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Thursday, 3 May 2018

You Believe Russiagate and Chilly Hilly? WHY?


After loudly denying rigging their primaries for two years, the leaders of the Democratic Party now openly admit to deliberately stacking primary elections to ensure the win of preselected establishment loyalists. In response to an audio recording of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer telling a progressive congressional candidate that he’d run in a contest rigged for his opponent by the DCCC if he doesn’t drop out, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came right out and told the press:

I don’t see anything inappropriate in what Mr Hoyer was engaged in… a conversation about the realities of life in the race as to who can make the general election.

I mean, wow. She just came right out and said it. All it took was a little audio recording to transform months and months of “But Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia!” into “Yeah, of course, we do that. Duh”.

27 April 2018

Caitlin Johnstone



Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Irresponsible US Congressmen Want to Escalate Ukrainian Civil War by Aiding Uniate Pig Junta

00 Russia WILL Beat America. 06.10.12


00 slavyansk. 29.04.14


A publicity flack for US Representative Jim Gerlach (R-PA), co-chairman of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, said that 10 US Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, introduced into the House of Representatives legislation to recognise the Ukraine as a US military ally. Gerlach said, “The bipartisan legislation we introduced today is another important step towards reaffirming the United States’ commitment to helping our Ukrainian allies develop as a fully democratic nation”. Earlier, Ukrainian junta strongman P A Poroshenko said that the junta might ask Washington for the status of a major non-NATO ally. US Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) said, “Our bill also importantly calls to designate Ukraine as a Major Non-NATO Ally, to temporarily provide vital resources and the security NATO offers to member states”. She also (falsely) accused President V V Putin of refusing “to quell the instability and violence”.

28 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



The so-called “Congressional Ukrainian Caucus” isn’t only “bipartisan (it includes rightwing filth like so-called “Orthodox” Gus Bilirakis and Darrell Issa, along with so-called “liberals” Nancy Pelosi and Sander Levin), it shows that the two mainstream American political parties are just two sides of the same rotten neoliberal coin. Granted, the Democrats aren’t as nasty and greedy as the Republicans are, but both are warmongers and both want to ram potty American notions down the throats of the entire world. No one can have their own culture and ethos… the demented American toddlers say so!

What should Russian Orthodox people do? Firstly, we should denounce traitors like Paffhausen, Dahulich, Potapov, and Lyonyo, who give aid and comfort to the enemies of the Motherland. Secondly, we should raise our voices to defend Holy Rus… come what may, whatever the cost may be. If they come for our compatriots in Russia today, they’ll come for us tomorrow. Don’t forget the Uniate murders on the Maidan, the Dom Profsoyuzov fire in Odessa, the killing of patients in their beds in the Krasny Liman hospital, and the massacre of the wounded outside Donetsk Airport. That doesn’t bother these worthies one bit. They want to aid the murderers, not the victims of the murderers! “Democracy” means a willingness to allow American businessmen to rape one’s country… it has no other meaning.

The blood of our compatriots in Novorossiya is on the hands of these soulless political mercenaries (and on the hands of their “amen corner” amongst us). They cackle with glee as our people die, murdered by Uniate quislings in the pay of the West. We DO have a choice. They can’t throw us in prison for speaking up (not yet, at least)… then, we should do so. The USA is in the wrong… completely, utterly, and without excuse. Russia is standing for the right… we must support President V V Putin, we must support healthy elements like the KPRF, we must defend truth-tellers like G A Zyuganov and D O Rogozin, we must tell the truth and counter lies about our Russian Orthodox Motherland, we must never be ashamed of who we are and what we stand for.

