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Saturday, 11 March 2017

11 March 2017. My Thoughts on Politics


Yes… politics is a serious business… it’s why we have to keep Liberal extremists like “conservatives” and “liberals” (taken together, they make up “neoliberalism”) from power. Actually, One Nation Conservatism (Red Toryism) and Socialism have much in common. The USA never had conservatism, as it was a Radical Republic (in Continental European terms) from the outset. The USA never had a Conservative leader such as Otto von Bismarck, P A Stolypin, Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich, or Dief the Chief. It’s only had oligarch-loving and money-grubbing Liberals (“conservatives”). No… by its very nature, foundation, and history, the USA is INCAPABLE of Conservatism. Yes, Marine le Pen and Viktor Mihály Orbán are Conservatives… Trump, Ryan, McConnell, Hannity, Buchanan, and Dreher emphatically are NOT such. You can’t be Conservative and believe in the power of money and rule by the One Percent. Do note that all American “conservatives” do so. Oh, yes… Conservatives believe in universal single-payer healthcare, a strong state-funded social safety-net, and a vigorous defence of the environment. “Conservatives” don’t… they’re in favour of greed and rapine by the rich… the country, society, and nature be damned. No similarities between Conservatives and “American Conservatives”, is there?

Keep it focused… don’t call Radical Liberals “conservatives”… what does that tell you about those who do so? Not very bright, are they?



Monday, 3 March 2014

3 March 2014. All (Relatively) Quiet on the Ukrainian Front… Time to Catch Up on “Housework” and Other Stories

00 Crisis. 01 Odessa. We're not giraffe meat for the EU! .3

This is Odessa… “We aren’t giraffe meat for the European Union“… Russians are generally disgusted at the disgraceful and brutal way the zapadniki treated Marius the Giraffe (and here). They chide US for cruelty… what hypocritical self-righteous bastards…


Today, things are relatively quiet in the Ukraine today. I believe that this is due to the fact that nothing that the Timoshenko junta attempted over the weekend worked. They decreed general mobilisation, but no one showed up! Also, one must realise that there wasn’t any equipment for reservists, such reservists had no refresher training, and there wasn’t any organised units for them to be drafted into. In short, a supreme clusterfuck of the first order. Then, they ordered out the Navy, and it promptly hoisted the St Andrew banner and went to join the Russians in the Crimea! OUCH! That ain’t all! They placed the armed forces on alert, and some stayed in their barracks, some rebelled, and only a few followed orders. What to do?! Then, the head of the Navy changed sides and air force crews joined the rebels. Of course, you heard NOTHING of this in the supine Western media (Sophia Kishkovsky is a typical example of that brood). CNN wasn’t in Kharkov… Fox wasn’t in Sevastopol… Sky News wasn’t in Odessa… AFP wasn’t in Donetsk… Reuters wasn’t in Dnepropetrovsk. They were all in Kiev, obsequiously kissing the ass of the Timoshenko junta… why, reality doesn’t matter, only the engineered spin matters.

Ergo, we know LESS than we did when the putsch occurred last week. Yes, kids… LESS. The junta doesn’t exist “on the ground”… but it does exist in the media and online social networks (after all, they use Facebook, not government officers, for communication). The Galician diaspora in the USA and Canada coöperate in this charade. That is, the USA is following a will o’ the wisp. It doesn’t “go bump in the night”… the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny have more reality than this overblown chimera. Don’t forget… the putschists are MORE corrupt than Yanukovich was (which was why the people rejected them). The putsch occurred because of an unrepresentative mob action and the illegitimate removal of about 20 to 25 percent of the Rada People’s Deputies. It’s like Mitch McConnell throwing out the same number of Democratic US Senators and then announcing that he had a ruling majority (that’s why I find Obama’s approval of this STRANGE… it’s the sort of thing that’s the wet dream of the Republicans, after all).

