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Saturday, 7 November 2015

7 November 2015. The More Things Change Department… “I’m For Sale, Cheap!”

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I’m For Sale, Cheap!

O Kokhan



Nothing has changed. The Uniate/schismo nationalist nutters were creatures and hirelings of the Anglo Americans then… they remain such today. What more need I say, save to add that evil still remains evil?



Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A True Galician Speaks…


Together Forever!


In particular, history teaches us that if we love Moscow, we’d love the Ukraine. Conversely, if we hate Moscow… it means that we hate the Ukraine. Going all the way from Grushevsky to Bandera… details may differ, but in essence, it’s the same. Grushevsky and the Central Rada depended on the bayonets of Wilhelm II, Bandera and Melnik depended on the bayonets of Hitler. Today, the nationalist rabble threatens the lives of Galician children to build up the strength of their Western masters. They only change their tactics… their methods never change… betrayal, provocation, and assassination.

Ya A Galan

Soviet Ukrainian writer (native of Galicia)

From the essay, That Which We Can’t Forget


Friday, 24 July 2015

“Forbes” Outs the Shocking Truth about the Crimea and the Ukraine

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Forbes entitled its article ”A Year After the Russian Annexation of the Crimea, Locals Prefer Moscow to Kiev”. In fact, Forbes based its piece primarily on two studies by authoritative western polling agencies… the American Gallup and German GFK. The latter, incidentally, is the largest German polling outfit, being amongst the four leading polling “gurus” around the world. Therefore, I think there isn’t any reason for even the most biased Westerners to question the results of their research. After analysing the survey results, journalist Kenneth Raposa came to a shocking conclusion for a Westerner on the attitudes of Crimeans to the current situation, ” The locals… whether Ukrainians, Russians, or ethnic Tatars… are unanimous on one thing… life in Russia is better than life in the Ukraine”. He reminded his readers about a study conducted by Gallup in cooperation with the Supervisory Board for International Broadcasting in 2014 in the Crimea. At that time, almost 83 percent of Crimeans said that the results of the March referendum really reflected their wishes and aspirations. Almost 74 percent of respondents were confident that reunification with Russia would have a positive impact on their quality of life, only 5.5 percent thought the opposite…

Therefore, in January-February 2015, after the first year of reunification, GFK decided to poll the Crimean people for their attitudes on it. For a western organisation, their results were simply sensational. They reported that 82 percent of Crimeans unambiguously approved reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Another 11% favoured for the most part. That is, 93 percent of Crimeans were positive about the results of the March 2014 referendum! Only 2 percent were against reunification. Kenneth Raposa concluded that these two studies by prestigious Western institutions strongly suggest that the outcome of the referendum in 2014 completely reflected the factual situation. Only 1 percent of Crimeans believe that the Ukrainian media gives objective information about happenings in the Crimea. Another 4 percent said that the Ukrainian media is “more objective”. On the other hand, 45 percent of Crimeans believe that the Ukrainian media purveys falsehoods, and another 35 percent stated that it’s more false than true. Raposa pointed up that the GFK survey didn’t indicate how people came to their conclusions.

Only 13 percent of Crimeans believed that their financial situation deteriorated over the last year (do recall the Ukrainian horror stories about the “starving” Crimea). Opposed to that, 21 percent believed that their financial situation improved significantly, 30 percent think it got better, and 35 percent said that their financial situation remained somewhere near last year’s level. For comparison, in the Ukraine at the same time, Ukrainian pollsters found that 94 percent of respondents reported a sharp deterioration in their standard of living! The top issue that concerned Crimeans was the war in Novorossiya (42 percent), followed by inflation (40 percent), transport blockade of the Crimea (22 percent), and personal financial problems (19 percent).

Raposa “hammered” Ukrainian nationalists and American fans of intervention in other peoples’ affairs. He noted that Crimean society is united and unanimous in agreement on the existing course of affairs, but one can’t even think of unity in the Ukraine. He said that, according to western polling institutions, there is a severe schism in Ukrainian society that objectively threatens the Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Only 19 percent in the so-called “Eastern Ukraine” and only 26 percent in the so-called “Southern Ukraine” support EU integration. (as it is very different from those Ukrainian “sociologist”!), on the other hand, 84 percent in the Western Ukraine, 60 percent in Northern oblasts, and about half of those in Central oblasts support that policy. Support for Ukrainian accession to NATO is even lower than support for EU membership in the so-called “Southeast”. Even in the Western Ukraine, only 53 favour NATO membership. The support for European integration in various Ukrainian regions coincides with their support of the USA and their role in the events of 2013-14.

