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Friday, 29 March 2013

UK Opens Inquest into Berezovsky’s Death

00 Boris Berezovsky. Russia. 23.03.13


On Thursday, the UK opened an inquest into the death of Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky with revelations that pathologists found marks on his neck consistent with hanging. On Saturday, his staff discovered Berezovsky dead in the bathroom of his home in the town of Ascot in southern England. He was 67. The Associated Press reported that Thames Valley Police Detective Inspector Mark Bissell told the inquest hearing that a “ligature” was found around Berezovsky’s neck and that similar material was attached to a shower rail. The AP cited Bissell as saying that there didn’t appear to have been any sign of a struggle, but that further tests needed to be carried out to reach a definitive conclusion. On Tuesday, Nikolai Glushkov, a close associate of Berezovsky, told The Guardian that a scarf was found at the site of the death and that there were signs of strangulation. Berezovsky, an avowed Kremlin foe, lived in self-imposed exile in Britain since 2000, and was pursued for extradition by authorities in Russia for prosecution over alleged fraud.

28 March 2013



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