat on the Guards cruiser Moskva, now on duty off Syria. Russia still controls shipboard rodents the Old-School way, with cats instead of chemicals. Go in fear… here’s the latest Russian threat… Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Donald Trump, John McCain and General McMasters all say so. Tremble… for Kot Sergei Ivanovich is an existential threat to the One Percent and their Affluent Effluent minions. Aren’t you ashamed of the Establishment Line on Russia? Russia is no more a threat to your civil liberties than Kot Sergei Ivanovich is… but the American Establishment IS such a threat, and they’ve already taken away many of our liberties since the time of the Clintons. Reflect on that.

As for Kot Sergei… he’s what he is… “on guard for peace”. Don’t let the warmongers and fatcats prod you into war… your sons will die, choking out their lives in the mud… their sons will fuck co-eds, safe n’ sound in some posh Ivy League college. That’s the reality of Today’s America. Keep it focused…



Sunday, 19 March 2017

19 March 2017. Russian Sappers Enroute to Palmyra to Demine the City


Here’s a Russian sapper preparing to embark for Syria, to demine liberated Palmyra. He’s got his canine friend along to help him! Russian sappers, alongside their Syrian, Iranian, and Hizbullah counterparts, have already demined much of liberated Free Aleppo. They’ll do the same in Palmyra… yes, these guys are on guard for peace, too… keeping the world safe from the likes of McCain and Clinton.

One last thing… these guys are going to Syria with the full blessing of the Syrian government. The Americans going there didn’t ask permission of Syria… that makes them aggressors and invaders. Wouldn’t that make the American Establishment (both Republican and Democratic) eligible for a “war crimes trial?” Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Russia Allows Draftees to Serve With Pets

00 Russian army soldier with dog. 02.10.13


Ahead of the autumn draft, which began on Tuesday, General Yevgeni Burdinsky, deputy head of the General Staff‘s Chief Organisation and Mobilisation Directorate, said that Russian conscripts whose dogs have training in certain activities are welcome to do their mandatory year of military service with their pets. He said, “If a conscript and his dog have undergone special training courses and have acquired certain skills, then, such specialists are in demand with the Russian forces. During our draft we pay attention to a conscript’s request to do military service together with his pet”. Contrary to popular belief, German shepherd dogs aren’t the only ones in demand. Burdinsky observed, “For example, a spaniel is a hunting dog. It has search abilities and can locate drugs. We seek out such dogs. The dog’s breed isn’t important, but its training is”.

1 October 2013




Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ukrainian Navy Brings Back Killer Dolphins


On Thursday, a source at the Ukrainian naval base in Sevastopol told RIA-Novosti that the Ukrainian Navy restarted special training for dolphins and other animals for military duties, including attacking enemy combat swimmers and detecting mines, saying, “Ten dolphins are now being trained for special tasks at the Ukrainian state oceanarium, and Ukrainian military personnel regularly train the animals to detect objects on the seabed“. The Soviet Navy trained dolphins at Sevastopol as far back as 1973. They trained them to find military equipment such as sea mines on the seabed, as well as attacking divers, and even carrying explosives on their heads to plant on enemy ships. After the breakup of the USSR, and division of the Black Sea Fleet into Ukrainian and Russian units, the dolphin training section and its specialists went to the Ukrainian Navy. Then, they saw use for civilian tasks such as working with disabled children, in order to keep the unit intact.

Our source told us that the navy would train killer-dolphins to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads, saying, “Now, we’re planning training exercises for counter-combat swimmer tasks in order to defend ships in port and on raids”. Their tasks would also include patrolling stretches of water to detect items of military interest and to mark them by attaching floating buoys. This year, several exercises have already occurred, with the dolphins finding underwater weapons, both in the aquarium and outside it. Our source said, “The mission was successfully carried out. Our dolphins found the items and attached devices to them which were fixed on their heads, after which a buoy on it was sent to the surface to mark it”. The Ukrainian dolphin base is one of only two in the world, the other being in San Diego CA in the USA. There’s no information on whether the Russian Navy has a similar unit.

11 October 2012




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