Forbes is one of the most respected publications in the world, reflecting the opinion of a large part of the Western élite. Raposa’s article is a kind of surrender of the part of that élite to reality… Crimea became Russian in the first place because its people wanted it that way. Yes, the “Euro-Atlantic” choice of the Ukraine… that’s “not set in stone”. Meanwhile, the Ukraine forges a contrived reality, purposed to manipulate and maintain the martial spirit of the ultra-right. Almost all major Ukrainian media outlets completely ignored the GFK and Gallup poll results, indeed, most major Ukrainian publications shouted the strident headline, Most Crimeans Want to Return to the Ukraine. The source of this tawdry fluff was a yellow tabloid, Крым: Реалии (Krym: Realy/Crimea: Realities). In it, we can admire quite original news. Despite the sensational headline and text, the author conceded that there’s no basis for it in sociological research, they claimed that it came from an “online survey” allegedly carried out by the online edition of the reputable newspaper edition of Крымская Правда (Krymskaya Pravda: Crimean Pravda).

It was ridiculously easy to find the underlying cause of this one. Krymskaya Pravda itself said that Ukrainian hackers attacked their website . It effectively blocked them; the Ukrainian hackers actually were quite derisive (their famous informational troops?) in their attempt to force the site to show the “right” results for the survey. If the real attitudes and the real results of opinion polls don’t match what the Kiev junta wants to see, well, they can just hack the site. Then, they can force the media to publish it “voluntarily”. This situation highlights how one must take any information published by Ukrainian “journalists”. The most disgusting thing about this is that people from the Northern and Western Ukraine tend to lack “living” contacts with the Crimea, so, they believe this rubbish to the point that many are even willing to go to “beat” the Crimea [back into the Ukraine] by force of arms.

In general, an article in Forbes is a very positive sign; it says that sensible elements in Western society are trying to beat back the “hawks”, who live in a fantasy world. It’ll be some time before good-sense wins the day, but it looks like the end is coming for evil and misfortune…

24 July 2015





Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ukie Nationalist Nutter Calls for NATO Airstrikes in Novorossiya

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On Tuesday, Poroshenko Bloc MP Vadim Denisenko appeared on Roman Chaika’s Channel 5 program Ukraina Ponad Use (The Ukraine Above All). Chaika posed the question, “What’s preventing NATO from carrying out airstrikes?” given the alliance’s policy of military interventionism. Denisenko responded by noting, “NATO is very slow in acting. Six months ago nobody even spoke about providing weapons. Now, in the near future, as I understand it, they’ll send weapons to the Ukraine; everything is being set up for their delivery. Then, after that, the next step would obviously be airstrikes. However, this would take an additional three to four months. Unfortunately, they’re very slow in their decision-making”. Chaika voiced his consternation over the perceived slowness of NATO intervention, noting, “When it comes to ISIL, Syria, etc., they make decisions quickly”. Denisenko further noted, in his view, “There’s no possibility for a political compromise on the matter of solving the conflict in [Novorossiya], in light of the circumstances, all that’s left to do is to formally declare war. The Ukraine will need as many arms and instructors as possible from NATO. This is the main thing we must achieve today. The IMF gave the Ukraine their word that they’d provide financial assistance during military hostilities to the Ukraine. However, we must also create an economic blockade of the occupied territories. Responsibility for the provision of the civilian population [for their basic needs] lies on the shoulders of the state-occupier. We must say honestly, ‘We won’t pay pensioners from the DNR and LNR; we won’t pay for their electricity’. If the political will exists, we could solve this in a month’s time”.

On Tuesday, President V V Putin noted that the West is already supplying Kiev with weaponry. He told the press after talks with Magyar Minister-President Viktor Orbán, “According to our information, they’re already delivering arms”. Putin added that while the weapons’ provision would result in more military and civilian casualties, they wouldn’t change the balance of forces, saying, “The result will remain the same as it is today. This is inevitable, since most of the Ukrainian forces’ personnel, in my opinion, have no desire to take part in a fratricidal war, far away from their own homes, whilst the [VSN] have the great motivation of protecting their families”.

18 February 2015

Sputnik International



If you needed proof of the crackbrained folly of the Uniate/schismatical junta… here it is. They fully expect the West to go to war for them. They’re nuts… which makes them dangerous. When they go down to defeat, I wouldn’t put it past these crazies to blow up a Dnepr dam or a Chernobyl containment vessel. I’ve seen nastiness on the part of “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”… yes, they are capable of such. God do help us all…


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