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Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. How Low the Mighty Have Fallen… Nikolai Soraich’s “Cathedral” in Lost Wages

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This is Nikolai Soraich’s “cathedral” in Las Vegas NV… that’s why nobody should bother about him. Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral has him neutralised where he can do no more harm. That’s good enough for me. Rather cheesy end, no? We all know what happened to his pal Brittain, don’t we? I don’t think that Nikolai has anything to do with that… but it does tell you much about a particular “set”, doesn’t it (all their shouts of “purity” notwithstanding… they all were part of Podmo’s lot, after all… that accused perv priest in Ohio was part of that clique, dontcha know)? The sooner that Metropolitan Ilarion exiles Fatso to a similar fate, the better… he could send him to Louisiana to rusticate with Dreher. It’d be appropriate… shitbirds of a feather do flock together. However, a friend of mine observed:

Fatso isn’t interested in being tied down to any parish. My bet is on him conning people out of money to start a monastery, name himself abbot, appoint a deputy abbot, and travel the world making speeches.

That’s why Metropolitan Ilarion has to watch this greasy junk-bond salesman. He’d embarrass the Church to no end and make an unholy spectacle of himself… but his goofy fans would eat it up. I’d put my money on Vladyki Ilarion… he did deal with that group of rebellious dippy nuns in Maryland right smartly, didn’t he? Fatso would find himself outclassed, both in “weight class” and in “class” (Metropolitan Ilarion is “class” whilst Fatso is “crass”). I think that he’ll end like Soraich… trust me, the ROCOR SOBs won’t put up with gnarly stuff (neither will the Centre).

Sometimes, there IS justice in this world…


Saturday, 16 November 2013

16 November 2013. Nikolai Soraich Pops Up in Lost Wages ROCOR Mission

00 Who's that under my bed. 09.12


One of the Cabineteers sent me this (for more images, click here). Firstly, Nikolai Soraich popped up in Las Vegas NV. That’s no surprise, as he founded a parish there many moons ago. However, he surfaced in a ROCOR mission, not in an OCA facility. There’s no evidence, so, there’s nothing to hang a conclusion on to, that is, one doesn’t know if there’s still bad blood between the OCA and Nikolai (although Tikhon Fitz is still one of Nikolai’s vociferous backers… no surprise, as Nikolai was his Chancellor and protégé). I did some research; Nikolai is NOT on the ROCOR hierarchs’ page. Interesting, that… he’s also NOT in the ROCOR clergy directory. One of the Cabinet wrote me:

He’s still a “retired” OCA bishop, with permission to serve (not sure if there are any restrictions from the OCA), and ROCOR let him serve in LA. Now, ROCOR set up this new mission, and since he lives in LV, it gives him a chance to “play church”.

As for the “retired bishop” shtick, here’s what I wrote in a note to another post:

The fact that Nikon Mironov is a “retired bishop” indicates that such a status is fully-canonical, and that those who question such a status aren’t in the mainstream of the Church. For instance, Nikolai Soraich is a “bishop”, so is Jerome Shaw, but neither are “ruling bishops” or “vicar bishops”, they’re “retired bishops”… kapish? They CAN serve as clergy, but they have NO authority (they CAN wear a mitre, but one doesn’t serve hierarchical liturgy when they’re present). To make a “grey” situation even “greyer”, in 2013, Nikon was made a vicar bishop of the Diocese of Perm, thus “unretiring” him (the MP HS said that he might become a ruling bishop again if he was a good boy)… confusing, but that’s Orthodoxy for ya! If you want consistency, join the papists

One wonders if his “boy” Innocent Brittain serves there, as well? Hmm… one of the Cabinet said, “I was told that three of the ROCOR bishops are that way”… I wasn’t able to get any corroboration (actually, I got different “names” from this-and-that source, making it all gobbledygook… its a “you pays your money and you takes your choice” situation), but taking Nikolai’s past into account (remember, Feodosy Lazor, Dmitri Royster, and Herman Swaiko were amongst his consecrators in 2001)… don’t be fooled, we STILL have an overflowing cesspit to drain here in the diaspora (both in the OCA AND the ROCOR). It’s just “All Quiet on the Syosset Front” for now…


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17 April 2012. The Latest Buzz… Did Nikolai Soraich Concelebrate with Lebedeff in LA? Are the OCA/ROCOR First Families Pulling a “Fast One” on Us?


I just got the following:

Is the disgraced Bishop Nikolai is going to the ROCOR? He served all of Holy Week with Lebedeff at the ROCOR cathedral in LA.

