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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. Here Be Those Nasty Ol’ Russian Soldiers that the Western Media Bloviates About…

00 russian navy officers. 22.09.14

Russian Navy men back from sea duty with the Pacific Fleet


There’s much bloviation about Russian military men in the Western punditocracy… they’re all mediocrities at best… they’re brutal rapists, thugs, and thieves… they’re completely clueless as compared to their Western counterparts… they’re just not REAL military men (to be military men in the Western sense, one has to devastate civilian neighbourhoods without mercy, use torture when you feel like it, force-feed prisoners, call all your enemies “terrorists”, and bomb ’em all into the Stone Age without any moral qualms whatsoever). Nope… Russian soldiers aren’t like that at all. They’re normal human beings, as the above image testifies… and their professional standards are as high as anyone else’s. The USA lacks the money, means, manpower, and will to face Russia, and that’s that. In any case, Russians ARE patriotic and WILL fight for their Motherland,,, they’re not service-evading cowards like the leading elements of the US Republican Party… don’t attend to rightwing jerks like George Will, Rich Lowry, Rod Dreher, or the bloviators at Stratfor (they aren’t real intel people… they’re media poseurs)… they DO have an agenda…



Saturday, 9 August 2014

Minoborony Sez It’ll Call Up Reservists For Refresher Training

00 Russian Army conscript with fiancee in Stavropol. 20.10.13


Official Minoborony sources told ITAR-TASS that they’d call up reservists for refresher training in all military districts in August through October. Officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned members would integrate with regular land forces units. Officers commanding companies, batteries, and platoons would be the first called up, followed by warrant officers and troops who’d served in mechanised infantry, artillery, communications, engineering, and logistics units. These men would have to learn how to operate new types of weapons and military equipment. A Western Military District source said, “Men 35-40-years-old who completed their military service 10 to 20 years ago don’t have professional military knowledge and skills that meets present requirements. In order to adequately carry out their military duties, they need to learn how to operate newer military equipment”. During their training, the “partisans” (as they’re called in military slang) would receive 450 to 600 roubles (12.60-16.80 USD. 13.60-18.10 CAD. 13.50-18 AUD. 9.30-12.40 Euros. 7.50-10 UK Pounds) per day… depending on military rank and specialty… along with the usual pay and allowances. In the Western Military District, the average length of refresher training should last 20 days, but it could extend up to a maximum of two months.

8 August 2014

Nezavisimaya Gazeta



In normal times, the Minoborony NEVER does this… something is up. Russia has a “mobilisation army”. This means that the Russian authorities are letting the situation in the Ukraine “ripen”, and, unlike the loud and childish Anglo Americans, they’re preparing for events with careful and cautious professional responses (VVP WAS a career KGB counterintel officer… he still has the good habits of such). The idiots in the Western punditry all miss this… they gaze at their navels and spout unhinged bullshit that has no grounding in reality. Bet on “Red”… as in “Red Army”… the krasnoarmeitsy whipped the Nazis… they’d handle the blustering Uniate fascist bullies with ease… once they’ve worked out the kinks. Russia learned some hard lessons in South Ossetia… unlike Anglo Americans, they do learn from their mistakes, and they don’t want a repetition. As I said, something’s up, and all the usual gang of idiots in the Western press are silent… where is Sophia Kishkovsky and Rod Dreher? This shows their “expertise” at its real value, doesn’t it? Pass me the jug… there’s never going to be a shortage of assholes, is there?


Friday, 31 January 2014

Minoborony Big Urged Russian Women to Join the Army

00 Russian female soldier. 31.01.14


On Friday, Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov said that more women should serve as long-service personnel in the Russian forces, telling a meeting of Siberian university students, “My personal opinion is that we should see more women in the ranks serving as officers, generals, sergeants, and privates”. He added that such service would be voluntary. Pankov said that 200 women were cadets at various military education establishments in Russia last year; he expects that number to grow in 2014, noting, “We’ve opened admission [for women] even to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School… and the number of applications is enormous. This goes to show that women want to enter the military profession, so, we shouldn’t ignore it”. According to statistics, 11,000 women are now on military duty, down from 30,000 five years ago due to staff cuts under present military reforms. They serve as officers and NCOs, mainly in staff positions, as specialists in medical and financial services, or in communications units.

31 January 2014



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Saturday, 30 March 2013

30 March 2013. RIA-Novosti Video. VDV Paratrooper Priests Jump with Mobile Chapel

00b VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

VDV chaplains awaiting the “green light” to jump


00a VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Exterior of inflatable mobile field chapel


00c VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Interior of mobile field chapel… icons are stuck to the walls with velcro fasteners. Do note that the priest’s wearing a telnyashka under his riassa, and that the ribbons on his riassa indicate that he’s a former serving officer.


00d VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Chaplains now serve with all manner of military units as “Assistants to the Commander” (in place of the old Sov-period zampoliti (“Political Assistants”)


00e VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Foreign cadets at the Ryazan Margelov Higher Airborne Command School (Twice Order of the Red Banner) take all of the above in… shall they take their observations home with them? One hopes so…

The sign in the background reads, “Parachutist! If the chute doesn’t open – pull the ring!”


Click here for a 3-minute vid of a group of VDV paratrooper chaplains jumping from a transport plane with a large mobile chapel that they set up in the field upon landing.

30 March 2013



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