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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

12 November 2014. A Photo Essay. Is It Siberia? NAW… It’s Just the Midwest USA… the “Siberian Express” Brought Record Lows

00 midwest cold 01. St Paul MN. 12.11.14

St Paul MN… are they heading for a hot Juicy Lucy (it’s a hamburger, you dirty-minded pervert)?


00 midwest cold 02. Bismarck ND. 12.11.14

Bismarck ND… “40 Below Keeps the Riff -Raff Out”… actual bumper sticker that I saw in Bismarck many moons ago… betcha they’re still on sale!


00 midwest cold 03. Minneapolis MN. 12.11.14

Minneapolis MN… no, it ain’t Nome AK… betcha it was warmer in Nome!


00 midwest cold 04. Coloma WI. 12.11.14

Coloma WI… “It’s not winter yet! It ain’t comin’ until 21 December?” “Waddaya want… go complain to God… now, get back to work!”


00 midwest cold 05. Duluth MN. 12.11.14

Duluth MN… I always thought that you called somebody’s brother-in-law, who always had jumper cables…


Brrr… bring out the woolies, snuggies, and long johns! Temps in the Midwestern USA were about 19 degrees (40 degrees F) below normal… now, that’s COLD. All aboard for the “Siberian Express“… via Calgary, Nome, Unalaska, and Cape Anadyr! Don’t forget the jug and don’t forget your mittens…


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 October 2014. GOP Chicken-Hawk Films Campaign Ad in Veterans’ Cemetery… THAT BE DISGUSTING!!

00 Political cartoon. He doesn't see. He doesn't hear. He keeps quiet (when he's paid enough). 02.11.13

Kevin Cramer hears “his master’s voice”… it sure as hell ain’t yours…


Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a pro-war, anti-labour, pro-oligarch, anti-family US Representative, filmed a campaign ad in a veterans’ cemetery. There be one problem, kids… it’s ILLEGAL! There be a moral problem with it too… this amoral coward is a CHICKEN HAWK… a gutless yellow slinker who refused to serve in the forces! He wants to score political points on the graves of our honoured war dead (even if the war is wrong, the soldiers ARE honourable and no one should desecrate or trivialise their sacrifice and graves)… whilst being a shirker, a slacker, and a stay-at-home boaster.

This is DISGUSTING. However, it’s par for the course for the Republican Party… Willy Romney was a coward who refused to serve… Paul Ryan was a coward who refused to serve… Rush Limbaugh was a coward who refused to serve… Glenn Beck was a coward who refused to serve… Rich Lowry was a coward who refused to serve… Bill O’Reilly was a coward who refused to serve… Bill Kristol was a coward who refused to serve… Rod Dreher was a coward who refused to serve… Sean Hannity was a coward who refused to serve… Rick Santorum was a coward who refused to serve… Newt Gingrich was a coward who refused to serve… Andrew Breitbart was a coward who refused to serve. Note well that most of the warmongers are gutless Chicken Hawk Cowards. It’s a veritable Hall of Shame… yet, they claim to be patriots; what’s more, they claim to be greater patriots than the rest of us are! What nasty unfounded twaddle… if you refused to serve, you’re no patriot of the first water, and that’s that.

Stay away from the hallowed graves of our war dead, you POS motherfuckers. You have NO right to use veteran’s cemeteries as you did, as you refused to serve your country. Again, I find that DISGUSTING!

Nobody but a Republican would utter such lies… “I’ve never seen such a document that was more crowded with infamous falsehood and distortion. Scoundrels and piss-ants”… I’m with Cordell Hull on this one..


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