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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ukrainian Jewish Committee Warns Kiev About Glorifying World War II Murderers of Jews


On Friday, Eduard Dolinsky, Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told golos.ua:

The veneration of World War II-era Nazi groups and surging anti-Semitism in the Ukraine will inevitably affect relations with Israel. Currently, both countries enjoy a good relationship. However, the Ukraine’s glorification of the murderers of the Jewish population will eventually come back to haunt Kiev in its relations with Israel. This’ll happen shortly. This’ll depend on how the Ukraine acts. For example, Poland, as you know, banned entry for (the director of the Institute of National Memory) Vyatrovich as well as some of his allies and nationalists. Israel may also take similar measures. Besides, ultra-right sentiment and extremist groups will grow in the Ukraine if the government remains idle. The whole world is witnessing mounting rightwing extremist sentiment and stepped-up activity by radical groups in social life. If they take no action to counter this, this’ll build up day by day. In addition, their numbers would increase, eventually making the fight against them more difficult.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled in the Ukraine in 2017 year-on-year, which comes against the backdrop of a glorification of nationalist leaders responsible for the murders and expulsion of Jews during World War II. It noted:

For a second successive year, the Ukraine saw the biggest number of anti-Semitic incidents among the former Soviet Union republics. There was anti-Semitic propaganda in politics, vandalism targeting Jewish cemeteries, buildings, and social centres, as well as monuments to Holocaust victims. However, they don’t take any effective action against vandals, with anti-Semitic incidents qualified as just hooliganism and not as hate crimes.

In May 2015, Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko signed a law glorifying the OUN (Ukrainian nationalists) and the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), a terrorist group outlawed in Russia, labelling their activity as a struggle for the country’s independence. Statues to nationalist Nazi collaborators S A Bandera and R I Shukhevich arise across the Ukraine, memorial events and torchlight processions occur in their memory, and they name streets after them.

1 June 2018




Sunday, 6 September 2015

Plotnitsky sez the LNR Would Take the Vandalised Soviet Monuments from the Ukraine… but Only If the Ukraine Handed over the Areas Where They Were Located

00 Lenin. 23.02.14


LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky said on the TV show Hour with the Boss on TV Lugansk24 that the LNR is ready to take vandalised Soviet-era monuments torn down under the junta’s so-called “decommunisation” law, but only if the junta hands over the places where they stood. Plotnitsky was commenting on the “offer” of Georgi Tuki, the junta’s head of (mis)government in the occupied territories, that the LNR and DNR could have their pick of Soviet monuments torn down in (temporarily) junta-occupied territories. Plotnitsky replied:

Why not, but only with the places they stood in. What’s happening today in the Ukraine destroys history… it isn’t just vandalism; it’s Nazism and terrorism. These actions of our former compatriots aren’t pretty. They follow a path that leads not only to a dead-end… it leads to judgement. We hope that all those who provoked this and still want to provoke more, will face justice, as this has a parallel with the trial of Nazi war criminals in Nürnberg. Our universities bear the names of our illustrious forebears in Lugansk, such as Matusovsky. Who but he could so passionate in the song that answers, С чего начинается Родина (What begins our Motherland)? Dahl signed “a Lugansk Cossack”, without hesitation, in his visits around the world. We shouldn’t forget our ancestral roots, for we honour and respect our true values.

6 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Service


Sunday, 31 May 2015

31 May 2015. Cossack Circle in Support of Our Brothers and Sisters in Novorossiya

00 #savedonbasspeople 02. 28.05.14



00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 28.05.14


Cossack war dance


00 save donbass people 01a. 28.05.14


Oleg Gazmanov and the Cossack Circle sing The Siberian Regiment


At the beginning of the first vid, the bells ring out to call the people to arms… then, the civil defence sirens wail… how would you feel if you held the shattered and bleeding body of your child in your arms and watched it die? That isn’t a hypothetical… many civilians have died in the Galician Uniate nationalist terror shelling. How would you feel if you had to flee marauding Right Sector Uniate thugs? How would you feel if you didn’t know from one minute to the next when the next terror shell would fall, maybe, on you and your family? That’s what people in Novorossiya live with, daily.

If you live in junta-misruled Banderstan, how would you like prices perpetually rising and your wages falling (if you got them at all)? How would you like your electricity flickering on and off? If you take a shower, forget hot water… they shut that off last year and it hasn’t been on since. Of course, the quarters where the Western journalists, “experts”, and mercenaries live have all the amenities. In the Lvovshchina, the junta tries to see to it that the utilities are on (for it views this area as its last bastion)… but even most Galician Uniates want no part of the war or of the junta. Never forget, in the last free election, only 38 percent of the people in the Lvovshchina voted for the Svoboda neo-Nazis… that means that 62 percent voted against them! One Galician village sent its men off to Novosibirsk in hired coaches… they didn’t want them dying in the junta aggression in Novorossiya. I’d say that most Galician Uniates are innocent of any bloodshed or enormities… but the Uniate and schismo hierarchies have steeped their hands in blood, as have the Galician Uniate nationalists.

DO NOT HATE! DO NOT SMEAR THE INNOCENT! If you heed nothing else that I say, heed that at the least.

However… pursue the guilty. Give them no peace. Fight them with every fibre of your being. Galician Uniate nationalism is a vile imposture… we must kill it. Yet… the nationalists will survive, perhaps, not in Galicia itself, but in the Galician diaspora certainly. Their hate will live on. That’s the black inner soul of “Ukrainianism”. Be careful! Many people are only parroting what they’ve been taught! Give these people a wide berth… that way you won’t rile the guilty nor harm the innocent. We don’t live in a perfect world. Since we live in a fallen world, people must take prudent steps.

Remember the wail of the sirens. That’s what “Ukrainian nationalism” means… “Knife the Moskals (Russians)”… “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only”… may my right hand wither if I forget the victims or the hatred that killed them. Yes… I DO take it personally… some people that I know are refugees… some are dead… I know the heartbreak of this war personally…

May God see and judge…


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Plotnitsky sez Ukrainian Nationalists Followed the Same Script as the German Nazis Did

00 Uniate Azov Battalion Nazis. 22.01.15


Nazism in Germany began with innocent eccentrics and niche clubs. Ukrainian nationalism began almost the same way in the 1990s. Then, the Nazis began to spread their vicious ideas through books and newspapers. Again, the Ukrainian nationalists did likewise in the 1990s. Then, the Nazis created military camps where militants prepared for the future. The Ukrainian nationalists did the same thing. Then, the Nazis found sponsors amongst local and foreign oligarchs… and got into the local parliament. The Ukrainian nationalists managed to do the same thing. Then, the Nazis seized power in Germany, began to persecute dissidents, burn books, and to torture and kill its citizens. These days, the Ukrainian Nazis are doing the same thing. Later, the Nazis instigated World War II, which lasted six years; it cost 54 million lives on all continents. It isn’t right to call the Ukrainian nationalist the heirs of Hitler yet because we in the anti-fascist internationalist Donbass stand in their way. Besides us, we have volunteers from Russia, Serbia, the Middle East, Syria, yes, and even Brazil. I regret that many other countries sit on the sidelines, hoping that the fire of Nazi aggression will only spread in one direction. History shows us how naïve such wishes are. It’s no wonder that our ancestors called Nazism ‘the brown plague’. If we don’t squelch it promptly, it’d quickly infect half the world, just as it did in the 1940s.

00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15I V Plotnitsky

Chairman of the LNR Government

9 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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