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Monday, 19 June 2017

Russia SLAMS Trump’s Cuba policy

Russia supports the legacy of Comrade Fidel and respects Cuba’s socialist vision


The MID RF expressed solidarity with Cuba and cautioned against a return to “Cold War rhetoric”. It condemned moves by the Trump Administration to reimpose a ban on Americans travailing to Cuba as well as a likely return to many previously lifted sanctions dropped during Barack Obama’s historic thaw with Havana. Trump came out with hardline policies on Cuba in a lengthy campaign-style speech from Miami, home to many anti-Communist Cubans. The MID RF released a condemnatory statement saying that the USA’s “arrogant style of doing business with Cuba is pointless”. It also said that if the USA fully returns to the era of embargo, blockade, and sanctions, the USA would be totally out of step with the expressed will of the UN General Assembly. Russia reaffirmed its position on Cuba in the following way:

We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with Cuba… a friendly peace-loving country, an authoritative member of the international community, which has a recognised constructive role in Latin America and in world affairs.

Moscow and Havana have been close ever since the Cuban Revolution of 1959, relations were somewhat strained in the 1990s but have seen become close and fruitful again under President Putin. In many ways, this is the clearest sign yet that Trump intends to run for President in 2020. Republicans long used the issue with Cuba to cultivate votes among anti-Communist Cubans living in the important state of Florida. Trump’s Cuba policy is likely nothing more than an attempt to win future votes in an important US state.

18 June 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran



The MID RF reaffirmed Russia’s support for the Island of Freedom and its socialist vision. Those who say that Russia is “conservative” can eat shit and die!



Saturday, 28 January 2017

MID sez Moscow has “Serious Concerns” Over RT Reporter’s Arrest Whilst Covering Anti-Trump Rally



On Friday, MID RF official spokesman M V Zakharova said that Moscow has serious concerns over the arrest of RT America’s Alexander Rubinstein at an anti-Trump protest. At a press briefing, she stated:

As for the situation with the RT correspondent, it causes serious concern. I’m referring to RT America’s correspondent Alexander Rubinstein. Washington police detained him on Friday 20 January when he was covering a protest against US President Donald Trump on the day of his inauguration. The correspondent was performing his professional duty, he had a press card with him, and nonetheless, Alexander Rubinstein was in police custody for almost 24 hours. The preliminary hearing in his case is due on 16 February.

After police arrested Rubinstein together with other journalists and protesters, they charged him with inciting a riot. Along with other reporters, they released him the following day. However, the charges against Rubinstein and several other reporters remain in force, which means they could face up to 10 years imprisonment or a 25,000 USD (1.497 million Roubles. 172,028 Renminbi. 1.703 million INR. 32,882 CAD. 33,122 AUD. 23,368 Euros. 19,922 UK Pounds) fine if found guilty. On Friday, Washington police dropped similar charges against Vocativ journalist Evan Engel after they considered additional evidence. William Miller, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office for Washington DC, said in a statement:

After consultation with the counsel for Mr Engel, who’s a journalist with Vocativ, as well as a review of evidence presented to us by law enforcement, we concluded that we wouldn’t proceed with the charge against this individual. The prosecution is in process of reviewing evidence in other cases related to the arrests in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Department.

Meanwhile, Engel expressed gratitude to his legal advisers and all those who voiced support for him:

Today, my thoughts are with any other journalists who are facing charges for doing their jobs, as well as with journalists imprisoned around the world.

Police arrested at least six journalists reporting from the anti-Trump rally and charged them with felonies. Apart from Rubinstein and Engel, police detained and later released Jack Keller, a producer for the web documentary series Story of America, Shay Horse, independent photojournalist and live-streamer Matt Hopard, and freelance reporter Aaron Cantu on the same charges. Police treatment of these media workers drew sharp criticism from the media industry and civil right organisations. The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) called the arrests “a violation of journalistic freedom”, whilst Reporters Without Borders (RSF) demanded Washington authorities drop felony charges and called on the new US administration to “stop undermining the First Amendment and start defending it”. The American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] of DC also condemned the way the police handled the situation during the mass protest. On Friday, its executive director, Monica Hopkins-Maxwell, said:

[The ACLU] is concerned that law enforcement may have violated demonstrator’s rights, including indiscriminately corralling and detaining individuals, including journalists and legal observers, who weren’t involved in any criminal activity.

”Outrage!” 6 Journalists Including RT Reporter Face “Inappropriate” Rioting Charges

28 January 2017



Saturday, 21 January 2017

As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… An Ideology of Treason



On Tuesday, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell suggested that Vladimir Putin should make Edward Snowden an inauguration “gift” to Donald Trump. MID RF spokesman M V Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page bashing Morell:

It’s clear that, for the CIA-man’s firm, it is normal to present people as gifts and give up those who seek protection. [Morell’s] comments reveal an ideology of treason in the CIA.

18 January 2017

Sputnik International


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ukie Pigs Most Probably Desecrated Russian and Serbian Graves in Australia… Cossacks to Defend Cemeteries

00 Sydney russian cemetery desecration. 13.12.14



Vandals damaged at least 76 graves in a Sydney cemetery, mostly Russian and Serbian. The incident, already condemned by Moscow, happened a day before Ukrainian junta strongman P A Poroshenko was to make an official visit to Australia. Vandals knocked down headstones and turned over crosses in an attack that reportedly took place before dawn on Wednesday in the Russian and Serbian sections of Rookwood Cemetery, the biggest in Australia. Police also discovered some damaged graves in two non-denominational sections of the cemetery, which led to official scepticism about whether racial or religious hatred provoked the attack. However, the timing of the assault… a day before the Ukrainian strongman’s arrival for a two-day visit to Australia… gave rise to suspicions that the desecrators particularly targeted Russian graves.

Russian Orthodox cemetery spokesman Aleksey Ivachyoff said that politics couldn’t excuse what vandals did to the graves, telling RT, “Some people that I’ve seen coming here, once the news came across, they were crying. They said, ‘Nothing like this has ever happened before’. There’s absolutely… no excuse. Whatever political differences people have, they shouldn’t take it [out] on the cemetery. They shouldn’t take it [out] on the graves. They should let people there rest in peace”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations labelled the attack a hate crime, calling for an investigation “at the highest levels”. On Friday, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) statement also condemned “the blasphemous desecration of our compatriots’ graves, which cannot be justified”. On Thursday, ITAR-TASS reported that Cossacks living in Australia… descendants of those who emigrated from Russia a century ago… announced at they’d give a reward of 5,000 AUD (240,000 Roubles. 25,500 Renminbi. 258,300 INR. 4,120 USD. 4,770 CAD. 3,300 Euros. 2,620 UK Pounds) to anyone with information about the vandals. The Cossacks, who were the first to report the assault, said that they’re currently helping police patrol the damaged cemetery to prevent new attacks.

12 December 2014



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I’d not be surprised to see that the Ukie nationalists did this. It’s part n’ parcel of their usual MO… KNIFE THE MOSKALS! The cops in Oz know that if they don’t toe the official line, they’re in a world of shit. The Ukie organisations are scared shitless that their own did do it… and they’re trying to distance themselves from it as best they can. Note well that the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” shelter such criminal filth and protect them from prosecution. That’s what the rightwing does… grand folks, aren’t they? That’s the world of Rush Limboob, Sarah Palin, and Rod Dreher… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together.

By the way, Rod… the Cossacks in the diaspora are REAL people with character and honour… unlike your worthless rightwing Golden Dawn-loving pals like Taki. You have no right to criticise them in any way. After all, you’re a coward who refused to serve your country in the forces… need I say more?


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