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Sunday, 1 September 2013

1 September 2013. On the Eve of Labour Day… Remember Our REAL Heritage…

00 Mother Jones. 01.05.12



Look at the old tombstones in the Orthodox cemeteries in the Valley. You’d see TONS of union logos, especially, those of the Wobblies (IWW). The owners treated the Russians, Rusniaks, Poles, Hunkies, Slovaks, Ukies, Serbs, and Lithuanians who worked in the mines and mills worse than animals, like pigs and cattle. The Anglos and the Irish looked down on us. Even the Irish-dominated unions treated us like dirt. However, the IWW came, stood up for ALL the working people, but the Irish-controlled Uniates “excommunicated” anybody that joined it. That’s because they served the rich man… that’s where they got their money from, dontcha know. Because of that, many of the po-nashemu people “went Orthodox”… it was one of the reasons for people leaving the Unia. In the old country, the Unia was a creature of the Polish and Magyar landlords… in America, it was a tool of the Irish politicos (who were puppets of the Anglo bosses). St Aleksei Toth ENCOURAGED our people to join the IWW, to FIGHT the bosses with every means possible. So, when you joined John Ireland‘s arrogance with the Uniate clergy’s subservience, many of the Rusniak people chose to go back to the Church (along with the fact that many were Russophiles in the Old Country, but couldn’t leave the Unia because of Habsburg laws). When they came “back home”, they also found the courage to stand up and fight for their rights in the workplace, too.

Don’t listen to National ReviewRush Limbaugh, Fox News, Rod Dreher, and all the other apologists for the Moneyed Class. They’re all well above the average in income… no wonder that they defend the present set-up! Keep the faith. This era won’t last forever… it’ll just seem that way. HONOUR OUR LABOUR HERITAGE… they who forget their past, forget who they are. Keep it focused…


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Thursday, 11 October 2012

11 October 2012. Perich Wants to Go to the District… Sir Roddie Keeping a VERY Low Profile


Got this from one of the usual places:

Perich wants to go to DC full time, but Tikhon won’t release him.  In fact, he’s only allowed to go there one Sunday a month.  He’s there to raise money because people stopped giving because of JP’s changes to everything.

That’s where the rubber hits the road, kids. The konvertsy make a loud noise on the internet, but they can’t support a real Church by themselves. Here’s some more intel on Perich:

It makes me sick that Perich is there handing out “gifts”. A friend bought a turn-of-the-20th century samovar from Perich years ago; last year, they tried to sell it, but it turned out to be a fake! OK… you can say that maybe Perich didn’t know this, but he brags about knowing these things.

Someone was bitchin’ about something on the Blunder’s website. I replied:

Tikhon Shevkuov kisses the oligarchs‘ asses, I’m told. That’s a pity, as he does have good things to say. So, of course, he’d LOVE JP & Co. My sources tell me that he doesn’t have blat. After all, they’re making bishops of young guys in their 30s (and Tikhon’s 54)… a friend at the Centre says that he dyes his hair and beard… he’s vain, she said. This stuff is from the Blunder’s website. It ain’t on the main official website… it’s much ado about nothing… it doesn’t merit a reply.

That’s right, Shevkunov’s visit isn’t getting much play on the main MP website. There was a mention of the shindig at St Nick’s in the District on 6 October, with Bishop Mel as the main celebrant (fancy that). No mention of Fathausen at all. In fact, there’s not much on Shevkunov’s visit at all. So, all the konvertsy Sturm und Drang on the net is much ado about nothing… signifying nothing.

I got this intel on Sir Roddie:

Roddy Dreher’s sure been quiet… which is a relief… he’s no longer bloviating about JP.

I wrote back:

He’s not as dumb as Fathausen, Freddie, and Tosi are. Howdya like Tosi’s gig of stiffing retired priests 50 bucks for the Sobor dinner? One of the Serbian parishes in Parma OH runs a fish fry… we should have them do the dinner and give the gaffers free entry… that’s the ticket.

You see, Roddie left the National Review because the gibbering neocon clowns took over after WFB died (may his memory be eternal… he was an honourable foe with STANDARDS… not a Paul Ryan or Wet Willy). He ended up with Buchanan and Taki because the Chronicles crowd wouldn’t have him. Firstly, they view him as a loud n’ crude Catholic apostate (which he is), and, secondly, they already have a real Orthodox Christian on their staff, Srđa Trifković, so, they don’t need a clueless wannabe like Dreher. That made him even less welcome than Sam Francis was in paleocon circes.

In any case, Roddy’s no Conservative in the actual Burkean/Bismarckian sense (indeed, they’re VERY rare in the USA… most “conservatives” are Radical (in the French sense) Rightists, not the same thing at all), for one thing he lacks stability. He’s lived in some place in Mid-AmericaBrooklyn, Texas, and the District; he imbibed none of the true spirit of the first three places… I feel sorry for his wife and kids. He’s a rootless “cosmopolite”… someone with no home, ergo, he doesn’t have a “soul”. He has no sense of real Tradition, Heritage, History, and Continuity. On top of that, his grasp of the Orthosphere’s culture and Weltanschauung is tenuous at best, absolutely ignorant at worse. That’s why I believe that he should shut up about Orthodoxy… he has nothing to bring to the table save his arrogance and conceit.

Pass me the jug… the world’s being its usual self…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 11 October 2012

Albany NY

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