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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Russian Diplomats Demand Medical Visit to Pilot Wrongfully Imprisoned by the USA

00 Uncle Sam. Change Lawless America. 15.02.14


Editor’s Note:

Yaroshenko NEVER set foot in the USA prior to his kidnapping by American special services. That is, he did nothing in the USA; ergo, he broke NO American law. American courts have NO jurisdiction on acts committed outside of the USA… anything that happens on sovereign territory outside of the USA is immune to American prosecution under all international law and custom (except for acts committed on the territory of an embassy or of a sovereign military base area). That’s to say, the USA has acted in a criminal way since the time of Clinton and Bush II. It tries people for “crimes” over which it has no jurisdiction… it imprisons people for years without a hearing or a trial. I call that EVIL… and I’m not alone. If you vote for the Republican Party, you vote for evil and lawlessness (they call it “libertarianism”)… that’s NOT “Pro-Life” at all, is it, kids? Have a care, there be counterfeits out there…

Bring Yarsoshenko home… the USA should apologise for its criminality, but it won’t. We live in “interesting times”… I see why the Chinese consider them a curse

One last thing… Jen Psaki owes the Russian state, government, and people an apology for saying that Russian behaviour hit “new lows”. Illegally imprisoning someone is a “low”… the USA does it… Russia does not. Who’s the bully? One of these things is NOT like the other…



On Friday, the Russian government said that it plans to send diplomats and doctors to visit a Russian pilot serving a 20-year jail sentence in the USA for attempted drug trafficking. The group will visit Konstantin Yaroshenko at the Federal Correctional Institution Fort Dix in Hanover NJ. Russian doctors will check Yaroshenko; they should prescribe treatment for what’s said to be his worsening health. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) said, “Russia called on American authorities not to hinder this mission, but instead to offer all possible assistance”. On Friday, Yaroshenko’s lawyer, Aleksei Tarasov, said that his client experiences severe headaches and chest pains, which he said indicated pre-stroke symptoms, but that was difficult to get medical records from prison authorities.

The USA captured Yaroshenko in Liberia in 2010 after replying to an advertisement posted by agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency claiming to be selling a cargo plane for a dollar. Later, the American authorities flew him to the USA. Yaroshenko plead innocent to drug smuggling charges, but the court nonetheless convicted and sentenced him in April 2011 for colluding to smuggle cocaine into the USA. Yaroshenko said that he wanted to buy the plane, but that he had no plans to use it to transport drugs. He said that his poor English prevented him from understanding the nature of the deal proposed by the duplicitous American undercover agents. In August 2013, the New York Federal Court of Appeals rejected a motion for his retrial. Besides that, the USA also rejected Russia’s request for Yaroshenko’s return home.

14 February 2014




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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8 October 2013. Dahulich Pushing “Monastic Typikon” Silliness on Parishes

00 Ruki vverkh! Hands Up! 08.10.13


I’m hearing reports (in the plural) that Dahulich pressured some parishes to have a Reader intone verses during the singing of the Beatitudes. Yes, this is an old monastic custom (but only in some monasteries, not all), and I’ve heard that a ROCOR parish does this once in a while, but it appears that Pope Dahulich is pushing his weight around again. The insertion of the verses in the Beatitudes isn’t parochial usage, never has been. Such fol-de-rol isn’t god-pleasing, it’s overblown and pointless idiocy. Monasteries are monasteries and parishes are parishes, sheesh! This is one of the reasons why the late sobor rejected Dahulich for the white hat. Remember, Dahulich and the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smisko had a real donnybrook. Dahulich doesn’t know when to quit or when to lie low. He’d best watch his step, his arrogance is starting to piss people off. He’s gotten off on the wrong foot in New York and New Jersey, he’d best watch out in NEPA… that’s Old School Metropolia turf.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

27 July 2013. Computer Tits Up… AGAIN!

01 sick computer


Guess what kids… the machine is down again.  It died Thursday night. God knows what I can do… but I wanted all of the crowd out there to know what happened. I’m down in New Jersey, Nick and I are on Long Beach Island. I’ve got things to do and promises to keep tomorrow. Keep the faith, kids, and say a prayer for me. Be good…



Sunday, 11 November 2012

Russia Will Send Humanitarian Aid to New York in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy


On Monday, 12 November, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) plans to send two planes with humanitarian aid to Hurricane Sandy-hit New York City. Two Ilyushin-76 cargo planes will deliver over 50 tons of humanitarian aid; they’re due to take off from Ramenskoye Airport south-east of Moscow. The aircraft are part of the MChS division that responds to international and national disasters.

Con Ed reported that it’s restored 98 percent of electric service in the New York metro area to those neighbourhoods that lost power due to hurricane Sandy. At present, 20,000 people are still without electricity. In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, more than a million people in the city had no electricity. In New Jersey, where the elements left 2.7 million customers without electricity, efforts are still underway to restore power. Currently, 100,000 are still without power.

The New York Times reported that about 900 New Yorkers who lost their houses due to Hurricane Sandy would have temporary housing on the premises of the former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility in Staten Island, closed by New York State in 2011. Meanwhile, about 40,000 NYC residents are still unable to go home or lost their houses. Hurricane Sandy struck the American east coast at the end of October, killing more than 100 people and inflicting billions of dollars in damages.

11 November 2012

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