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Sunday, 14 April 2013

14 April 2013. Trib Reports on Moriak’s Smack-Down… Will Golitzin Become Midwest Honcho? … Why Does JP Need 25 Gs for “Moving Expenses?”

01 money down toilet

25 Grand for moving expenses… gimme a break!


One of the Cabinet piped up:

It’s occurred to me that Golitzin might as well be the Midwest hierarch, as well as the Bulgarian. It makes good sense, almost too much for the OCA. There’s precedence for this. The late Kirill Yonchev, bishop of Western PA, was also Golitzin’s predecessor as the Bulgarian Diocese’s ruling hierarch. Nikon Liolin, bishop of New England, is also the Albanian Diocese’s hierarch. The Bulgarian Diocese has the following locations:

Since Golitzin’s Bulgarian territory mostly overlaps with the Diocese of the Midwest… why not?  It’s ironic, though, that he’s now the locum tenens for the Midwest. He was one of the names put forth for the episcopal search committee’s consideration after Vladyki Job died, but he didn’t make the final cut. He supposedly was said to be a no-go for the episcopacy years ago by the Synod, but who knows what the reasons were, and why that changed. He’s a known quantity in the Midwest, having been in the diocese for a number of years, teaching university. He’s said to be a real down-to-earth sort. He knows the diocese, so I strongly doubt he’d rock the boat, as Moriak seemed to delight in doing.

Here’s some input about JP’s “moving expenses”:

25,000 bucks (779,000 Roubles. 19,100 Euros. 16,300 UK Pounds) for moving expenses for a monk is beyond arrogance and stupidity. It’s greedy. I wonder, though, if moving expenses for his parents (whom he apparently helps support) are included in that? Didn’t they move to DC to be near him? If the 25 thou is just for JP’s moving expenses, well, he can stuff it. He needs to hook up a little U-Haul trailer to move his stuff. Most clergymen seem to accumulate a lot of books, so books, clothing/vestments, and a few household items, are my guesses. If he wants the OCA to pay for his parents’ moving expenses, no damn way!  It wasn’t our decision for his parents to move to DC.

Oh… Moriak’s smash-up made the Chicago Trib (click here for the full story… it smells like a konvert talked to the paper). I wonder if Moriak served at Holy Trinity Cathedral to talk to his drooling konvertsy claque one last time… perspirin’ minds wanna know…




14 April 2013. Moriak Tits-Up… Replaced by Golitzin


Change the caption to “And he thought that he could change Syosset and SVS“… it’d apply in spades to Mollard, no?


Got this from the Cabinet:

It’s not online yet, but two letters, from Moriak and the Metropolitan, were read today after Liturgy. Moriak’s gone (retired), effective tomorrow. Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo (Bulgarian Diocese) is locum tenens.

Then, I checked oca.org… mirabile dictu! There was something posted in a timely manner (for a welcome change). I got wind of this yesterday, but my contact wished me not to post it… most probably, it’d implicate them and bring down the wrath of the Syosset Mafia and the First Families upon them (legit reason, so, I didn’t report it).

Now, the OCA Holy Synod should tidy up some unfinished business. Firstly, it should defrock Ray Velencia for posing as a clergyman whilst under suspension (a major no-no), and defrock John Erickson for his role in the Eric Iliff affair and coverup (and forbid him to appear on the SVS campus). It should also give public warning to JP that it won’t be threatened by his legal mouthpiece, and make the formal offer of a place at St Tikhon’s to take care of his maintenance. After all, JP’s a monastic… he does NOT need 25 Gs (779,000 Roubles. 19,100 Euros. 16,300 UK Pounds) for “moving expenses”). Gerasim Eliel (one of JP’s spoilt-goods episcopal nominees) should also be given a slot at a monastery, as he claims to be a “monastic”, as well (at present, he’s bunking in with Love BT on Michelorena St in LA). JP’s other gay cabellero, David Brum, should be moved to a remote parish, far from his protector BT… now, THAT would tie up most of the loose ends (and that’s all that can be put to rights, practically speaking… there’s still other things, but they either aren’t as important, or, the dramatis personae involved aren’t dangerous any more (like Iggy, Tosi, and Benjamin Peterson)).

As for Mollard… we’ll have to see what happens at the Memorial Day pilgrimage at St T’s, nicht wahr? That’ll speak volumes…


Monday, 8 April 2013

8 April 2013. Apologia Pro Vita Moriak… It’s For Real, Kids… It’s Why We Have to Oppose the Konvertsy and All Their Lunacy

01 Rooster cartoon


One of the Cabinet told me:

Holy shit. I was surfing around on YouTube today and found this. I nearly shit. Couldn’t believe the trash he said. It’s a vid from Moriak’s visit to Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago two weeks ago (24 March).

Part 1: http://youtu.be/TC9_xYlK_-g

Part 2: http://youtu.be/ZrKHsuez8SE

Part 3: http://youtu.be/gSLZmrRA0sw

Part 1 is his sermon. Part 2 is his “defence,” with some of that in Part 3. I ran into a layperson I’d not seen in a while recently. Konvertsy and total Moriak supporter. Doesn’t think Moriak did anything wrong at all.

I didn’t make this up, nor did my interlocutor. They truly DO believe all the shit that they spout. Read n’ heed… then, don’t argue with them… oppose them.



Friday, 29 March 2013

Are the Seven Santini Brothers Moving Moriak On Up?

00 Cartoon. The Movers. Sleeping on the Couch. 29.03.13


Got this from one of the usual (and good) sources:

Unconfirmed rumours are that a moving truck was seen in front of Moriak’s residence (next to Diocese of the Midwest headquarters) within the past several days.

Who’re the Seven Santini Brothers? Just the most well-known movin’ guys from the City (they’re originally from the Bronx). After all, Moriak’s probably “moving on up” (as the old theme song from The Jeffersons had it), but I doubt that he’s moving “on to the big time” (he’s not moving to the “big house”, either, but that’s another story, of another bishop, no?)…



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