One last thing… Marcy Kaptur is of Polish descent, she’s a vehement Russophobe; therefore, one can see that her statement that Putin is to blame for the violence in Novorossiya is nothing but Polish hatred of anything Russian. The Ukrainian fascists are to blame for the current violence, but she didn’t mind that… mind you, Poland lusts to steal lands in Western Russia; that doesn’t bother her one bit. After all, they’re Catholic Westerners, so, in her mind, they’re superior to us unwashed untermensch Orthodox Russians. This is too much of a muchness. When it comes to Russia, the so-called American “conservatives” and “liberals” agree… they hate us, and they hate what we stand for. They hate us for rejecting the West, its noxious non-culture, and its glitzy blandishments. Think on that…

By the way… somebody on the English side of this website is a pro-American liberal pig who uses Galician hillbilly pidgin names for people and places, not proper Russian usage (for instance, it’s “Gorlovka” according to the rules of proper transliteration and proper Russian usage). Perhaps, D K Kiselyov should look into this… if they’re doing that, they’re betraying a basic lack of loyalty and patriotism. Galician hillbilly pidgin usage isn’t just improper, it’s only a low peasant dialect; we shouldn’t use it in formal situations such as news reporting. That’s that…


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Obama Pulling Romney into Fight over Bush-Era Tax Cuts


In the lead-up to the election, Obama is looking to pull Mitt Romney into a fight over the Bush-era tax cuts. They aim to portray Romney, a strong supporter of the tax cuts for all income levels, as an out-of-touch wealthy American. Back in 2010, Obama heeded Republican demands to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, citing economic reasons. However, he has vowed not to do that again. Currently, Obama plans on only extending the Bush-era tax breaks for one year, and only for those making less than a threshold amount (200,000 USD for individuals and 250,000 USD for families). When Congress comes back into session, Obama also plans on making a case against providing tax cuts to those that are making more than the current threshold.

Chris Savage, writer and founder of electablog, told VOR, “I think extending tax cuts for incomes under 250,000 dollars is a sound choice given the current state of our economy. Generally speaking, that money would go right back into our economy because people that make less than 250,000 dollars don’t usually have a great deal of savings. It’d also avoid hurting middle and lower class Americans at a time when they are already struggling”. Many Americans share Mr Savage’s opinion. According to a poll released by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, only 18 percent of the middle class would like tax cuts kept in place permanently for all income levels, whilst 28 percent would like tax cuts to be extended for a year for the middle class. Chris Savage added, “Extending the tax breaks for income over 250,000 dollars, however, is unconscionable. It’s clear that these budget-busting tax breaks aren’t creating jobs, as the Republicans constantly tell us they will, and wealthy folks aren’t likely to spend more than they already are because they’re already spending a great deal compared with average Americans; their needs are already being met very nicely”.

Whilst many Americans agree with Obama, some of his own party members don’t see eye-to-eye with his plan. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority leader, proposed her own extension to the Bush tax cuts by raising the bar to those making under one million dollars, saying, “Democrats believe that tax cuts for those earning over a million dollars a year should expire and that we should use the resulting revenues to pay down the deficit”. Republicans believe that what Obama is proposing is actually a tax hike for Americans. Chris Stirewalt, writer for Fox News, believes “they’ve been selling a tax hike on individual incomes above 200,000 dollars for years as a way to make so-called millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share”.

By doing so, Obama hopes to portray Romney as a billionaire who’s out-of-touch with the American people. They’re also calling on Romney to release years of back tax forms to prove their point. Chris Savage noted, “The fact that he won’t release these records suggests that he’s hiding something. We already know he’s stashing income in offshore tax havens. The question is how much and why? All the currently available evidence suggests he’s doing it to avoid paying taxes in the US and, if that’s true, it calls into question his loyalty to our country”.

If Obama can pull Romney into a fight over the middle class, he looks like he’ll come out the victor in the upcoming election. However, Republicans think they have an ace up their sleeve. Chris Stirewalt wrote, “Republicans will counter that Obama is calling for a small business tax and Romney will be able to say that his economic plan includes an across-the-board tax cut”. Because of Obama’s poor performance at creating jobs, Romney can go on the attack, claiming that the tax cuts don’t go far enough and can even use those Democrats that oppose the small tax extension to help him prove his point. Whatever the outcome may be, we’ll be sure to see the fight grow more and more intense over the coming weeks as the election draws closer. Mitt Romney will be sure to bring up the job market sector, and Obama will likely bring up the tax problems that America is facing because of the small percentage of wealthy Americans.

Jared DeLuna

Voice of Russia World Service


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