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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Konashenkov Called American Claims of Thousands Fleeing Deir ez-Zor After Its Liberation “Incoherent”


The Minoborony Rossii denied US claims that thousands of Syrians fled the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor after government forces recaptured it. Minoborony spokesman Major-General Konashenkov said:

US-led Special Operations task force commander James Jarrard alleged that Arab residents were going to areas under control of the Syrian Democratic Forces. It was strange to hear the coalition’s task force commander make a geographically absurd statement about “thousands of Arabs” fleeing Deiz ez-Zor to Mayadin in the south after [government forces] freed the city from IS [Daesh], but saying they were going north, rather than south, which is populated by Arabs.

2 November 2017

Sputnik International



Anglo Americans are inveterate and hardened liars… their “culture” rewards it… “Winning is the only thing”. Therefore, one has to take all public statements from Amerikantsy as false until proven true. On the other hand, Russians are more truthful… their culture doesn’t reward mendacity and viciousness as much as America does. Mind you, a Russian will “spin” the truth or leave things out or keep quiet and lie doggo… but rarely will a Russian fib as openly and brazenly as Anglos do. Have a care… the Anglos not only lie, they believe their own lies. That’s dangerous…


Friday, 7 April 2017

Minoborony Rossii to Suspend Communications Hotline with Pentagon as of 8 April


On Friday, Major-General I Ye Konashenkov, Head of the Minoborony Rossii Department of Information and Mass Communications, told reporters that as of 8 April the Minoborony Rossii would suspend a communications hotline with the Pentagon, saying:

About an hour ago, we summoned the US military attaché in Moscow to the Minoborony to get an official note, which said the Russian side was suspending as of 00.00 8 April observing its obligations under the memorandum of understanding on preventing incidents and ensuring flight safety in the course of operations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

General Konashenkov refuted US media reports claiming Russia decided to keep the hotline open. He said that the Minoborony sent an appropriate notification to the Pentagon via military-diplomatic channels earlier on Friday. Reports on plans to suspend contacts in the format of the memorandum emerged on Friday afternoon. The Russian side made the step after the USA delivered a strike with Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase in Shayrat. The sides signed the memorandum in October 2015. It spells out rules and restrictions to prevent incidents between Russian and US aircraft in the skies over Syria. The two countries maintained round-the-clock operative communications and specified a mechanism of mutual contacts inclusive of mutual assistance and aid in critical situations.

7 April 2017



OFFICIAL Minoborony Rossii Statement on the American Aggression in Syria



On 7 April, from 3.42 to 3.56 (MSK), two destroyers of the US Navy (USS Ross and USS Porter) launched a massive strike with 59 TLAMs (Tomahawk Land Attack Missile) from the area near Crete (Mediterranean Sea) against the Syrian Shayrat Airbase (Homs Governate). According to objective monitoring data, 23 missiles reached the Syrian base. As a result, they destroyed an equipment depot, a training building, a messing facility, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars, as well as a radar station. The strike didn’t damage the runway, taxiways, and Syrian Air Force aircraft at parking revetments. According to information received from the Air Base Command, two Syrian servicemen are missing, four are dead, and six suffered burns fighting the fires. Therefore, the combat effectiveness of the massive American missile strike on the Syrian airbase was extremely low.

These actions of the American party are a serious violation of the Memorandum on prevention of incidents and providing security during operations in the airspace of Syria signed in 2015. The Minoborony Rossii suspends its coöperation with the Pentagon within this Memorandum. All the accusations against Damascus that it violated the Chemical Weapons Convention of 2013 given by the USA as reasons for the strike are groundless. The Minoborony Rossii repeatedly explained that Syrian troops hadn’t used chemical weapons. We’re looking forward to receiving explanations from the USA on the existence of irrefutable proof that the Syrian forces used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun.

We should emphasise that in 2013-16, the Syrian government undertook all measures to eliminate chemical weapons, delivery systems, and production facilities. They eliminated all chemical weapons stocks. They transported the components for their production from the Syrian Arab Republic to the USA, Finland, UK, and Germany ,where they destroyed them. The US administrations changed, but the methods for unleashing wars remained the same since the bombardments of Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya. Allegations, falsifications, grandstand playing with photos and test-tubes with pseudo results in international organisations became the reason for aggression initiation instead of an objective investigation.

We should emphasise that a large-scale offensive of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra armed formations began right after the massive missile strike against the Syrian airbase. The Minoborony Rossii hopes that the activities of the insurgents weren’t coordinated with the American party. Today, it’s obvious that the Americans planned this cruise missile strike long before this event. It’s necessary to conduct reconnaissance operations, to plan and prepare missile flight paths, and put them on full combat alert. It’s clear to any specialist that the Americans decided to launch the missile strike on Syria well before the events in Khan Sheikhoun, which were just a formal reason for the attack, while reasons of internal politics were the sole reason for this demonstration of military power. In the near future, we’ll improve the effectiveness of the Syrian Armed Forces air defence system to cover the most important objects of the Syrian infrastructure.

7 April 2017

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation



What happened to the other 36 TLAMs? The statement is silent on that. However, I believe that Russian warships and PVO units shot down the remainder. Eat shit and die, Sean Hannity… you’re not only a liar… you lied knowing that the raid failed in most of its aims.

Mistrust anything from the corporate American media… lying dogs like Serge Schmemann and Rachel Maddow work for it.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

RF Minoborony Comment on Wall Street Journal Reports of Attacks on Western Base in al-Tanf

00 bomb explosion. 06.09.13


The RF Minoborony commented on a report in The Wall Street Journal about airstrikes by our forces against an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf:

Only the military command of the anti-ISIS coalition is responsible for the fact that its Special Forces units were subject to threats, as they were in the zone of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Constantly, we appealed through all channels to our partners to give us information about locations of the so-called “moderate opposition” groups under their control. However, instead of that, post factum, we heard reproaches and accusations that the Russian Aerospace Forces “shouldn’t have hit” some regions and targets. After an airstrike on an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf in June, our American colleagues said, “Don’t attack those targets that you just hit!” Moreover, taking into account the report of The Wall Street Journal, our pilots now have to guess (from an altitude of several kilometres) whether there are Western Special Forces units present, trying to see if there are “sandbag constructions peculiar to American and British military bases”. We’re confident that there’s a simpler method of solving the problem. Our partners should move from words to deeds and start joint actions against international terrorist groups active in Syria. Only in this case would we be successful in preventing such incidents and endangering our personnel, who are performing tasks aimed at fighting terrorists in Syria.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, referring to sources in the Pentagon and the White House, reported that on 16 June Russian combat aircraft struck a secret base of American and British special ops troops in al-Tanf, on the border with Jordan.

23 July 2016

RF Minoborony


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