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Friday, 27 March 2015

Jewish-Ukrainian Doctor Beaten, Attackers Shouted “Jew Face, Get Out-of-Town!”

01 SS Division Galizien anti-semitic poster

Galician Anti-Semitic poster of the VOV period… the symbol is that of a Galician volunteer SS unit made up of fanatical Galician Uniate nationalists… who were (and are) fascist in ideology, who ally themselves with any powerful outsider ready to enable them to let loose their violent and nasty tendencies


A Jewish-Ukrainian physician was severely beaten in what he said was an assault with anti-Semitic overtones. Aleksandr Dukhovskoi, a chief paediatric neurosurgeon in Kharkov, told 9 TV that he believed that competitors ordered Sunday’s assault, but he didn’t name a suspect. He said, “Three men on the street beat me up. They shouted at me, ‘Jew face, get out-of-town, and get out of the country’. This is blatant anti-Semitism. I told local journalists, but nobody wanted to mention this aspect of the attack.” The assailants fractured Dukhovskoi’s skull and ruptured at least one of his kidneys. He’ll remain in hospital for at least a month. He also said that he suffered hand injuries; he thinks that the beating would leave him partly disabled. 9 TV reported that he left the Ukraine for treatment in Jerusalem earlier this week. Aleksandr Feldman, a Jewish-Ukrainian lawmaker and founder of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said that he’s following the investigation into the assault.

The attack followed several incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism in the Ukraine and Russia, where anti-Semitic rhetoric has proliferated amidst an armed conflict. The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress reported that on 22 March, vandals drew a swastika and the initials of the Nazi party on a monument for Holocaust victims in Nikolayev. It was the fifth defacement of the monument since its erection in 2011. Separately, the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism reported on 18 March that unidentified individuals wrote “death to the Jewish rule” near the offices of the Hessed Jewish charity in Cherkassy. Volga Media reported that on 23 March, vandals painted Nazi symbols on a monument for Holocaust victims in Volgograd in the Russian Federation.

27 March 2015

Jewish Daily Forward



The junta-occupied Ukraine is now a lawless hell, with all sorts of nationalist trash roaming the streets, seeking out victims (the more helpless, the better… we’re talking about the crème de la crème of asshats here). There is Anti-Semitism on both sides of the current conflict. However, the most feral sort is found amongst Galician Uniate nationalists… do remember their role in the Holocaust and as bully-boys for the fascist occupiers. Then, they smashed people’s faces for the Nazis… now, they do it for the Americans. Great folks, aren’t they?

Never forget… the Novorossiya patriots honour those who LIBERATED the Nazi death camps… the junta Uniate/schismatical fanatics honour those who RAN the Nazi death camps… I seem to find a difference in that. I’m not alone in thinking that way.


Friday, 20 March 2015

20 March 2015. Galician Uniates Destroy Monuments to Heroes… Raise Up Monuments to Nazi Criminals

00 The Uniate Fascists Destroy. 20.03.15


The image above is pieces of a VOV memorial wantonly destroyed by Galician Uniate fascists. THIS is what John McCain and Ted Cruz praise. This is what the neocon Victoria Nuland praises… she’s a JEW! She praises those who adulate Nazi collaborationist scummers who helped to murder her people and attacks those who revere the  memory of those who liberated the death camps. If that isn’t an exemplar of a “self-hating Jew”, I don’t know what it is. You can stand with those who honour the Anti-Hitler Coalition of World War II or you can stand with those who honour the memory of those who willingly acted as the running dog lackeys of the Greater German Reich and who aided its massacre of “Untermenschtumen” (it wasn’t just Jews, sadly enough… ask the Roma, Greeks, and Slavs about that). You can honour those who liberated the camps or you can honour those who helped run the camps. The Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army LIBERATED the camps. Galician Uniate dogs helped the Nazis round-up their victims and helped to RUN the camps that killed Jews and others by the trainload. We should support those who honour the LIBERATORS! We should do our utmost to put down the rabid dogs who honour the COLLABORATORS! If you support the “Ukraine”, you spit full-force in the faces of all World War II vets… because you support those who slobber over Nazi collaborators and wish to impose a fascist dictatorship on the notional “Ukraine”. Which side ARE you on?

There are Orthodox who support those who glorify Nazi collaborators (such as all those in bed with the neocons/libertarians like Paffso is)… isn’t it time that we cleaned house and got rid of the filth?


Friday, 27 February 2015

Palin Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot… Obama Isn’t to Blame for ISIS… George W Bush Is!

