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Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. Mild Summer with Plenty of Rain in Upstate NY… The Plants are Having a Big-Time Party!


This has been a mild summer here in upstate New York. The temps have been around 25 to 30, with no real scorchers and the humidity levels were never muggy. We didn’t even turn on the air conditioner! There’s been plenty of rain, so the plants are lush n’ green. They’re having a big-time plant party! It’s great times if you’re a flower or a tree. You wonder if the backyard gardeners are going to have a bumper crop of zukes, cukes, and tomaters. The bees are havin’ a great time, too… with all those flowers in splendour and happiness, you know that the hives will be FULL of ass-kickin’ honey. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a mild winter, too… they were right about the weather last year, so, God willing, one hopes that they’re right again. It’s been a GOOD year, weather-wise, so far…



Saturday, 29 April 2017

29 April 2017. We Need New Bridges… NOT New Walls


It’s insane to build a “border wall”… what we need to do is to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. We need to stop insanity like the “border wall” and stop the warmongering in foreign parts. Then, we can devote resources to rebuilding our country. Shall we do it? Choose wisely…


Saturday, 31 December 2016

31 December 2016. Another Gotham Institution Bites the Dust… Carnegie Deli is No More… Owner Mum on How Much Developer Gave Them to Sell-Out



Read this. Let’s cut to the chase… it seems that the place was still making money… a lot of it. However, it seems that the owner wanted to kick back and not work as much. There’s more to this than is immediately apparent. It seems to me that the owner wants to franchise the name and sit back and enjoy the profits. Yet, who outside of NYC knows or cares about a deli knockoff that isn’t the original real deal? Let’s face it… one reason that they could charge 20 bucks a pastrami sandwich was that Woody Allen ate there, along with other B’way notables. That’s not going to to be the case elsewhere. The concept might fly in Vegas… or LA … or at the Garden. Anyplace else? It wouldn’t fly in Peoria (certainly not in Indy, where you can get an awesome pastrami at Shapiro’s for 13 bucks)!

This smells like a big-money deal for the building that it’s in and the owner wanted the bucks more than the business. This wasn’t a death… it was a suicide…


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Unrepentant: Parents and Parishioners Beat Teen to Death in Upstate New York Church

church mice


In New Hartford NY, members of the World of Life Christian Church (including their parents) beat two teenage brothers, one died as a result. Police continued their investigation amidst locals’ reports that the church, located about 250 miles (@400 kilometres) northwest of New York City, could be a cult. On Wednesday, New Hartford Police Chief Michael Inserra told reporters:

The [church] session turned physical. Both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours in hopes that each would confess their prior sins and ask for forgiveness.

The assault took place on Sunday. On Monday, family members took one of the brothers, 19-year-old Lucas Leonard, to hospital and doctors pronounced him dead later in the day. Police said that Lucas’s brother, 17-year-old Christopher, went into hospital later on Monday and remains in serious condition. The teenagers’ parents, Bruce and Deborah Leonard, face charges of first-degree manslaughter. Cops also arrested the victims’ 33-year-old sister, Sarah Ferguson, along with three other church members. All those arrested gave “not guilty” pleas. Bruce and Deborah Leonard are in the Oneida County Jail, as they were unable to pay 100,000 USD (6.14 million Roubles. 636,000 Renminbi. 6.5 million INR. 128,800 CAD. 137,100 AUD. 87,900 Euros. 64,700 UK Pounds) bail.

15 October 2015

Sputnik International



Paffhausen and the konvertsy want to ally the Church with this sort of goofballs. Make no mistake; “Evangelicals” are anarchic sectarians with no ties to real Christianity. They’re a product of the so-called “Second Great Awakening” of the early 19th century… most have no ties with real Christian groups in the Old World. Indeed, their “theology” bears little resemblance to that of Classical Reformation Protestantism. They practise such Antichristian lunacies as public confession and obligatory tithing (if one doesn’t pony up a set amount of cash, one is cast into the “outer darkness”). Beware former “Evangelicals” (with apologies to the REAL Evangelicals, the “Lutherans”)… especially, loudmouthed half-baked Antiochian Konvertadox such as Thomas Zell and Andrew Stephen Damick. They’re not representative of our real grounded clergy. None of the ungrounded Halfodox are. There are three hallmarks of these gents:

  • Obsessed with abortion and homosexuality
  • Trying to bring ungodly “Evangelical” practises such as obligatory fixed tithing into Christ’s Church
  • Making up new “rules” such as forbidding the use of artificial contraceptives (allowed via oikonomia, a real spokesman such as Archpriest V A Chaplin said so)

Have a care… these jabronies pass themselves off as expert and authoritative Orthodox clergy (none have any advanced study in Orthodox academic faculties (that is, none have the kandidatura or its equivalent), many lack basic seminary formation under real Orthodox auspices (that is, often only a MDiv, and that often is a distorting alien formation under heterodox auspices))… the times are evil, and Satan knows how to put on a pretty face. You forget that at your peril. All clergy who are former “Evangelicals” are “off” to some degree or other. Don’t argue with them, either in-person or online. All-too-often, they’re ignorant, vicious, pig-headed, and mean-spirited (they’re “know-alls”… you can’t have a discussion with such). I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. Leave them be, let God sort it out.


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