Let’s keep it focused. The putschists are evil connivers who want to turn the Ukraine over the USA and the EU for an economic gang rape (they don’t give a shit that their country will go down the tubes.. they’ll profit… and that’s all that matters in crapitalism). Let’s bear in mind Darya Mitina’s words (she’s a wheel in the Left Front):

Those who shout about “imperialist intervention” must remember that the primary goal of any anti-fascist front is that we eliminate the Nazi bastards. In this case, we see part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, who aren’t in cahoots with the Nazis, who, with the help of the Russian bourgeoisie, crushes another part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie that chose to ally themselves with Nazi stormtroopers. It’s quite clear with whose side the sympathy of the majority of the Ukrainian people lies, when it suddenly came face-to-face with a criminal-Nazi dictatorship.The main problem is that if one wants to end the fascist threat, one can’t localise it to only the territory of the Crimea, that’s why Russia announced that it’s not logical to send troops only to the Crimea, but also to the rest of the Ukraine. We mustn’t and shouldn’t support a war. We must and should support attempts to prevent bloodshed. One shouldn’t confuse the desire for peace with pacifism and defeatism. If the entry of the Russian army will serve as a deterrent, to condemn such is stupid.

That’s what’s out there… do look at the image above again. Do note that “Whites” and “Reds” stand together. So should we. RAISE YOUR VOICE…

One last thing… I’ll be able to catch up with other news today and “link” most of my earlier posts. God willing, the “sitzkrieg” in the Ukraine will last a day or so (Kerry’s due tomorrow in Kiev to kiss Timoshenko’s ass and give his blessing to the junta and its Svoboda thug bully boys… I’ll only cover it if it has something newsy… I expect it to be all Russophobic neocon bile).



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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

27 November 2013. Christians Need to Raise Their Voices…

00 Stop the Killing of Haitians. 27.11.13


At present, there’s a razzia against Haitians in the Dominican Republic (here and here). It’s our duty as believing Christians who believe in the seamless garment to raise our voices. Firstly, to demand that the bloodshed stop. Secondly, that the USA withdraws its occupation forces from the island. You see, high-level American and UN officials coördinated a politically-motivated prosecution of ex-Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to prevent him from gaining more traction with the Haitian population and returning to Haiti. The USA and its allies poured millions of dollars into unsuccessful efforts to slander Aristide as a drug trafficker, human rights violator, and heretical practitioner of voodoo. Our hands aren’t clean… in any case, for the USA to claim that Haiti’s corrupt after we lionise such boodle champions as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, well, I’d say that the Americans are hypocrites. They’re far more corrupt than any penny-ante Haitian pol…

There’s a small ROCOR mission in Haiti that could use a hand. Go to this website, get in touch with these guys, and ask about Project Haiti… they DO need a fin or two for the good work…


Friday, 22 November 2013

Duma Rejects Raise in Minimum Wage… Is This Shot in the Arm for the KPRF?

00 rich man hitting poor man. 26.09.13


On Friday, Russian lawmakers rejected an amendment to raise the country’s minimum wage to match its national poverty line starting in January. Russia’s current minimum wage of 5,205 roubles ($158) a month is 27 percent below the government’s own national average poverty threshold, set at 7,095 roubles ($215) in July. Deputy Mikhail Tarasenko said that the RF Gosduma Labour Committee “didn’t feel able to support this amendment”, without explaining why. The rejected amendment was part of a bill to bump Russia’s minimum wage up to 5,554 roubles ($169) in January 2014. Nevertheless, the Gosduma still expects to pass a bill raising the wage by about 350 roubles ($11) in a vote on Friday.

The minimum wage is a controversial concept among economists. Some argue that raising the salary threshold increases costs and thus unemployment, as companies may employ fewer people at higher salaries. Others, however, believe the relationship between minimum wage and unemployment is more complicated, and that the government is responsible to provide a salary guarantee at least equal to the poverty line. Russia has one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe, ranking 23rd out of 27 European countries in a 2013 study by the RIA Rating agency.

22 November 2013



Editor’s Note:

I’ll tell you why the deputies didn’t explain why they didn’t support a real rise in the minimum wage… BRIBES. It happens all the time in the US Congress (John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are bought n’ paid-for whores of the insurance industry, for instance)… so, the Russian lawmakers are only following the example of their more corrupt American mentors! Money talks and bullshit walks in crapitalism… that’s why the Left is gaining tread and cred in Russia and the USA (the Republicans couldn’t even win in Virginia… where a large bloc of sectarian voters usually puts them over the top). As Comrade Zyuganov said, “Events are filling the sails of the ship of the Left”… he’s right… in spades…


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