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Thursday, 26 March 2015

26 March 2015. This is What Evil Looks Like… It Looks All-Too-Normal, Doesn’t It?

00 junta ukraine militants. 26.03.15


Evil doesn’t wear horns n’ hooves… evil doesn’t wear red tights or carry a pitchfork… it doesn’t even “wear Prada”. Evil looks distressingly normal… often, you can’t tell from the exterior appearance of a person… that is, one could be well-mannered, respectable, and normal-looking… and be irredeemably evil, like the Nazi participants in the Wannsee Conference. As Hannah Arendt observed, evil can look quite normal, even quite banal. By their fruit ye shall know them… that’s the ticket. By that standard, Galician Uniate Nationalists carry the Mark of the Beast upon their foreheads. They whored for the Nazis and killed for their overlords… today, they whore for the Americans and kill for their overlords.

DO NOT LABEL ALL GALICIAN UNIATES AS EVIL. Their hierarchy does support the illegitimate fascist putschist junta… that’s true. Their hierarchy does raise money for war purposes… that’s true. However, just because someone goes to a “Ukrainian Catholic” parish doesn’t mean that they support the evil being committed in Novorossiya by Galician Uniate Nationalist terrorists. I say to you, “NEVER argue with Galician Uniate apologists. NEVER. Do not post comments on their websites… do not do anything that they can construe as ‘hate speech’. Be prudent… be wise… let them fulminate! People can see through such bullshit. Tell the truth to all who’ll listen. However, I warn you… NEVER argue with Uniate attack-dogs. Not only does it do nothing of any good to anyone, it makes you hate all Uniates, which isn’t right. Be as wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove, as the Apostle bade us”.

Notice the helmet… it does make them look like the traitorous collaborators of the Galizien SS Division, doesn’t it? Who woulda thunk it…


26 March 2015. A Thought from St Ambrose of Milano…

00 Let the Poor Die. 26.03.15


I shall not keep silence nor shall I be “nice”… the ideology of the Republican Party is so evil that one should not call it “Unchristian”… one should call it “Antichristian”. I mean “Antichristian” in the sense that it’s the ideology of the Antichrist, of Evil Incarnate. Christ said, “Come unto me all those who are heavy-laden”… he meant that the poor should come to him for comfort and succour. When the Republicans say, “Come unto me all those who are heavy-laden”, they mean that only the Affluent Effluent matter and to hell with the rest of us. There is not a shred of real “seamless garment” Pro-Life conviction in the GOP. NONE WHATSOEVER.

If you fall for Republican lies, you fall for Satan’s own blandishments. Do most people who vote Republican realise that? Do most Orthodox Christians seduced by Republican Pro-Life lies understand that godless libertarianism is the very enemy of the Church’s teaching on the state embodied in Symphonia? I think not… so, be patient with them. However, the truth remains what it is… the Republican Party is the most theomachistic political bloc in the USA. The Democrats aren’t much better, but they’re not as bad. In this imperfect world, if the choice is between bad and evil, you choose bad… trust me, to deprive people of healthcare coverage and to kick seniors in the teeth is unrequited evil.

How can you even go to Liturgy after voting for such demonic vileness (for the Church teaches the love of money is the root of all evil)? Ask yourself that question and ponder it well…


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24 March 2015. Updates on Two Continuing Abuse Cases Involving Orthodox Clergy

00 Suffer the Little Children and Fordbid Them Not. 01.10.12


The Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia (BOD) announced on its website on Saturday 21 March 2015 that Archpriest Paisius DeLucia would be defrocked.



SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is relieved that the BOD removed the founder and former head of St Innocent Academy (SIA) in Kodiak AK from a position of authority. However, they agree with the publishers of Academy Abuse that more remains to be done.


At least 18 former students accused DeLucia of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. The spiritual court concluded that he publicly shamed kids, used vulgar language, engaged in unbecoming behaviour while serving the sacraments, including interrupting liturgy to discipline attendees, violated confessions, and used “improper pastoral approaches toward the faithful”.


