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Thursday, 16 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Breivik Blasphemed Security Services, Society, and the Knights Templar


Up until the cold-blooded-mass-killings by home-grown white supremacist terrorist Anders Breivik, most people thought Norway was one of the safest nations on earth. The double attack left not only Norway, but also the world, stunned and in search of answers as to how this could’ve happened. The Breivik case took a new twist yesterday when a statement, allegedly from the “Knights Templar”, demanded his release. Norway’s been forced to take a cold hard look at itself, and in a 482-page report submitted to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on the failures that allowed the madman to bomb government buildings and run rampant executing youth for hours, it’s come to rational and practical solutions, finding fault with key areas of security that failed to deter Breivik.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the report found that the authorities were aware of the activities of Breivik months before the attacks, when he purchased huge quantities of materials, including liquid fertiliser, that one could use to make bombs, but the security services never placed him on a watch list. The report noted, “We could’ve prevented the attack on the government complex on 22 July through effective implementation of already adopted security measures”. Apart from the aforementioned problem, another key finding was that the government buildings Breivik attacked weren’t sufficiently hardened against sabotage, they’d been identified as a security risk years earlier, but they were never properly brought up to standards.

As security services and police the world over know, if preventative measures fail, then, response time is of utmost importance in extreme situations. According to the report, key responses and measures failed miserably, and these failures, for the most part, were in the command structure. Norway has world-class highly-trained security personnel, but their deployment wasn’t effective; the military didn’t get timely information, and those involved didn’t follow set emergency procedures. First responders didn’t even have a description of Breivik until 20 minutes after the first attack, which they could’ve used to stop him before he reached Utøya Island. The most critical failure was when authorities were aware of the massacre taking place on Utøya Island, but they wasted critical time, which allowed Breivik to gun down his young victims on the island for 75 minutes. According to the Jerusalem Post, apparently, they couldn’t find a helicopter, and the boat they were supposed to use wasn’t able to carry all of the security forces responding to the attack.

Although part of the blame lies with the authorities, a large part has to lie with society, because of its inability to comprehend the viciousness and insanity of predators like this, so, they aren’t prepared to deal with them. Yes, sadly, part of the blame lies with peace-loving people, who can’t comprehend the monstrosities that some men are capable of. We saw this with Hitler, we saw this on 9/11, and we saw this with Breivik. For countries like Russia, the USA, Israel, and the UK, just to list a few, society and the authorities are ready, prepared, and experienced in dealing with these sorts of attacks; unfortunately, for Norway, it was a wakeup call from Breivik, who mercilessly took advantage of weaknesses in the security architecture of the country.

As the government of Norway and the world continue to debate on security, the inhumanity and unrepentant nature of Breivik and his brethren continues to make a mockery of the civilised world, with a statement allegedly from the supposed “Knights Templar”, an organisation that Breivik claimed to be a member of, but which has no connection to the real order of the Knights Templar. Furthermore,   forensic criminologists involved in the Breivik case doubt that the organisation actually exists. The e-mail demands that that the court find Breivik innocent and that his actions were necessary in waging the war that they are involved in. The writer calls Breivik, “their commander”, and vows to destroy the upper echelon of Norwegian society if the court doesn’t meet their demands to free Breivik. The e-mail was sent to recipients all over the country on Monday, after the release of the report mentioned above, prompting an investigation of the purported “Second in command of the Knights Templar Norway” by the Police Security Service of Norway (PST). In the e-mail, the writer claims to be the “deputy commander” of a cell of the organisation in Norway, and issued a warning to all advocates of multiculturalism.

I agree with what Jay Rubenstein, a blogger at the Huffington Post, wrote, “As a historian, I do recognize in him (Breivik) a peculiarly Western Christian transgression, one as old as Philip the Fair… projecting vile, sick, and paranoid dreams onto the Knights Templar… distorting what was originally, in fact, a warped vision of Christian virtue, and using it as justification for bringing dark fantasies to life”. Many believe that the Knights Templar were an honourable noble company, which even protected Jews; its name is used by hate groups to justify their sick abhorrence of others. Like the Ku Klux Klan, who claim to be “Christian Knights”, Breivik’s delusional belief system blasphemes the Christian Faith. The Knights Templar fought for the defenceless, I seriously doubt they would’ve supported a madman who cold-bloodedly gunned down children in a twisted insane quest to cleanse his country of “inferior” ethnics through bloodshed.

14 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service


Monday, 25 July 2011

VOR Presents… Norwegian Shooter Awaits Court

The court hearings for Anders Breivik (pictured) will begin on 25 July, the suspect in the dual terrorist attacks in Oslo. Earlier, the authorities brought charges against Breivik under Article 147 of the Norwegian Penal Code, “On Terrorism, and Terrorist Activities”. He faces charges in connection with the massacre at the youth camp on Utøya Island and the bomb blast in central Oslo, and the authorities have closed his trial to the public.


The double attack in Norway occurred on Friday 22 July. First, there was an explosion at a government complex in central Oslo, near the Prime Minister’s Office. Soon after, a man in a police uniform opened fire in a Labour Party youth camp on Utøya Island near Oslo. According to the latest data, 97 died in these two incidents. Norwegian police arrested a suspect in the shooting on the island, 32-year-old ethnic Norwegians Anders Breivik, who has already confessed to both of the attacks, calling them “cruel, but necessary”.


On 25 July, Norway will host a nationwide minute of silence. Norwegians will stop what they’re doing, and keep silence for a moment in common to pay homage to the memory of the 97 people killed on Friday in the terrorist attacks.


A girl lays flowers at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Moscow in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks.


“Every single death is a tragedy. Together, they add up to a national tragedy”.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg


Meanwhile, Norwegian police continue to seek Breivik’s accomplices. Earlier, detectives arrested six suspects, but after the cops questioned them, they were released.


The search for those missing is continuing, but their number’s unknown.


Flowers placed in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on Utøya Island.


25 July 2011

Voice of Russia World Service


RIA-Novosti Presents… Russians Mourn Norway Massacre Victims

Russians brought flowers and toys to the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow to pay homage to the victims of Friday’s terrorist incident in Norway that claimed the lives of at least 93 people.


At least seven people died when a car bomb exploded at a government complex in downtown Oslo on Friday.


A further 86 people, mostly teenagers, were killed when a gunman, disguised as a police officer, opened fire at random at a youth camp on Utøya Island operated by the ruling Labour Party.


Norwegian police arrested the gunman, identified as a 32-year-old Norwegian. He faces up to 21 years in prison if found guilty of committing acts of terrorism.


The suspect had links with extremist rightwing groups.


President Dmitri Medvedev offered his condolences to Norwegians over the deadly attacks. “I’m convinced that those who organised and carried out these merciless and senseless crimes will be brought to justice, and they’ll receive the punishment that they deserve”, Medvedev said in his message to King Harald V.


“In this hour, we sincerely have compassion for and show our solidarity with the fraternal Norwegian people”, Dmitri Anatolyevich said.


“We have to be strong. Do not lose the belief in the best future for your country. We are with you”.


24 July 2011



Sunday, 24 July 2011

Eighteen Remain in Critical Condition in Hospital after the Terrorist Attacks in Norway

The University Hospital of Oslo reported that 18 people remain in critical condition after the terrorist attacks in Norway. RIA-Novosti reported that the hospital stated, “6 people from the blast site in central Oslo and 12 from Utøya Island remain in critical condition”. Yesterday, Sveinung Sponheim, a Norwegian police spokesman, said that the terrorist incident wounded 97 people, 67 on Utøya Island, and 30 in central Oslo.

25 July 2011 (MSK)

Voice of Russia World Service


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