01 open mouth insert foot


Read this. Firstly, consider the source. Sarah Palin is a shameless and feckless poseur who ran away from her responsibilities as Governor of the State of Alaska to become an obscenely-well-paid media flack. Anyone who attends to her vapourings is a boob… it’s why I don’t have any respect for John Whiteford… he had a link up on his blog to her worthless website. Firstly, Obama wasn’t responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq. GWB did that… ISIS is a direct result of American meddling in Iraq… therefore, the Republican Party is 100 percent to blame for their rise. Secondly, the Nazis aren’t all dead… as one can see in the present war in Novorossiya. Who protected the Nazis in the immediate postwar period? Why, the US Republicans did! They saw to it that ex-Nazis got pensions from the German state and they protected evil filth like Galician/Balt SS collaborators and Vlasovtsy/KONR trash and eased their entry to the USA. Why, they were anti-communists! That meant that they were GOOD in the Republicans’ eyes. The SS Cossacks were “unlucky” in that they were in the British Zone… the Brits tended to be less accommodating to Nazis as many of the British soldiers had relatives killed in the air raids, so, they weren’t feeling forgiving towards those who allied themselves with them (also, some of the troops had liberated Mauthausen, so, they weren’t accommodating to anyone in SS uniform). In short, a typical Palin rant. Can you take anyone who walked away from her responsibilities as an elected official to become a Fox News talking head seriously? If so, I’m not going to let you near anything sharp or intoxicating…

They’re serving Poached Palin (and Roast Rush) at Uncle Vlad’s tonight!


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Is Europe Overlooking the Far-Right “Foreign Fighter” Issue in the Ukraine?

00 UPA pigs. 30.07.14


Think of a “foreign fighter”. Are they a young male, aged 19-29, probably, of Middle Eastern origin, and possibly a Muslim? Are they associated with the concern and debate over Syria and Iraq? To most people, it’s more than likely that this image comes to mind. This isn’t necessary wrong, but it’s definitely not completely accurate. Yet, we must raise a question… are extremist Islamist fighters the only foreign fighters Europe should worry about?

The answer is no. Currently, returning Far Right fighters from the Ukraine is a threat most overlook. The conflict in the Ukraine provides an environment where foreign right-wing paramilitary groups form without any opposition. Both pro-Russian and Ukrainian Nationalists have operational paramilitary groups that hold extreme rightwing views, ties to neo-Nazism, and welcome foreigners as fighters. The Azov Battalion stands as a prime example of a violent rightwing group that attracted foreign volunteers. This neo-Nazi group boasts a number of foreign participants, including “Russians, Swedes, and a Canadian“. Their emblem includes the “Black Sun” occult symbol, used by the Nazi SS during World War II. The unit’s founder, Andrei Biletsky, also heads “two other neo-Nazi groups“. Most worrying is their polished social media page with powerful Far Right ideological material in English. This makes recruiting more accessible for any potential fighters who wish to join.

Foreign fighters operating in Eastern Europe aren’t a new phenomenon. During the Russo-Chechen conflict in 1995, there was a heavy influx of foreign fighters into the region. Therefore, why should we be concerned this time around? Arguably, the danger from a returning Far Right fighter from the Ukraine is no different from that of a returning fighter from Syria. An individual with radical views with good training could commit or help in committing a violent attack. Currently attached to the Azov Battalion is a Swedish national, named “Mikael Skillt“, a trained sniper with 7 years’ experience in the Swedish Army. Currently, he has a “7,000 USD bounty” on his head, due to the danger that he poses to [Novorossiyan forces]. A man with his skills, who describes himself as an “ethnic nationalist”, who holds extremist views, has the potential to be very dangerous.

The conflict’s brutality could also have an effect on a fighter. A group of rightwing Ukrainian nationalists, who refer to themselves as the Aidar Battalion, reportedly have committed war crimes. The reports from local media suggest widespread abuse from “abductions, unlawful detention, and beheadings“. It’s possible that PTSD could affect any returning fighter. Without treatment, it leaves open the chance that a person, with military training, who’s already committed violence, could snap under the right circumstances and commit a random attack. There have been some cases across Europe were people with mental health issues embark on violent sprees. Also, there’s a very serious possibility that a foreign fighter in the Ukraine may have a radicalising impact on others when they return.

It’s completely understandable that the issue of returning Islamic fighters has taken precedence. Attacks in Paris pushed the issue to centre stage. The high volume of traffic to Syria and Iraq from Europe outweighs that of people going to the Ukraine to fight. However, it only takes one returning Far Right fighter to commit an attack causing utter devastation. Anders Breivik was a lone violent Far Right actor, yet, he was responsible for one of Europe’s most horrific terrorist attack. Imagine a returning fighter from the Ukraine, with military training, who’s experienced combat, and has access to connections and weaponry doing the same thing. One can hope that some attention shifts towards Far Right fighters in the Ukraine, even though the conflict has mostly dropped out of the mainstream attention. However, as long as there are organisations willing to raise the issue and attempting to counter the Far Right narrative, then, there’s still hope. The threat is there and it’s very real. Let’s all just hope that we don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

23 January 2015

Lewis Barton

Huffington Post


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