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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Russian Navy Confirms Discovery of New Island in Arctic

00 Russia. Franz Josef Land. 24.09.13


On Monday, a naval spokesman said that a surveying expedition in the Arctic Ocean by the Northern Fleet made several geographic discoveries and confirmed the formation of a new island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago. Captain First Rank Vadim Serga said, “Conducting hydrographical research in the Franz Josef Land archipelago, the expedition discovered a strait dividing Northbrook Island into two parts. The participants of the expedition carried out topographic mapping of the shoreline and measured depths along the new strait”. The expedition, which included the research vessel Gorizont and the tug MB-56, also discovered an unknown stretch of rocks near the Alexandra Land Island and registered recent alterations to the shoreline of Hall Island. Both islands are part of Franz Josef Land.

Back in 2006, Russian Arctic explorers hypothesised that after the isthmus that connected the eastern and western parts of Northbrook Island eroded, it formed a “new” island. However, bad weather prevented explorers from finding proof for another six years. Finally, an Arctic expedition in 2012 aboard the nuclear icebreaker Rossiya took photographs of the new strait and registered the coordinates of the coastline, claiming the discovery of a new island. The expedition handed over the data on the new island to the navigation and oceanography department in St Petersburg, and a special governmental commission expects to name the island in the near future. Currently, the Franz Josef Land archipelago consists of 191 ice-covered islands with a total area of about 16,000 square kilometres (6,178 square miles).

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