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Friday, 5 June 2015

Here’s Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men… No Comment Necessary Department

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Jeet Heer investigates a provocative question today… why are most libertarians men? He offers several plausible explanations, but I think that he misses the real one, perhaps, because it’s unflattering to libertarians. Here’s the quick answer… hard-core libertarianism is a fantasy. It’s a fantasy where the strongest and most self-reliant folks end up at the top of the heap, and a fair number of men share the fantasy that they are these folks. They believe rules and regulations designed to help the weak have held them back, but in a libertarian culture, their talents would be obvious, so, they’d naturally rise to positions of power and influence. Of course, most of them are wrong, as a truly libertarian culture would squash nearly all of them like ants… mostly by the same people who squash them now. However, the fantasy lives on, regardless. Few women share this fantasy. I don’t know why; I don’t want to play amateur sociologist and guess. Perhaps, it’s something as simple as the plain observation that women were in almost-complete subjugation to men in a more-libertarian past. Why would that be an appealing fantasy to a woman? Anyway, this is obviously simplistic and unflattering, and it’s going to offend libertarians. Sorry. However, feel free to take some guesses about why women don’t take to libertarianism as strongly as men do.

5 June 2015

Kevin Drum

Mother Jones



Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25 December 2012. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up… Mitt Romney’s Son Says He Never Actually Wanted to Be President

00 Romney Racist T-shirt

Romney never criticised the racism in the GOP… any questions?


Editor’s Foreword:

Read the following. It’s mind-blowing in its self-centred pity and angst…



Mitt Romney‘s palpable discomfort during the 2012 election season has mostly been attributed to the fact that he’s (very likely) a robot. However, in a lengthy Boston Globe piece about what went wrong with the campaign, Romney’s eldest son Tagg offers a different explanation for his father’s poor performance… “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to … run. If he could’ve found someone else to take his place… he would’ve been ecstatic to step aside”. The statement certainly seems to serve as a great “I told you so” moment for all those Republicans who endorsed genuinely fired-up people like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum during the primaries, though the story also suggests the Romney campaign‘s issues extended well beyond his supposed lack of enthusiasm for the task.

The GlobeMichael Kranish (co-author of The Real Romney) confirms that those closest to Romney, such as Tagg and wife Ann, clashed with his staff over strategy, especially when it came to humanising the candidate. The story blames campaign manager Stuart Stevens for the unremitting focus on the dreary economy and the reluctance to share some of the more appealing elements of Romney’s biography with the public. When Tagg finally convinced RNC organisers to feature the grateful parents of a terminally-ill 14-year-old Mormon boy Romney once comforted, they were put onstage before any of the big networks even tuned in {Big deal. If the kid wasn’t a Mormon, that’d be news. It just proves that many Mormons are good to their own, but view us “Gentiles” as two-legged cockroaches: editor}.

There are also criticisms of the campaign’s infrastructure… the organisation employed a mere 500 paid workers nationwide (less than the Obama team dedicated to Florida alone) and failed to make good use of social media and other technology. As Romney’s digital director Zac Moffatt explained, they simply didn’t have as much time as Obama did to prepare. Moffatt recalled worrying about early on, “Can we do 80 percent of what the Obama campaign is doing, in 20 percent of the time, at 10 percent of the cost?” Tagg also told the Globe that his father hopes to use what he learned during the campaign to help Republican leaders make changes to the way the party is run, saying, “Having been through it, you know so much more than when you haven’t”. Perhaps, the first thing Romney should suggest for the next go-around is picking a nominee who actually wants to be there.

23 December 2012

Andre Tartar

New York



Editor’s Afterword:

”I really didn’t want to be president!” If that were so, why did Wet Willy run? Why did he spend millions of his own money and millions of the Republican Party’s money? Why did he order fireworks in Boston, as he was convinced that he was going to win? In short, GIGO all around. Wet Willy’s nothing but a spoilt brat who never grew up. His corporate daddy bought him a phony “clergy” deferment in the Vietnam War and gave him the seed-stake to enter business… that is, Wet Willy had the ways greased for him and he never had to do anything for himself. This story tells you volumes about the Romneys. Aren’t you glad that the Prez did win the election? After all, Willard didn’t want it… his son said so…

What a bunch of sore losers and incompetent tossers…


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

24 August 2011. The Empty Space Between the Ears: The Scariest Thing About the Rightwing…

The rightwing complains about Sharia? What about “Born Again” fantasies? Sharia is no threat to America or to its institutions… “Born Again” fancies like the Manhattan Declaration are clear and present dangers to America and all Americans (especially, real Christians not contaminated with Sectarian notions)… end of story.


It’s cheaper to invest in politicians than in pollution controls…

Cynical Texas saying


Read these:



Note this:

Conservatives’ view of history is either a warm, patriotic tale of American exceptionalism or a tale of Big Government oppression. It glides over or misrepresents progressive triumphs like the New Deal or Great Society and ignores unpleasant episodes like the Jim Crow era. Only studying the United States’ “best hits” ignores the contributions of minorities, labour, and other groups. “Historians constantly challenge each other, and understandings of the past evolve (for whatever reason). However, these people are different in that they aren’t really reality-based and don’t have much standing or credibility among scholars”, William Link, a professor of history at the University of Florida, told The Nation. …

Perry has been elected governor three times, and has proclaimed his state a model worth replicating at the national level. Yet, Texas has the highest number of residents without health insurance in the nation, among the worst-ranked food stamp programmes, one of the highest child poverty rates, the lowest percentage of residents with a high school diploma, and one of the highest teenage birth rates. These are stats that deserve swears, not swagger.

