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Saturday, 6 January 2018

What Do You Want? Dignity or Poverty?


This is the question the Far Right needs to answer:

Do you want smaller government with fewer handouts, OR, do you want a low minimum wage? You can’t have both.

If Tim Hortons won’t pay their employees enough to live on, then, Canada’s citizens have to pay for a variety of assistance programs for them to survive. If you want to live in a society where people can pay for rent and food if they work hard, then, you can’t be against paying an employee enough to survive on… otherwise, what you REALLY want is a class of working-poor people perpetually stuck in poverty to serve you.

6 January 2018

Meanwhile in Canada



I make 11 USD an hour at my job. I used to work for a major corporation, but they “downsized”. I noted that the cuts always came amongst unionised craft employees… never amongst salaried non-union drudges. Rightwing filth such as Rod Dreher and James Jatras defend the oligarchs and such chicanery. You see, the nabobs offered Dreher and Jatras a bargain:

If you defend our thievery and attack common people, we’ll see to it that your living standards are better than most.

Do note that both of these soulless “conservatives” jumped at that and gleefully became the rich man’s Mr Charlie. Also note that both of these amoral running-dogs loudly proclaim that they’re more “moral” and “religious” than the rest of us are.

I know why many (if not most) ordinary Americans are quietly desperate… I live that reality daily. Jatras and Dreher represent everything that’s wrong with “religious” people in America today. You wonder why godlessness is on the march? Look at the Evangelicals, the “Pro-Lifers”, and our Orthodox Hard Right… that’ll convince you that (for many good people) godlessness is a better option than false religiosity and pietism is.

Whenever you did this to the least of these, my brethren, you did it unto me… I do daresay that Messrs Dreher and Jatras have forgotten that… payback IS a motherfucker, and heaven WILL hear the voice of the oppressed…



Monday, 1 January 2018

1 January 2018. Some Musings On the New Year…


This year, I’ll be 64-years-old. If it was 20-odd years ago, I’d be preparing for retirement. That’s not the case anymore… thanks to the Clintons, Bush II, and Obama. The neoliberals gutted the retirement system to reward their fatcat sugar-daddies. Nowadays, if one wants a full Social Security cheque, one has to wait until 70 (that age was 65 until the Clintons). I’m going to have to work as long as I’m physically able to, with the hope that I can get to 70 to receive my full retirement allotment.

If it appears that I don’t view the future with optimism, you’re correct. I’ve seen the rights and compensation of working people go into the toilet since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan. That’s why I hate Rod Dreher and James Jatras… and everything that they stand for. They’ve consciously become shills for the oligarchs… they cheerlead the raping of our country by the super-rich, cloaking it all in pseudo-religious and pseudo-moralistic verbiage. Their yelps about the “persecution” of Christians is pure moonshine… I’ll tell you why anti-theistic atheism is on the march… the false religion and morals offered by the likes of Dreher and Jatras (and those like them).

However, I refuse to bow before such filth, nor do I intend to just quietly submit to their distortion and perversion of our Orthodox heritage. In the coming year, I vow to keep the faith and fight all “conservative” and “liberal” slimers with all my powers. There is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats… no real difference between Clinton and Trump… no real difference between the neoliberal factions (“liberals” and “conservatives” both lick the ass of the oligarchs and shit on the common people).

Yet… we may have seen the worst of it. The younger people are restless under the debt imposed on them by the likes of Clinton and Trump… I’d say that a spectre haunts Mar-a-Lago… God grant that I live to see it…


Sunday, 31 December 2017

31 December 2017. What the Republicans Truly Are


After the Republican tax “reform”, which cudgelled the elderly and moderate-income folk to benefit lazy oligarchs such as the Koch brothers and Trump the Chump, need I add anything more? I think that the AARP has a surprise for the Republican demon-spawn this coming election… and it won’t be a pleasant one.


A Quasi-Religious Cult of Individualism, Success, and Competition, In All Its Forms


I’m a foreign-born person. My observation of the US élite’s ideology (transmitted to society through the media and education) led me to conclude that it significantly changed after the Russian Revolution, which was the first large-scale practical experiment in embodying communist theories of transferring power to the working people. Such a revolution was deadly for the traditional aristocratic and bourgeois ruling classes of the USA (as the biggest and strongest bourgeois capitalist country) and of Britain (a stronghold of aristocratic traditions and capitalist ideology). They had to set up a global ideological counterbalance to communism. Communism, as an atheist/progressive society, was strong enough to fight, discredit, and defeat most traditional religions that existed then, so there was a need for a stronger, more fervent, and tenacious system of beliefs that could successfully oppose communist ideas on a grassroots social level.

