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Monday, 19 October 2015

Plotnitsky Took Part in Oath-Taking Ceremony at the Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps

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Today, Chairman of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky took part in the oath-taking ceremony at the Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps. The ceremony took place on the main Cossack holyday… the Protection of the Most Holy Virgin and Mother of God, celebrated throughout the Orthodox world on October 14. 43 student cadets of the 10th class gave their Solemn Oath and received certificates, showing their commitment to service to the motherland. The commander of the cadet corps spoke:

The level of training you have is high. All our graduates go on to higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation, the DNR, and here in the LNR. Some went on to serve in the people’s armed forces”.

Plotnitsky added:

All graduates from here have bright and great prospects. Cherish your honour, serve honestly and selflessly, and the Motherland won’t forget you. I congratulate the parents who entrusted their sons to our LNR armed forces. Be aware that none of the cadets get hurt here… they learn… so that they can be worthy replacements [of those serving at present].

Plotnitsky awarded the medal “For Courage” (Second Class) to Cadet Yevgeni Shakhunov, who, despite only being 16-years-old, fought in the Battle of Debaltsevo. The young man said:

I’ve only been here for two weeks, but I received a medal for the liberation of Debaltsevo and Chernukhino. More than a year ago, I joined the Cossack forces. I fought with them, and I intend to go back with them after finishing school.

Vladimir Bazak, the acting director of the educational institution, said:

Each of the cadets had their own, sometimes tragic, personal history, prompting these guys to devote themselves to serving the motherland. Half of our cadets are from Lugansk, the other half are from other parts of the Republic. They’re from Pervomaisk, Krasny Luch, and other places. The Cadet Corps gives students a great education. Our guys clearly follow the orders of their senior mentors; they’re physically hardened. They also get used to the fact that you need to keep your word in life. At this point, the Cadet Corps has 165 members. However, after we complete our start-up, we’d like to take in an additional draft of fifty students.

In April 2015, the LNR Council of Ministers created the LNR State Institution Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps, using the facilities of the Lugansk Oblast Lyceum of Military and Physical Training (with the Heroes of the Young Guard Cadet Corps). The main task of the institution is to prepare students for further study in higher military and security educational institutes.

13 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Wednesday, 15 April 2015

DNR Ministry of Education sez that Graduates of DNR Military Secondary Schools would Receive Free Higher Military Education in Russia



Today, DNR Minister of Education Igor Kostenok told a workshop that graduates of DNR military secondary schools now have the opportunity to receive further training in Russia. He said, “Those guys who graduate today from [our military secondary schools] who want to devote their lives to the defence of the state will now receive free education in specialised military-educational institutions in the Russian Federation. At present, we have no such higher military-educational institutions in the DNR, but we plan to reopen the now-closed Institute for Military-Political Affairs. Our military school graduates about 100 cadets; the Russians proposed to train all of them, if it came to that… of course, if hostilities rekindle, we’d have to take them up on that offer”.

14 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The Minister is referring to Suvorov Schools… a secondary-level school with military training (that is, ordinary high school with military training added). If they’re going to ramp-up the Military-Political Institute again… need I say more? The DNR has definitively broken with the notional “Ukraine” for good…


Friday, 31 January 2014

Minoborony Big Urged Russian Women to Join the Army

00 Russian female soldier. 31.01.14


On Friday, Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov said that more women should serve as long-service personnel in the Russian forces, telling a meeting of Siberian university students, “My personal opinion is that we should see more women in the ranks serving as officers, generals, sergeants, and privates”. He added that such service would be voluntary. Pankov said that 200 women were cadets at various military education establishments in Russia last year; he expects that number to grow in 2014, noting, “We’ve opened admission [for women] even to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School… and the number of applications is enormous. This goes to show that women want to enter the military profession, so, we shouldn’t ignore it”. According to statistics, 11,000 women are now on military duty, down from 30,000 five years ago due to staff cuts under present military reforms. They serve as officers and NCOs, mainly in staff positions, as specialists in medical and financial services, or in communications units.

31 January 2014



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