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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

American Craptialist Filth to Rape the Western Ukraine for Shale Gas… The REAL Reason for the Coup and the Civil War

ukrainian gas pipeline



The TRUTH is out… the American oligarchs wanted to topple V F Yanukovich and instigated the Ukrainian Civil War so that they could come in and destroy the Ukrainian countryside in their perpetual search for energy sources (domestic and Canadian sources have peaked out and they want MORE). Note well that Chevron is only going to operate in the Western Ukraine… I believe that the oligarchs have written off the rest of the “Ukraine”… however, the Lvovshchina appears headed for Polish occupation, so, it’s safe for American Corporate rape. Note well that the Americans don’t care if they turn the Western Ukraine into another moonscaped Nikel… and note well that the Uniates, schismatics, and “Evangelicals” just slobber their approval of it all. One wonders how much Langley is paying them…

If you wish to see the Western Ukraine before American crapitalists rip it apart… go now. Otherwise, you’ll see a devastated shell.



Rossiya Segodnya, citing Ukrainian media sources, reported that the American oil company Chevron would open a subsidiary in the Ukraine to exploit shale gas, and that the National Bank of Ukraine gave the green light to the deal. To exploit hydrocarbons in the Western Ukraine, Chevron plans to invest about 10 billion USD (400 billion Roubles. 62 billion Renminbi. 614 billion INR. 11.2 billion CAD. 11.4 billion AUD. 7.9 billion Euros. 6.2 billion UK Pounds), with production centred in Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. According to the NBU, Chevron opened a domestic bank account for its operations. In November 2013, Chevron signed an agreement with “Nadra Olessky”, 90 percent owned by the state enterprise “Nadra Ukraina” (composed of 13 exploration and specialised enterprises). On 3 October, Yaroslav Klimovich, the head of “Nadra Ukraina” board, said that next week the Ukraine intends to approve the final version of an operating agreement with Chevron to produce shale gas.

8 October 2014



Thursday, 10 April 2014

10 April 2014. Check! Is It “Gamover?”

00 Luo Jie. Check. 8 April 2014. 10.04.14

Adapted from Check!

Luo Jie



01 Gamover Zaitsev

“Gamover” is a bit of Russian pop culture. Anton “Gamover” Zaitsev (1969- ) (left) with his sidekick Boris “Bonus” Repetur (1958- ) are two of the most popular game-show hosts on Russian TV. “Gamover”, of course, is a Russification of “Game Over”… you can catch my drift, can’t you?


The USA has no spare natural gas to ship, and it has no way of shipping it now. Germany is utterly dependent on Russian gas imports… ergo, the Ukrainians have no one else to turn to, as the Chinese are in Russia’s corner (as the above cartoon indicates). I think that the energy conglomerates are using this crisis in an attempt to gut environmental protections in the USA. They don’t give a damn if they turn American towns into shitpits like Nikel… they got theirs, and that’s all that matters. After all, you wouldn’t want to deprive them of a new tennis bracelet or a wetback nanny for their brats, would you?

Be careful… there be some real slinkers out there…



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