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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Chairman of NATO Military Committee Believes that Russia Could Occupy the Baltic States and Kiev in Two Days

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This was for an earlier war, but it still resonates. Pope Francisco and HH are adamant and united… GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! The sectarian bozos cheer on nuclear war, for that would bring on the “Rapture” (or so their loopy theology states).  That’s what’s at stake, kids…


On Wednesday, 27 May, Radio Prague reported that the new Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Czech General Petr Pavel (who takes over on 1 June) stated at the Our Security conference held in Prague that the Russian forces can occupy the Baltic States and capture Kiev in two days. General Pavel emphasised that if Russian forces intervened in the Baltic States and the Ukraine, NATO forces “couldn’t respond adequately” to such a situation. Pavel accentuated that, in its current state, NATO isn’t able to respond to changing situations quickly, “The measures that Europe takes in response to the threat posed by Russia and ISIS are strikingly ineffective”. Pavel believes that the weak point is the NATO decision-making process. NATO has 28 countries as members, and they all have to agree. Meanwhile, Russia can make decisions in a matter of hours. One should note that the high-ranking US Army figures previously stated that in the case of a direct aggression to a NATO country, the Pentagon wouldn’t wait for a common solution from the entire bloc, it’d immediately take measures to repel the aggression.

 27 May 2015

IA Regnum



The USA is blowing smoke out of its ass. You don’t look at raw numbers of troops… you look at what units are there, what units can reinforce them, and what total resources are available in CONUS for deployment. Now, the USA has ONLY TWO MANEUOVRE BRIGADES in Europe. Let me reiterate that. The USA only has two brigade-equivalents in US Army Europe… that isn’t even a complete division! Most units available in CONUS are understrength National Guard and Army Reserve units… they’d require topping up with personnel and equipment before they could be effective… a matter of months, not weeks or days. In short, the only thing that the USA could do to threaten Russia is to use nukes. That’s all folks. There ain’t no other options. That is… thermonuclear Ragnarök or Nothing.

I, for one, hope that the decision is for “Nothing”… otherwise, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye…


Thursday, 28 August 2014

NATO Not Obliged to Protect the Ukraine, Not Going to Discuss Membership at Upcoming Summit

00 Naïve and Oblivious. 28.08.14

I wonder how Lil’ Mizz Jenny is going to spin this one? The USA just stepped in a malodorous cow pat for all to see… its client is going down, and its allies won’t help it pull the situation out of the shitter. Where’s the Munchkin Coroner? We’re gonna need him shortly…


A high-ranking NATO official told journalists, “In Wales, we’ll make an announcement on the form of military consultations and financial support for Ukrainian military forces on behalf of the alliance. There’ll be no obligations to protect the Ukraine; since the Ukraine isn’t a member of the 28-party alliance, we have no obligations to react to the violation of [Ukrainian] sovereignty. Such relations satisfy all parties, and no change to the relations between NATO and Ukraine are on the agenda. NATO membership comes from a country. NATO doesn’t address Sweden, Finland, or the Ukraine and say, ‘What do you think?’ It always comes from a country. The Ukrainians said that it wasn’t on their agenda. We’re not looking for new members; new members are looking for us”. On Wednesday, Ukrainian “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk said, “We expect practical assistance and monumental decisions from our Western partners at the summit”, which will take place in Newport in Wales (UK), on 4-5 September.

28 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



NATO’s giving the junta the bum’s rush. Merkel predicted that there’d be no breakthrough in Minsk on Tuesday, and she was right. The European allies want nothing to do with Washington’s goading of the bear… after all, they ARE dependent on Russian gas, and the USA CAN’T help them with that in either the long- or the short-term. NATO believes that the junta is on the ropes… there’s no joy in Mudville today (nor at Suzy-Q in Kerhonksen, either). The junta rats had best prepare their boltholes… their “country” is a goner. “The Ukraine isn’t dead yet”… but it shall be, and in short order. We need the Munchkin coroner to sing, “I thoroughly examined her; she’s not merely dead, she’s most sincerely dead”… and no one will miss this misbegotten excuse for a country.


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