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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Belarus Blocked Transit of Gas from Lithuania to the Ukraine

00 natural gas pipeline. 240615


On Thursday, Indra Milinene, spokesman for GTS Klaipedos Nafta, told BNS that Belarus didn’t allow transit of gas from planned LNG terminals to the Ukraine, “Both we and the Ukrainian side are interested in this, we see that there are opportunities for coöperation, but the Belarusian side refused us. We’ll make every effort to deliver LNG to the Ukraine, which, for its part, is also looking for coöperation from Belarus. We could deliver about a billion cubic metres of gas a year to the Ukraine. The Klaipeda LNG terminal could ship the gas through Belarus for transhipment to the Ukraine”. In mid-April, Lithuanian Energy Minister Rokas Masiulis claimed that a Poland-Lithuania gas pipeline could supply gas to the Ukraine. Lithuanian Ministry of Energy is developing changes in energy laws, which will allow Statoil to import gas and sell it whilst it’s still at sea, and not in the pipeline. As we reported earlier, on 4 June Hungary resumed pumping gas to the Ukraine.

21 June 2015

MIG News



This is tied in with John McCain’s vacuous boasts about supplying European and Ukrainian gas needs with notional American supplies. Firstly, American demand totally consumes American production. Secondly, American production has plateaued, and many jurisdictions now ban fracking, which will further reduce production. Thirdly, the storage and transit infrastructure isn’t in place. Fourthly, the drop in oil prices means that energy conglomerates have less to invest in exploration, exploitation, and infrastructure. In short, the Balts and Ukrops are grasping at flimsy reeds.

Now, Belarus bans transit shipments… without which, the American plans fall into the gutter. Aleksandr Grigoryevich has obviously decided that the Ukrops and their Anglo American sugar daddies are going to lose the war. The only way to secure the Belarus gas route is to invade… but Belarus has guarantees from Russia, with Russian forces permanently stationed on its territory. If there’s any chance at all of conflict… it’s here. Yes… the Americans could get desperate if their greedster oligarch paymasters get antsy enough. THIS is where there’s the greatest danger… note well that the stupid American media says nothing of this. It tells you much of their intelligence, doesn’t it? It’s why I hold Dreher, Freddie M-G, Serge Schmemann, Terrence Mattingly, Sofia Kishkovskaya, and Potapov in such contempt. They’re willing whores of the media machine… sworn to tell you untruth, the whole untruth, and nothing but untruth… or they don’t collect their pay packet.

America has never hesitated to go to war over energy in the last 25 years… ponder that… ponder Belarus’ intent to defy the USA. It’s a meaty thought, isn’t it?



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DNR Mintrans Projects Construction of Natural Gas Supply Grid in Debaltsevo

00 railway debaltsevo. dnr. donetsk pr. 10.06.15


The DNR Ministry of Transport (Mintrans) began work on extending the natural gas supply grid to Debaltsevo, with contractors following plans for construction of a consumer supply grid. A Mintrans source said, “The DNR Mintrans drafted a plan for the construction of a natural gas supply grid in Debaltsevo. We’ll lay an underground pipeline parallel to the Uglegorsk-Debaltsevo rail line”. Mintrans plans for this work to take place in three stages. Firstly, it’ll build a high-pressure gas line. Then, it’d lay medium pressure pad tracks through the city. Lastly, it’d repair and construct consumer distribution systems and install gas control and distribution points. Our source noted, “We plan to convert 54 boilers to natural gas. The end-point of the high-pressure gas supply pipeline would be the locomotive depot in Debaltsevo. Our intent is to connect the projected gas supply pipeline to the existing aboveground pipeline near Kayutino”. Donetskoblgaz will carry out this work. At present, there’s no fixed starting-date or budget estimate for the project.

Debaltsevo is the largest railway junction in the DNR, connecting in multiple directions. Its railway depot repairs wheel-sets, manufactures rolling stock, and has an automated control system in its marshalling yards. Despite its strategic importance, the city didn’t have connections to the natural gas supply grid. DNR forces liberated Debaltsevo on 18 February. When the junta militants retreated, they did their best to sabotage communications and transportation lines, including the railway junction. The heavy fighting destroyed some 80 percent of the buildings in the city. The DNR has made restoring public utilities in Debaltsevo one of its priority tasks.

9 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Plotnitsky Sez Gas Prices in the LNR to be One-Fourth of Those in the Ukraine

00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15


Lugansk Information Centre reported that I V Plotnitsky, Chairman of the LNR Government, said that consumer natural gas prices in the LNR would be one-fourth that of those  in the Ukraine. In fact, LNR gas prices would fall 7 percent. At a meeting of Gorkom and Raikom members, Plotnitsky said, “Total difference in gas price for the LNR and the Ukraine would be minus 300 percent. Gas prices for companies will be 40 percent lower than in the Ukraine”. He also announced that salaries and pensions in the LNR would be paid in Russian roubles at a profitable fixed exchange rate. In comparison, at the beginning of March, due to  conditions set by IMF diktat, the Ukrainian National Committee for State Regulation of the Electricity Market raised the minimal rate for private households to 3,600 grivnya per 1,000 cubic metres (9,180 Roubles. 963 Renminbi. 9,650 INR. 155 USD. 195 CAD. 200 AUD. 144 Euros. 104 UK Pounds) starting 1 April. Gas rates in all consumer categories would rise 280 percent on average. Besides this, consumer electricity rates in the Ukraine rose 350 percent over the last two years. Hot water supply rates in the Ukraine would increase on 1 April 1st 2015 by 55–57 percent, heating rates will rise 73 percent, and cold water supply rates will rise 25 percent.

20 March 2015

Novorossia Today



There is no incentive for the socialist LNR/DNR to join the crapitalistic “Free Market” Ukrainian rip-off state. NONE. Prices in free territory are falling… prices in libertarian-misruled junta areas spiral out-of-control. It’s a Republican Wet Dream. However, the so-called “Ukraine” isn’t long for this world… it’s running out of money, its ruling clique is getting ready to bolt, and no one wants to fight for the junta. Sayonara, and good riddance to bad rubbish. We Americans should notice who supported this Sad Sack Crapitalistic Fascist abortion. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John McCain were its biggest cheerleaders… fancy that… they’re cheerleaders for Libertarian Hell here in the USA. They’re the biggest argument for Bernie Sanders for President.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No Tickee, No Washee… Russia Tells Uniate Deadbeats “No Money, No Gas, No Foolin'”

00 gas pipeline. russia. 19.02.15


Read this. Since 1991, the Uniate deadbeats have sucked on the tit of Russian subsidies to the Ukraine. They’re unable to run their pseudo-state without them! It’s time to pay up or shut up… but they’ll do neither. They’re the Welfare Queens of Europe! They expect Russia to pay for their Welfare Cadillac (the Uniate establishment in Lvov) as they trash Russians in all venues. Well, the Bear sez, “No money, no gas, no foolin'”… that’s the real reason for the bluster in Washington… they’re trying to get Russia to pump more gas to their unruly Uniate bully-boys. I’ll say this, “You scream, ‘Knife the Moskali!’ Well, don’t be surprised if the Moskali order you to pay up what you owe and in full. After all, you’re great proponents of the ‘Free Market’. That means that you pay up or you get shut down. It’s up to you”.

We’ve listened to hate speech from Uniates for decades (from even before the days of the Ukrainian “pseudo-state). Payback IS a motherfucker, ain’t it?


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