In Europe, it resulted in aggressive nationalist theories that further evolved into fascism and Nazism, but the USA, as a multinational country, had to invent something different. As there is no strong and single religion in the USA, most religions were too weak or too nonviolent to counterbalance communist ideology. Therefore, uniting the society around religion wasn’t possible, but there was a need for a strong cult to consolidate the people. Through evolution, they constructed a quasi-religious cult of success and economic might, based on individualism and technical progress. Ayn Rand, an alienated immigrant from the USSR, made important (if not critical) input. She was very passionate and smart enough to understand the ideological need of Western societies. It was crucial to invent a “dream” able to rout the communist “dream”, or at least, to keep it as far away as possible.

She gradually constructed a raw, loose, and primitive, but very passionate, ersatz-ideology, which deified heroic tycoons as people who stood against global chaos generated by stupid, jealous, corrupt, and beastly sub-people (followers of socialism). It consolidated the élite (and wannabe- élite) around these ideas (everyone wants to be a hero); they dispatched this ideology to the whole society through education and media. The cult mainly excluded morals, so all possible means were good if they brought success and superior economic positions. What traditional morals labelled as wrong mostly became normal (or an allowed option) in the new cult. However, society can’t exist without morals at all… so there was a castrated one-sided version of morality, which came down to “What’s good for us is good; what’s bad for us is bad”… fully conforming to historical “Hottentot morality”.

For many people, it was an ideal reflection of their subconscious inner wishes of wealth and power, and a clear direction and sign of where they should go and what they should do to reach success. This led to all social activity being a permanent competition for “King of the Hill” and for consumerism being a prize for victory. People, groups of people, cultures, and countries who weren’t involved in this social game or who rejected it were mostly labelled and treated as losers, discredited, marginalised, which gradually reduced their voice, rights, and access to media. This game constantly brought huge profits, as it focused all human energy and passions on work and consumerism, at expense of morals, family values, ecology, global peace, and many other things. The most successful game players (temporary “Kings of the Hill”) became deified, hence the cult of “winners”, such as industry tycoons, VIPs, and celebrities. The elite demonised and discredited political opponents (such as socialists and collectivists) by any means possible, including obvious lies.

Therefore, I think that the current religion in the USA is a quasi-religious cult of individualism, success, and competition in all its forms, as opposed to collectivism, equality, and cooperation. It doesn’t correspond to the interests of the majority of the people, but it only wants to make people reach higher results in their activities. It also drains out their souls and diminishes traditional humanistic values. In fact, most truly religious people are against this game, even when they’re tempted or forced to participate. The cult is dangerous, as it totally dehumanises its most committed followers, and, when broadcasted globally, it creates or provokes a majority of the disasters that we witness today. It spoils all useful global resources, instead of preserving them. Of course, it’s much more complex in reality… this is only one facet of the whole. However, the subject is very interesting.

For instance, religion isn’t the only thing manipulated so perversely that it leads to justification for murder and theft. Many Americans, including me, were in the military and took part in such things, and we did so not from religious motivation, but because of another set of beliefs, not traditional religion, but something that we’d rightly call a new “religion”. I’m not “religious”… that’s been true my whole life. However, in the 80s, I was in the US Navy, in the Persian Gulf, doing whatever it was we were doing, pulling oil out of Kuwait, assisting Iraq in carrying on a war that the USA wanted with Iran, and whatever. Are American wars religious wars? Not in the usual way… that is, in some ways, yes, but more importantly, it’s something else. It isn’t one of the ancient religions and it isn’t one of the modern off-shoots. Churches don’t communicate this “something-else” religion to us. History has left the churches behind.

Where do we go to receive our instructions now? Where do we receive our received beliefs? Not church… it’s the TV news… the media. That’s what teaches us what to think, what to believe. The media teaches us to believe in the religion of American oligarchy, they couch it in pretty words, meaningless words that aren’t worth repeating. In the great tradition of non-believers, why can’t serious people today NOT believe in this new religion? Why do they all believe? Where is their famous scepticism? It’s an insidious religion because they teach us that it isn’t a religion. Rather, they say that its rationality, justice, and defence of human rights… this makes it a super-religion, a religion on steroids. The amount of self-righteousness that one can embody through this perverse non-religion truly astounds you. Yes, this perverse insidious religion astounds you and shrinks your testicles as it hollows out your soul and turns you into a morally and intellectually depraved empty shell.

Valery Mescheryakoff

3 April 2017

War Pigs


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