That’s all I got… it’s buzz. If the ROCOR takes on Nikolai Soraich, they’re dumber than dirt. The Centre should step in. Soraich was the mentor for the drunkard HOOMie lover Benjamin Peterson, who avoided a just defrockment for DUI. Soraich mucked up Alaska to the max! However, the ROCOR/OCA First Families want him back…

If the ROCOR takes on Soraich, it’ll besmirch them irreparably. It certainly destroys any cred that Alexander Lebedeff had left, if he did allow Soraich to serve with him openly. This is the result of the pusillanimous cowardice of the OCA Holy Synod. They should’ve deposed Peterson for DUI and deposed Soraich for his misrule in Alaska. Mind you, I said deposed as ruling bishops, not defrocked as “bishops”. That’s to say, Lebedeff wouldn’t have dared to have a deposed bishop serving with him, but after all, Soraich is “retired”… not deposed. It looks as though someone’s trying to discredit the ROCOR in the eyes of decent OCA people (who’re dissatisfied with Fathausen’s misrule and coddling of the HOOMie cultists).

If this is true, it’s a VERY sad day for the Church.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Albany NY 

This Just In Department:

I got the following from a correspondent, Love BT posted this on the Monomakhos rant-site. It speaks for itself:

Keep telling yourself that he’s insane, Diogenes. That’ll prove that it isn’t you, but only those who disagree with you and what you are are delusional, which, of course, YOU never are! Speaking of delusional, why did Diogenes put his complaint in the Traymore-Zimmerman thread? Vladyka Nikolai DID serve at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral (ROCOR) in Los Angeles on Lazarus Saturday (Annunication O.S. this year), Palm Sunday, and every day of Passion Week from Tuesday on, including Pascha itself.

The First Families are pissing on all of us and laughing…


Friday, 7 October 2011

7 October 2011. You NEVER Despise Something Truthful Because of its Provenance… Only Fools and Childish Konvertsy Do So…

The truth is where you find it… not where you wish it to be…


A friend wrote me:

I don’t like the source, but it’s more or less true. I saw this posted online; it’s accurate, for the most part:

Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald is also for centralised control. This is why he pines for the days of Bob Kondratick running the OCA during the benign-neglect reign of Metropolitan Theodosius Lazor. The Holy Synod was largely self-absorbed as the bishops gazed intensely at their own dioceses while ignoring the greater OCA. Metropolitan Theodosius pretty much did what he wanted, which wasn’t much, but that was OK with all the bishops because it meant that they didn’t have to work together. If there was a conflict, Bob came in with a solution, usually involving cash that seemed to magically appear and disappear. [Tikhon’s] despair came with the realisation that the quiet world of the early years, when his cathedral in LA was full of immigrants and the Slavonic services were packed, gave way to an almost empty church in a Hispanic neighbourhood, and converts who don’t share his fantasies have replaced the immigrants. When Bob Kondratick’s episcopal baby-sitting service ended with his removal and deposition, Bishop Tikhon could no longer remain as bishop because he simply could not handle the strain of cooperating with the other bishops on the Holy Synod. He threatened to retire and everyone accepted his offer with gladness.


This isn’t completely true… but one should NEVER refuse to look at something just because this one or that one said it. Even partial truths are valuable and you should never disregard what’s accurate. You discard the dross and keep the pure metal… that’s how mature and grounded people operate. Love BT DOES want Bobby back, and he’ll do anything to do it… but for a reason that the writer doesn’t mention. Bobby “enabled” the fagorama in the upper reaches of the OCA. There are those of us who saw him and his “friend” at Veselka’s in the Village… he was OPEN about it. Love BT was part of a circle that included Nikolai Soraich, Innocent Brittain, and Benjamin Peterson… the good word has it that they’re all closeted poofters. Love BT drooled over the HOOMie cultists, despite their glaring ties with the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky. Both of these facts make one wonder… is Love BT simply a Benjamin Peterson of the previous generation?

Bobby was a “fixer”… and he “fixed” the “problems” that arose with Feodosy Lazor, Pierre l’Huillier, Dmitri Royster, Seraphim Storheim, and Herman Swaiko. It was much like the RC paedophilia scandal before it went “public”. There’s been more than one “confidential settlement”. “We admit no guilt or wrongdoing”… how many times has that been said by the OCA’s lawyers? Did he “fix” “problems” for Love BT too? There’s no direct evidence, but look at Love BT’s rabid defence of Bobby… it IS suggestive. Also, don’t forget James Silver’s ties to Hillary Madison. It seems that all of Bobby’s defenders have some sort of moral taint hanging over them.

Again… NEVER refuse to heed something because of the source. You just might ignore the truth if you do so…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 October 2011

Albany NY  

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