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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

4 October 2016. If You Receive a Phone Call Claiming to Be From the IRS… It’s a Phony Baloney

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I received a bogus “IRS” call today. It demanded my “immediate attention” and it came from Washington DC (or a repeater there). NEVER REPLY TO SUCH FLIMFLAMMERY! It’s just the latest iteration of the Nigerian Scam. No government agency acts in such a manner. IT’S FAKE… IT’S PHONY BALONEY… IT’S A SCAM AND FRAUD! Always be leery of anyone who phones you from out of the blue… especially, those who purport to be official and who DEMAND personal information. Have a care… we live in a feral unregulated world, where Libertarians, Dems, and Repugs all slobber their admiration of the rich and their money. Pecunia non olet… “money doesn’t stink”… that’s their motto. To think that yahoos like Rod Dreher cheer on deregulation… they call themselves “conservatives” to boot (a true conservative would never back deregulation, as a bedrock of true conservatism is that mankind is fallen and in need of regulation). It does take all kinds, doesn’t it?



Monday, 31 October 2011

31 October 2011. A New Wrinkle on the Old “Nigerian Scam”… Supposedly, the FBI’s handing out ATM Cards worth 2 Mill… NO LIE!

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It DOES take all kinds to make a world… sadly enough…


I received this in my e-mail box:


Attention: Beneficiary

This is to officially inform you that your ATM card valued at US$2Million has been approved today, kindly contact Mr. Paul Wright immediately for release of your ATM Card.

Contact person: Mr. Paul Wright
Email: mr.paulwright.atmcenter@w.cn

Your are to furnish him by e-mail your information as stated below:

*Your Full Names:
*Phone Number & Fax:
*Address where you want them to send your ATM/Cash Card to:
*Age & Current Occupation:

Congratulations once again i wait to read from you.

Yours In Service,

Robert Swan Mueller III
Director FBI.


Doesn’t this take a lotta damned gall? Here’s the sad part… there are people boobish enough to fall for this. That’s why government’s necessary; that’s why we need gaols and prisons. It’s damnably difficult to track such grifters down, but when they’re caught, they deserve a nice long rest at the hands of the state… the Supermax is too good for such sorts. Could we “outsource” their imprisonment to Russia? Then, we could send such sorts to Correctional Colony 1313 in the Sakha Republic, where they’d break rocks under the pale Arctic sun (even a unreformed Texas hoosegow in July is too comfortable for these guys, I think).

If you needed proof that the world’s fallen… this is that. It DOES take all kinds… but this low, Lord? Pass me the jug… I need a double hit after this one, and so do you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 31 October 2011

Albany NY

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