David Clohessy, the Executive Director of SNAP, said, “First, it must be said that this decision would not have been possible without the bravery and persistence of all the former students who testified at the spiritual court. We congratulate them on their victory and applaud their courage”. Cappy Larson of SNAP added, “However, the diocese also needs to step up and explain what they will do in the future to prevent further abuses. As a mother, it’s very disturbing to me that St Innocent’s was billing itself as a treatment centre for troubled youth without any oversight from the Church or from the state. Kids with problems deserve a qualified and credentialed staff”. Melanie Jula Sakoda, also of SNAP, wondered, “And are the BOD and Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (CSB) going to take responsibility for what happened to the students who attended the academy? Fr Paisius’ victims may need counselling and therapy as they try to heal”.

DeLucia founded SIA in 1998 under the auspices of CSB, and the group reportedly still owns the property where the school sits. The academy, along with other parishes from CSB, joined the BOD in 2000.


Clohessy concluded, “There’s also still an open criminal investigation into the academy. Victims who haven’t yet done so should make a report to Trooper Robert Casey (907-486-4121robert.casey@alaska.gov) as soon as possible”.


At their recent meeting in Syosset NY, the bishops of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) again delayed defrocking Canadian Archbishop Seraphim Storheim.


Members of an abuse survivors’ group are outraged that the synod still has not removed the archbishop from the ranks of clergy. He was the OCA’s highest-ranking clergyman in Canada, but was convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old altar boy in January of 2014 and is currently in jail.




The OCA’s synod instead “reviewed” the report of the Synodal Commission, as well as procedures and a date for the spiritual court. They also appointed a committee of three bishops to “develop appropriate procedures”.


Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, say that the denomination has publicly acknowledged that their sex abuse policy requires that clergy convicted of child sexual abuse be laicised.




Cappy Larson of SNAP said, “This ‘spiritual court’ seems to me to be little more than a time-wasting formality. Both Archbishop Seraphim’s guilt and church policy are crystal clear”. Melanie Jula Sakoda, also of SNAP, added, “At least Archbishop Seraphim can’t use his religious title to hurt children from behind bars, but what happens when he completes his sentence?” Larson concluded, “The OCA can’t afford to have the archbishop’s die-hard supporters expose kids to danger to prove to him that they trust him completely”. 



The fact that the OCA refuses to give Storheim the drop even though he’s in the slam for nasty doings speaks volumes. I have to walk away from this one. One MP priest asked me, “Which one of the OCA bishops isn’t gay?” This gives that question tread… and I wish that it didn’t. However, facts are facts… the OCA has to shitcan Storheim and apologise to his victims for the over-the-top attacks on them by Storheim’s shyster in court. That’s what I believe, any road. I stand by it.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

22 March 2015. Hey, Hey, Hey, Novorossiya’s Bringing Back the Old-School Subbotnik! URA! For Christian Socialism!

00 subbotnik cleanup in Donetsk. 22.03.15

Subbotnik cleanup in Donetsk by DNR Supreme Soviet People’s Deputies… do note how the logo amalgamates the best of Tsarist and Red symbolism… it’s the double-eagle combined with an “.su” internet address. That’s the ticket… Christian and RED!


Look at the image. The DNR is bringing back the old-school Sov subbotnik! That is, people pitch in to help clean up their town at the beginning of spring, and the local officials do their bit. Novorossiya is bringing back all the good things in Soviet socialism and infusing it with an Orthodox soul. There are even lies in the Western media about a supposed persecution of non-Orthodox, but that’s a calumny. True… people watch Uniates, as they’re junta fanatics and spies (and post-1991 carpetbaggers, to boot)… true, real-deal people encourage sectarians to rejoin the real Church, and leave their error. Catholics (RCs) are OK… it’s the “Polish religion” in local parlance, and they’ve been around since tsarist times (S V Kosior, the Soviet leader in the Ukrainian SSR, was an ethnic Pole from Yuzovka (now, Donetsk)). That is, the people want to rebuild a new Christian Socialist Novorossiya… all Christians should applaud that. If you think that the Church and rightwing elements are friends and of one heart and mind… do think again. Christ has no relation with demonic ideologies… libertarianism isn’t anything but anarchy for the rich and “Free Market Capitalism” is nothing but legalised and amoral theft from the people and rape of the natural environment.

Christ would smile at the subbotniki… He’d take a whip to the country club drones (You have made my Father’s House into a den of thieves!). Get your mind right and get with the programme… you’d be with people like HH… you’d be in GOOD company.


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