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Monday, 9 February 2015

Putin sez Russia Will Never Accept American Global Hegemony

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Obama the Peacemaker. 2014


On Saturday, President V V Putin told a trades-union congress in Sochi that Russia wouldn’t accept a hegemonic world order, saying, “Now, as regards the point that some are waging war against our country, thank God, there’s no war. However, absolutely, there’s definitely an attempt to deter our development by various means; there’s an attempt to mask the current world order, one that took shape over the past few decades, after the collapse of the USSR, a world order with one undisputed leader, who wants to remain such. This leader assumes that he can do everything, but others can only have what he allows them and what meets his own interests. This kind of world order won’t satisfy Russia”.

7 February 2015

Russia Behind the Headlines



As long as the USA persists in its juvenile boasting and in propagating its theomachistic ideology of American Exceptionalism, the Sino-Russian Alliance will hold, as both will (rightly) see the USA as the main threat to world peace. The present order is NOT based on American strength… it came about due to a temporary weakness that has passed, for both Russia and China. As D K Kiselyov put it, “Russia can turn the American heartland into a smouldering cinder of radioactive ash”. That’s true… if that’s true (and it is), then, it follows that the USA is NOT the “sole superpower” and that all of its boasting to the contrary is narcissistic blather of the worst possible sort. It certainly puts the rants of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and John Boehner in a different light, doesn’t it? Why do so many attend to their crackbrained and addled notions? It doesn’t speak well for Anglo America, does it? Shall the Ukraine be a wakeup for America? I fear not… they’ll blame everybody other than themselves for their self-inflicted defeat…



Monday, 24 February 2014

24 February 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The More Things Change (They Don’t Call It the “Fourth Reich” for Nought)…

00 Soldier, the Ukraine Needs You! 1943

Soldier, the Ukraine Needs You!

Unknown Artist


Soviet poster


This needs no commentary… the Ukraine is on the cross again. The Germans are in it neck-deep, again, aren’t they? The Nazi New Order in Europe or the American New World Order… what’s the difference? Both ideologies are racist to the bone… the “Master Races” (I see no difference between historical American slavers and the proposed Nazi Slave Empire) will tell the Untermenschen what to do. It’s not pretty is it? However, that’s what the mirror shows us (and I’m castigated for holding it up). God do spare us. Quo vadis, Ukraina?

We CAN make a difference… stand against the Monster… all it takes is a little guts n’ grit…


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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11 September 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Potential Participants in an Attack on Syria and their Deployed Combat Forces In-Theatre

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Potential Participants in an Attack on Syria and their Deployed Combat Forces In-Theatre. 2013


After releasing information about the alleged large-scale use of chemical weapons near Damascus by the Syrian government, the West openly threatened a possible intervention in the conflict. Our infographic allows you to learn more about the composition of the military forces in the region, and the units available to a potential invasion force. The situation in Syria ratcheted up on 21 August, when the Western media reported the large-scale use of chemical weapons by Syrian government troops near Damascus. The opposition Syrian National Coalition stated that the attack killed approximately 1,300 people. After that, the West began to talk openly about a possible intervention in the Syrian conflict. For more information, click here.

29 August 2013




Monday, 9 September 2013

9 September 2013. CNN and the Neocon/Interventionist Pigs SILENT on Ma’loula Enormities

00 THIS is what the USA wants in Syria. 09.09


CNN blatted away in the breakroom today at work. There was NOT ONE WORD SPOKEN on the Golgotha of Syrian Christians. It was “Go to hell, go directly to hell, and don’t bother us, for you don’t matter in our New World Order”. This is an outrage. No one’s standing up for Syrian Christians and Alawis in Washington. NO ONE. There’s much posturing, and much self-righteous indignation about a supposed “chemical attack” that’s not even confirmed, but the actual killing of Christians, Alawis, and Shiites, and the torching of their homes, businesses, and houses of worship doesn’t even merit a footnote. If anything is EVIL, this is evil. It’s an absolute inversion of reality; it’s the substitution of a dream world for the real world. These people are the enemies of everything decent and honourable… they may be well-spoken… they may be well-groomed… they may be “nice” and have all the right “credentials”, but they’re evil to the bone and false to the core. They’re poster children for Hannah Arendt‘s concept of the Banality of Evil… they’re modern-day Eichmanns (who wasn’t a “monster” at all… he was a faceless dweeb). They drool with pleasure at their “indignation”… you see, they’re so much “better” than we hoi polloi, dontcha know.  They shudder over what may be nothing but a manufactured provocation, but they’re silent on the actual murders and rapine in Ma’loula. NOT ONE WORD was said about Ma’loula. NOTHING. If that doesn’t tell you that the American political class (both Republicans and Democrats) is in league with evil and corrupt to the bone, I don’t know what to say to you.

NO WAR IN SYRIA… that’s the beginning and end of it all.

As for we Orthodox people, I’d say that the konvertsy have a choice to make. Shall they stand with us ethnic Orthodox, who’re 100 percent behind our Syrian co-religionists, or, shall they stand with the American neocons/interventionists? If they don’t want to be part of us… hey, that’s OK, but if you’re not going to stand and be counted when one of the family is being threatened and beaten by the self-righteous American neo-Puritans, leave us. That’s honest, at least. Russians, Serbs, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Carpatho-Russians, Belarusians, you name ’em, we’re all behind Syria. The Amerikantsy will have to decide whether they’re going to make a real home with us, or, whether they’re going to spin off into irrelevancy. I don’t hold out much hope… placard waving never did much good… shall they come to understand that? Only time will tell us…


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