Texas’s political system is also as brazenly capable of corruption by money and special interests as that in Washington, and unabashedly so. Long before the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United allowed unlimited contributions to begin flowing into national super PACs, Texas had some of the most lax campaign finance laws anywhere. At the state level, there are no limits on the amount of money individuals can contribute to candidates, allowing wealthy donors to directly bankroll campaigns. In such an environment, Rick Perry didn’t just survive, he flourished. He didn’t just embrace the system, he shattered records with it, raising more than anyone in Texas history. Indeed, for as long as Perry has been governor, the governor’s mansion has been ostensibly for sale.

Instead of commenting myself, here’s what I saw in the comboxes:

  • Wow. That doesn’t even include Jonah Goldberg’s masterpiece Liberal Fascism, which claims that Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all leftists and that Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Jimmy Carter are just “softer” versions of these monsters.
  • Right-wingers lie and make stuff up. We all do that a little, but the talking crotches on FOX make it an art form. More worrisome is their appeal to the perpetually-dim bullies among us.
  • While both left and right use history to further their own agendas, I find the right’s message to be more insidious. The left tends to focus on the historical warts such as genocide, exploitation, unjust wars, economic inequality, and minority struggles. The right on the other hand glosses over the dark side and paints a picture of American exceptionalism where manifest destiny is triumphant and we always advance towards the light.
  • They look at the economic growth during the period of 1950-80 and see nothing but the failure of unions and liberalism. They see a 10 percent drop in poverty rates as a failure. They see the rise of the middle class as being related to only taxes, not wage growth. They look at the end of segregation and the passage of the Civil Rights Act and see nothing but total failure. They see the War on Drugs as a money-saving success, but the War on Poverty as a complete failure. They see cleaner air and water as job killing, regardless of the fact that “green tech” is going to create jobs as energy prices climb. Moreover, they see a divorced man who was the father of a dysfunctional family, an ex-union president, a signer of liberal abortion rights in California, a guy that raised taxes and added national debt as a hero of Family Values, a deficit hawk, and uniting force.
  • What the neocons can’t either remember or choose not to remember was that the economy sucked royally when their Messiah Ronnie Raygun was president. I don’t know how old these guys are, but I recall the job market back then, it sucked. If you wanted a job and you didn’t have a rich mommy and daddy, the military was pretty much one of the only options there was, unless, of course, you could flip burgers or scrub toilets for a living. Reagan’s “ramping up military spending” destroyed the US job market in that time.
  • George Orwell summed it up thusly, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. There’s not much more to be said on the subject, except that we must be alert to the re-writing history and to the motives of those who’re doing it.

Keep this in mind… the Republican Party wants the entire USA to be like Texas… lowest in the country as far as education goes, first in the country as far as putting people to death goes (it’s fair to point up that there’s good Texans who stand against the Republican Moloch… they’ve been squashed so far, but they’re there). That’s a “nasty, brutish, and short” Hobbesian future… yet, that’s what the New GOP advocates… I don’t think that’s hard to fathom, is it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Albany NY

Friday, 29 July 2011

29 July 2011. The Spirit of Barry Goldwater Says to Mitch McConnell, “J’accuse!”

“Politics and governing demand compromise”. In your heart, you KNOW he’s right! In the end, the New Right disowned Ol’ Barry… ponder that. Honesty, integrity, character, and honour are where you find them, not where you expect them… oh, one last thing before I go… his granddaughter C C Goldwater endorsed Barack Obama, instead of McCain and Lil’ Mizz Sarah… I’d say that she was honouring Ol’ Barry’s legacy of independent thought, wouldn’t you?


Read this:

Democratic leaders in the Senate said on Friday that the top Republican in the chamber was still refusing to negotiate a debt-ceiling increase with them after they defeated a bill backed by Republicans. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell told Senate Democratic leaders he would not work on a compromise after the Senate defeated a bill that had passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said at a news conference.

29 July 2011

Andy Sullivan




Here’s what Barry Goldwater, “Mr Conservative”, said about compromise and the Religious Rightwing:

Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know; I’ve tried to deal with them. …

I’m even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate. I’m warning them today… I’ll fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of “conservatism”.

That’s the real deal… you’ve got to compromise, and you can’t act as though you’re a pure Crusader wrapped in the mantle of God (if that’s not blasphemous, I don’t know what is). You can have Ol’ Barry the Straight-Shooter or you can have Mitch the Greedy Son of a Bitch… I can hear the shade of Barry saying to Mitch, repeating his own words:

Don’t associate my name with anything you do. You’re extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican Party much more than the Democrats have. … We’re the new liberals of the Republican Party. Can you imagine that?

I think you can tell where I stand… I don’t think that I’m alone.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 29 July 2011

Albany NY

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