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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Drugs and Weapons Supplied to Euromaidantsy from Foreign Sources

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The Berkutovtsy were heroes… fighting far-right neofascist fanatics bankrolled by the USA and by diaspora Galicians… evil is evil, and calling yourself “Christian” doesn’t cancel it.


On Friday, former Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs V Yu Zakharchenko told reporters in Sevastopol that outside parties smuggled weapons and drugs to the Euromaidantsy protestors in the autumn and winter of 2013-14, saying, “Firstly they issued appeals to bring arms from home. Secondly, intelligence came that foreign weapons started flowing to the Maidan… short-barrelled, automatic, and handguns. Thirdly, large-scale theft at police stations and warehouses in the Western Ukraine began, triggering appeals from the stage [on Maidan] to open fire”. The MVDU began to analyse reports, but failed to document facts and institute cases. Zakharchenko said, “Arms supplies went through Moldova and the Black Sea. We knew the individuals who were delivering them and handing out, but we couldn’t arrest them, as they didn’t sell the handguns openly like cookies. On the Maidan, the police kept their actions restrained and there were cases when officers were held captive there and tortured”. Zakharchenko said that amphetamine-class drugs flooded the Ukrainian capital then, with channels originating in European countries as a rule, the traffickers had ties to the healthcare sphere and private security companies. Zakharchenko said, “Everyone who hurled Molotov Cocktails at police officers realised that it was a punishable offence. They gave these young people ‘courage pills’, a super-potent substance, and Molotov Cocktails. After hurling it, they told them that 15-year prison terms now loomed over them and that they were bound by blood now”.

16 January 2015




The USA and the Galician diaspora bankrolled and equipped the Euromaidantsy terrorists. The USA does NOT stand against terrorism… ask Iranians, Cubans, Salvadorans, Russians, Nicaraguans, Serbs, Chileans, and Chinese about that. Ted Cruz and John McCain are two of the biggest supporters of “Ukrainian” neofascist terrorism… it tells you much about their rhetoric about “terrorism”… it’s nothing but an apologia for internal repression and theft by the Affluent Effluent. Read n’ heed, I’d say…



Saturday, 16 August 2014

Nationalists Firebombed Two UPTs/MP Churches in Nikolayev

00 St Semyon Cathedral. Nikolayev. 16.08.14


In Nikolayev, arson fires burned two UPTs/MP churches, St Semyon Cathedral and St Sergei Church. Local police sources said that both arsons occurred during the night of 15 August. According to preliminary information, the assailants threw Molotov cocktails into the affected buildings.

16 August 2014



Sunday, 13 April 2014

Poltava Police Detained Neo-Nazi Terrorists Heading to Kharkov

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According to the press service of the Poltava Oblast MVDU, cops in Poltava Oblast received reports that buses with passengers having many weapons and much gear to provoke riots were in the area. In order to prevent violations of public order and prevent riots, MVDU personnel in emergency mode monitored vehicle movements in the region. On Saturday, 12 April at about 16.00, Chutovo village cops stopped about ten buses heading towards Kharkov. During their search of the vehicles, they found that many passengers had different weapons used in riots. They found boxes with “Molotov cocktails”, many firecrackers, shivs, drill bits, batons, and knives, as well as helmets and shields. They arrested about 70 people and wrote up a report for investigators, besides that, an operational investigative group was on-scene. The cops wanted to find out how, where, for what purpose, and why so many people, with weapons, explosives, and other lethal weapons, were on these buses. This news instantly alarmed already jumpy pro-junta Ukrainian elements. S Rechinsky wondered, “Presumably, they arrested Svoboda and Right Sector militants. They beat them. Which side are the police on, then?” Pro-junta bloggers hastened to accuse Arseny Yatsenyuk of inability to control the situation, and that Yuliya Timoshenko was allegedly a “creature of Putin, working to destabilise the Ukraine”.

The patriot resistance didn’t miss this item, either. Lev Vershinin commented on the news in his blog as follows, “Behold… a wonderful miracle, a marvel. Another ‘landing’ (десант: desant, in the sense of a paratrooper landing), monkeys riding to call on Kharkov after “pacifying” the capital, suddenly, for no clear reason, cops in full combat kit met them, ready for action. They marched out the militants, didn’t release them after frisking them, but took them into custody and hauled them back to Poltava, where they stood up to them… marvels never cease… also, for the first time, they didn’t cave in to them and even called them a bad name or two. What’s most interesting to me, in private, a knowledgeable guy said that they had orders to let the militants pass, to not impede them, on the contrary, they were to meet the Vyshivanki (“embroidered shirts”: “bumpkins”) and escort them to Kharkov with all due respect, but… sorry, he acted on his own initiative. One of the militants said that he was very offended and threatened to write a report to the Minister. If someone says that such a strange turn is somehow linked to other events of the day, I won’t deny it; people in uniform, as we know, aren’t easy to arouse, they love money, they’ll serve those in power, but their sensitive nostrils sense the way the wind blows… even on the local level”.

No, to say that the guys in uniform “smelled the way the wind blew” doesn’t mean, of course, that the cops are ready to join the patriotic resistance to the junta in the Southeast. Actually, it could mean the exact opposite. The arrest of the militants likely indicates that security officials were trying to PREVENT a rebellion in Kharkov. For if these 10 buses arrived in Kharkov, where Euromaidan and patriot elements both rallied at 18.00, the local supporters of the junta together with the militants would’ve strengthened the military specialists and commissars, with enough “tools” at hand to incite a riot. It’s a no-brainer to guess what that would’ve led to in Kharkov; they would’ve stood up and resisted the Nazi invasion. Moreover, the force of the reaction would contribute to the atmosphere of triumph in the Russian Spring in the lands neighbouring Kharkovshchina in the Donbass.

However, the question arises… if it’s obvious that the detained militants on the buses would’ve been a catalyst for rebellion in Kharkov, then, who sent them, and for what purpose? Some Ukrainian revolutionaries are critical of the Fatherland bloc, which formed the current junta in Kiev, as they think that it’s interested in destabilising things so that they favour Timoshenko’s interests. Timoshenko understands that her chance of winning the election is small; therefore, based on this logic, she’s trying to manipulate the situation. By contrast, people perceive Poroshenko as a politician who allegedly would be able to stop the chaos and get money in the West. Perhaps, upper levels at the MVDU decided to bet on Poroshenko, and the ordinary Joe Bloggs sloggers… after experiencing a month of humiliation… just didn’t deny themselves the pleasure of squeezing the hated militants “to their complete moral satisfaction”.

As a result, we have the following… the adventurers didn’t reach Kharkov. Consequently, the kerosene didn’t splash into the smouldering campfire. However, there’s growing tension and mutual distrust inside the junta. Accordingly, time is working against Yatsenyuk-Turchinov-Avakov. However, it’s impossible to relax the tension in the Southeast. In the next few hours, they could begin to attempt an operation against the patriots using those units that remain loyal to Kiev.

13 April 2014

Pavel Tikhomirov

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya  


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Synagogue Attacked in Kiev

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Several dozen unknown attackers threw firebombs at a synagogue in Kiev. On Tuesday, a source at the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR) told Interfax-Religion, “A mob threw Molotov cocktails at the wall and the entrance to the building. They damaged the synagogue’s façade”. At the time of the incident, no congregants were in the building, security tried to catch the intruders, but to no avail.

25 February 2014




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