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Monday, 21 January 2013

21 January 2012. Only in Russia! Whaddaya Think This Is?

00 Russian with still. 21.01.13


Of course, it’s a high-tech samogon apparat, that’s a moonshine still for all you not in the know. Who other than a bunch of thirsty Russkies would have a computer-controlled home-distilling set-up? Hey… if the government gets on a “dry” kick again (it happens about once a generation… you can see how well it works), well, Russians know what to do. I’ll betcha that this fellow’s neighbours (including the local coppers) will know where to go to find some ass-kickin’ firewater…



Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crook Moonshine Kills 29 in Czechia

Here’s a real old-school samogon-apparat… a still, for them not in  the know…


On Saturday, ČTK reported that a 60-year-old Czech man died from methanol poisoning, bringing the death toll from crank moonshine to 29. The first methanol death from rotgut hooch was in early September. Dozens of people were hospitalised since then; some of them went blind. In mid-September, the government introduced a two-week ban on the sales of drinks with an alcohol content of more than 20 percent and it banned export of such alcoholic beverages. The police have accused some 50 people in connection with the poisoning. Three men face charges of endangering public safety, facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The police say the suspects didn’t want to kill anybody, but they wanted to earn money by producing illegal liquor. However, prosecutors said that they knew well the consequences of methanol consumption. They wanted to maximise profit by buying cheaper components for liquor production. When they mixed the components together, however, they prepared a mixture with an excessive methanol concentration, which eventually poisoned consumers.

20 October 2012



Editor’s Note:

The Czechs call it samohonka… hell, which sounds suspiciously close to the Russian samogon. It’s the same stuff with the same punch alright… and Czechs have the same Artful Dodger attitude as Russians do concerning official prohibition. I’ll lay you even money that the jabronies who did this were a bunch of city slickers who didn’t know shit from shinola about the making of passin’ fine sippin’ whiskey. Trust me, if it had been some good ol’ boy peasants from the backwoods of the Tatra or Giant Mountains, there’d been no deaths, just a lot of smiling faces that evening and bodacious hangovers the next morning (“Dear God! I’m NEVER going to do that again”).


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