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Thursday, 16 January 2014

16 January 2014. From the Russian Web… The Truth Will Set You Free… Niagara Falls DIDN’T Freeze Solid, Virginia

00 Niagara Falls 01. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 02. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 03. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 04. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 05. 16.01.14


The above images tell the truth of the matter. Niagara Falls DIDN’T freeze over this year. It got plenty cold, colder than usual, in fact, but the Falls didn’t freeze solid… no way, no how. People will believe anything, especially, internet stories, which go viral in minutes and take DAYS to refute. The above pics tell me that Niagara Falls roared away as usual, a bit frosty around the edges, and the Niagara River had beaucoup ice, like nothing in recent memory, but there was no frozen cataract.

People do believe the most outrageous falsehoods, don’t they? It’s why Rush Limbaugh signed a 400-mill (13.38 billion Roubles. 438 million CAD. 455 million AUD. 294 million Euros. 245 million UK Pounds) contract… people do believe the most outrageous falsehoods. Think on it…

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

6 September 2012. From the Russian Web… FROZEN Ain’t Just for Siberia, Virginia…


The above image is from a postcard with a 1911 postmark, but most sources give it an earlier (unspecified) date. It’s Niagara Falls… and this is photographic proof that we’ve just gone through a “cold cycle” in climatic fluctuations. Now, it’s time for a warmer trend for a century or two… all very normal, and all very cyclical.

I’ve upset both the “conservatives” and “liberals”… that means that I must be on the right track. Remember… the truth doesn’t fit neat categories… the devil’s in the details… always has been, always will be… pass the jug, this was thirsty work.


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