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Sunday, 23 December 2012

23 December 2012. The Konvertsy Want to Ally Us With THIS…

00 Newtown CT massacre. 17.12.12


On Fox News, Mike Huckabee blamed the Sandy Hook massacre on gays, atheists, and the “abortion pill”. He used the killings to promote his agenda, blaming it on gay people and scientists who promote evolution. Huckabee repeatedly blamed the forces of “secularism” for the massacrefrom kids with iPhones to pharmacies that stock “abortion pills”. The konvertsy eat this sort of noxious pabulum up by the gross… and they want to infect the whole Church with it! Look… we have NOTHING in common with the Born-Agains. NOTHING. They have no Christian liturgy… they have no Christian choir of saints… they have no Christian Bible (they only use an expurgated version that leaves out what they don’t want to believe in)… they have no grounding, no apostolicity, no history, and no Creed. How can they be Christian? They aren’t… Our Lord Christ said that there would be those who’d call themselves Christians, but wouldn’t have the substance or ontological reality of Christianity. We have no need to “build bridges” to arrant heresy. The Church can have a salvific monologue with such people, but NEVER a dialogue, for that implies an equality that doesn’t exist. I’ll tell you what… let any Evangelical group trace a CONTINIOUS, UNBROKEN, and CLEAR line to the Apostolic Church, then, I’ll listen… but none have such. They all speak of an offensive and untrue “Falling Away” at the time of St Constantine the Great… they do, they truly do.

The fact that the konvertsy hobnob willingly and gleefully with such evident heretics means that their Orthodoxy is only skin-deep, and that we must put a stop to ordaining former Proddie clergy, as they’re the main carriers of the contagion (do note the distinction… converts who weren’t clergy aren’t as bad… they didn’t undergo a heretical heterodox formation). We are NOT Evangelicals with a “liturgical itch”… NO! We’re Christ’s Church… we’re the Big Tent… we go after ALL souls and have room for everyone… and, most of all, we don’t “testify”. If our lives aren’t a testimony, then, that’s a condemnation of our professions. I’ve noticed that most Born Agains believe in warfare in foreign parts, wanton use of overly-harsh imprisonment and capital punishment, blaming the poor for their predicament, and predatory Free Market buccaneering. I’d say that negates any claim of Christianity on their part.

Any contact with Evangelical groups is inadvisable at best and dangerous at worst. They’re fanatics; they insist on their heresy as truth. They have no Apostolic roots… ergo, they’re not Churches. Josiah Trenham should be defrocked immediately for his intimate schmoozing with Evangelical heretics and his espousing of their lunacies on his radio show (calling it The Arena is blasphemous in the extreme… Mr Trenham isn’t a St Ignaty Brianchininov, not by a long shot). We need to return to the modestly-sane and deliberately-sober policies of Leonty Turkevich and Anastassy Gribanovsky. We don’t need “bridges” to heresy… we do need bridges to Russian Orthodox Unity… do notice that the konvertsy don’t want that. I wonder why…


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Russians Offer Sympathy for School Shooting Victims in Connecticut

00 flowers on grave. 18.11.12


Russians continue to offer expressions of sympathy to Americans over the Connecticut school shooting, in which a mentally-deranged young man, Adam Lanza, killed his mother and 26 people, including 20 children, at a Newtown CT elementary school. People in Moscow brought toys and flowers to the American Embassy. They also lit numerous candles. On Saturday morning, US President Barack Obama received condolences from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Reports from Newtown say the killer turned his gun on himself after winding up his shooting spree.

15 December 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


 Editor’s Note:

This points up the need to have three things in re gun control:

  • A ban upon the carrying of concealed handguns by civilians in public places
  • Strict nationwide federal uniform laws on handgun sales… with especial enforcement attention paid to rightwing regions such as the Southeast and Texas (there are too many Timothy McVeighs there)
  • Regularly-maintained databases of convicted criminals and psychos

However, at the same time, one must realise that hunters and their long arms aren’t part of the problem. To speak plainly, handguns are inaccurate beyond about 10 metres (@33 feet)… they’re only good for committing crime… they’re not rifles or shotguns, which are a necessity in rural areas. I say, “Regulate handguns to the max, as they have few (if any) legit uses… be more lenient with long arms, as rural people need them for varmint control and legal hunting”. I think that most would agree with this, save for the slobbering rightwing gun nutters.

That is, have a virtual ban on handguns in public places and a comprehensive database of handgun owners… however, have toleration for hunting arms and ammunition (and understanding for those who use them… most of them AREN’T gun nutters). I think that’s reasonable. How many more of these tragedies do we need? It’s time to put the “cowboys” in their place…


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