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Sunday, 26 April 2015

26 April 2015. Rightwing Slimers Climb Out of Their Holes on Marriage… Politicising the Sacraments Yet Again!

marriage book

In the Rodina, the Church requires a civil marriage before a religious ceremony. HH supports that… so should we… without fanfare and without juvenile posturing as Reardon just did.


Reardon and Mattingly crawled out of their ratholes again to politicise the sacraments yet again (click here for the full article). Firstly, civil and sacramental marriage are two separate things, and have always been. I asked a friend at the MDA about this, and he said, “If someone wishes to get married in the Church, they must have a valid civil marriage. State and Church are separate, but we aren’t going to cause any controversy either”. That’s all that Reardon had to say, “As of today, no one without a valid civil marriage can ask for a sacramental marriage”… and leave it at that. That’s the policy in EVERY diocese in the Rodina. However, this loudmouthed semi-heretic wanted to make a political splash in his Far Right circles (he was a supporter of the dubious deposed Moriak… he was also one of those who supported the deposed Paffhausen). After all, Reardon considers the notorious heretic Florensky a saint (yeah, the guy was a genius… he was also one of the greatest heretics in Church History); hey, Pat’s one of those semi-converted konvertsy influenced by the sodomite heretic Gleb Podmoshensky. Reardon has NO Orthodox clerical formation and he teaches at a so-called “Continuing Anglican” seminary. Don’t forget, Sir Pat left the OCA because Feodosy Lazor refused to ordain him, as he had no Orthodox seminary formation (a wise move). In short, the guy’s hardly Orthodox in his heart-of-hearts. I won’t judge his eternal destination, for that’s God’s place, but it’s clear that Reardon’s a raving ignoranus (as his lack of Orthodox clerical formation shows); no decent and true Orthodox Christian can stand with him in anything. After all, he’s part of that crowd of lunatics that believe that people “excommunicate themselves”… nothing more barmy can be imagined!

His pal Mattingly’s part of that dubious claque around Freddie M-G and Potapov in the District. He works for an Antichristian Sectarian pressure group, which shows that his commitment to the Church is rather shaky, too. He’s one of those who refuses to stand publicly for Suffering Novorossiya, as that wouldn’t go down well with his Far Right Sectarian colleagues. Remember, Freddie M-G colludes with the ravening Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church, and her circle does likewise. At a time when Holy Orthodoxy is fighting a “battle of civilisations” with the Uniate papist imposters, such indifferentism isn’t only wrongheaded, it’s criminal! Reflect well that all the konvertsy go gaga over Freddie… most of them are like her (and Mattingly and Reardon)… they gleefully associate with the Uniate and Sectarian enemies of the Church.

In short, this is rubbish all the way around. All that Reardon need have done is quietly acted… AFTER CONSULTING WITH HIS BISHOP! I think that this Rightwing Piece of Shit didn’t do that. He has no right to set ANY policy… he’s only a priest! Our theology makes it clear that priests are only delegates of the bishop, they’re only priests insofar as they share in the bishop’s fullness of the priesthood, they have NO right to act independently. We commemorate the bishop at every service… NOT THE PRIEST! We’re a hierarchical Church… the bishops sitting as Holy Synod make such policies, not prideful jumped-up konvertsy “priests!” In short, Reardon merits deposition for his action. He overstepped his bounds, did it publicly, and courted public notoriety in the media. God willing, the AOCANA will do just that. Whatever the merits of his position, he had no right to arrogate to himself a prerogative that Church Law and Tradition leaves to the Holy Synod sitting en banc. Snotty arrogant ignorant Anglo bastard… the sooner that we slap him down, the better.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. This is What I Believe In…

00 Party9999999. Our Common Labour. 2014


I need add nothing…


Friday, 24 April 2015

24 April 2015. Hey, Hey, It’s the Peace Car! There be Some Sanity Left in the World

00 us and ussr peace car. 21.04.15


This appears to be the USA. This proves, to all comers, that the shit spouted by Fox News and the Republican Party doesn’t pollute everyone in the USA. Shall decency win out in the end? I hope so… I hope that we end the lying historical revisionism of the Republicans, that we put their vicious and nasty McCarthyism and their scurrilous Antichristian Me First Crapitalism down. I hope that we can resurrect the spirit of the New Deal… that spirit helped the USA do its part in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. I hope that anti-patriotic greedsters like Willy Romney, Chilly Hilly, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, and Antonin Scalia lose all their influence and power.

Can these dry bones live? I confide… they can! However… we have to want it and we have to steel ourselves to endure the pain necessary to drive out the crapitalist plug-uglies. It’s time to retake our home… squatters like the Kochs and Waltons have stolen from us long enough…


Thursday, 23 April 2015

23 April 2015. “And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood”… I Don’t Think That and Supporting Nazis Goes Hand-in-Hand

00 No You Can't! 23.04.15


The bombing of Belgrade on Orthodox Easter… the unprovoked invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (neither were any threat to the USA)… the murder of Gaddafi… the support of the fascist putsch in the Ukraine… America’s forgotten its ideals. “Crown thy Good with Brotherhood”… I think not… you don’t bomb your brother with drones nor do you collude with Nazis to oppress a nation.

America’s fallen… and it REFUSES to get up. What does that tell us about the One Percent and their Affluent Effluent minions? Whether it’s Chilly Hilly or Ted Cruz… Biden or Rubio… they all have blood dripping from their fangs. I, for one, shall not be silent. I’m not alone…


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