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Friday, 24 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Mass-Killer Breivik Awaits Court Verdict with No Remorse

THIS is what John Robles is talking about… and it’s why I agree with him, completely and unreservedly. If anyone deserved to “swim with the fishies“, Breivik does, and I’d pull the trigger… gladly.


The blond monster who killed 77 human beings in cold blood in Norway a year ago is about to be sentenced. Many people believe that the only fair sentence for Anders Behring Breivik, as he took the lives of people with families, friends, and futures is the death penalty. However, there’s no capital punishment in Norway, so, this predator of innocents will either get 21 years in prison or end up in his own psychiatric ward. In both cases, the mass-murderer will continue his earthly existence. Breivik receives fair treatment, as he has a three-room suite, with an exercise room, a bed room, and an “office” with a computer he uses to prepare his case and answer “fan” mail, and where he’ll return if he’s found sane. If he’s found insane, Norway will build an entire private hospital wing just for him, and he’ll have his own staff of 17 people to take care of him night and day.

The world’s eyes will be on a small court in Oslo, Norway tomorrow as the judges render their verdict in the case of right-wing extremist and admitted mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik. With his remorseless admission to the mass-killings he committed, his guilt is an established fact; therefore, that isn’t the matter before the court. Rather, the court’s verdict will determine whether Breivik will face incarceration or compulsory psychiatric treatment. Currently, the options are 21 years’ incarceration, which the authorities could extend indefinitely if he’s deemed a danger to society, or indefinite compulsory psychiatric treatment if he’s deemed insane. Breivik insists that he’s sane and promised to appeal the verdict if he’s found insane by the court. He’s remorselessly attempted to justify his mass-murdering execution-style rampage of mostly-defenceless teenagers, many of them young girls, as an attempt to cleanse white Christian society of encroachment by multiculturalism and a fantasised Muslim takeover.

One point that the press and the debate over Breivik and his heinous crimes hasn’t really touched upon, and one that I feel may be key to deciding his “sanity”, if there’s really any doubt, is the fact that almost all of his victims were white Norwegian youth, a fact that should negate any argument that he was “fighting for Norwegian purity against a Muslim threat”, and a fact that points to the sheer pointless insanity of his actions. He’s a madman who wanted to kill as many people as possible as viciously as possible, and his choice of targets made his own insane reasoning completely and utterly pointless. Sadly, for Breivik and his like-minded angry-white-supremacist brethren, such killings can be justified, in some twisted way. Somehow, they can be deemed the act of a sane person. However, for most of us, such senseless murder can in no way be justified.

In addition, the fact that Breivik is white is a very important factor in the case. He’s has been repeatedly allowed to make Nazi salutes for the cameras in the court, and repeatedly been allowed to invoke his insane ideological ranting in court, as if such beliefs could in some way defend his horrendous crimes. Were he of another race or group, it’s seriously doubtful that he’d be allowed to so blatantly spit in the face of all of us. The fact that he’s white, as with most white-supremacist mass-murders, has led the court and society to debate his sanity. Most members of white society are always quick to marginalise and deem psychotic one of their own when events such as this take place, they’re quick to call these killers “loners”, and not part of an organisation, unlike what occurs when a Muslim or member of any other race group commits such a crime. Priyamvada Gopal at the Guardian looked into this topic in depth. With the world currently engaged in what many consider a war against “primitive” Muslims, Breivik has many apologists in white Christian society. However, even in this context, there can be no justification for his acts.

Are the Norwegian people happy about all of this? Many aren’t. Many feel as I do, that there are crimes that a civilised society can in no way forgive, and that Breivik’s heinous mass-murdering rampage falls into this category. There are crimes for which, even in a humane and civilised society, there must be an ultimate price to pay. There must be an exception allowing for execution; Breivik, as one of the worst mass murderers of all time, deserves such. Thomas Indreboe, a lay judge who was removed from the case when he called for Breivik’s execution, to save “taxpayers from unnecessary expenditures”, put it well when he said, “…there are other things in Norway that need to be taken care of, like our elderly, roads, and such things; the money could’ve been spent on other things”.

According to RIA-Novosti, even if the court finds Breivik insane, psychiatrists may refuse to treat him, as he has been diagnosed as being rational and sane in the past. Breivik himself hopes he’s found sane, so that his monstrous killing spree won’t be viewed as the act of a madman; this will support the delusional architecture of his psychosis, and allow like-minded neo-Nazi fanatics a victory they don’t deserve. If systematically, remorselessly, and cold-bloodedly taking the lives of 77 human beings, people with families, friends, and futures, doesn’t forfeit one’s right to continue to exist, then, I don’t know what does. Regardless of what I think, and many who would agree with me, Breivik will continue to live, costing Norwegian taxpayers millions, and he’ll continue to breathe, exercise, eat nice meals, answer fan mail, and spit in the face of all humanity.

23 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



Tuesday, 26 July 2011

RIA-Novosti Infographics. Man Shoots Participants at Youth Convention Organised by the Norwegian Labour Party

26 July 2011



Monday, 25 July 2011

A Norwegian Terrorist: A Stranger Amongst His Own

Anders Behring Breivik has admitted that he planned the shooting on Utøya Island. His lawyer said that Breivik would explain the motivation for his action in a court hearing on Monday, 25 July…

An ethnic Norwegian, 32-years-old, blond, resident of a prestigious Oslo neighbourhood, and the owner of a small vegetable farm… that’s who planned and carried out the most horrendous massacre in Norway’s post-war history. He not only set off a blast in the capital of one of the most tranquil states in Europe, he also shot and killed 85 people in a youth camp. Norwegian journalists studied the postings made by Breivik on the Internet shortly before the attack, and they concluded that he’d planned the attack for nine years.

Those who survived the shootings at the camp said that the Oslo blast completely bewildered everyone. Many tired to contact their relatives to find out what was going on. Consequently, when a man in a police uniform appeared and opened fire, no one could believe it. Lasse Christiansen, the father of two girls, Helen and Nina, who were at the Utøya Island camp on that fatal day, said, “The main goal was to simply escape. When the tragedy occurred, Helen and Nina were at different places on the island. Helen was indoors, in her room. She heard the gunshots and, fearing that he might come in, she jumped out of the window, and she managed to hide behind the rocks on the shore. However, the man reappeared. She and the other kids threw themselves into the water, bullets whizzing all around them. Helen realised that she’d better swim away from the group, as he was mainly targeting clusters. She noticed that he was a marksman. Nina, our second girl, said that he entered tents and shot those inside dead”.

Many drowned, some died because of hypothermia, and others sank because they didn’t have the time to take off their clothes and heavy shoes. Meanwhile, the latest reports say police found at least one bomb on the island, there might be several more. Some say that this is proof that one person carried out both terrorist attacks. There’s also been a report that people saw a suspicious-looking cop in the government quarter in Oslo shortly before the bomb went off there. It’s unclear whether Breivik had an accomplice, as some eyewitnesses claim that there were two gunmen on Utøya Island. At present, investigators are following up on these reports.

We should note that the news that the suspect was an ethnic Norwegian utterly shocked Norwegian society, as it wasn’t an Islamist or an immigrant as many thought at first. The fact that he chose the youth camp of the ruling centre-left Labour Party led analysts to conjecture that he held extremist rightwing views. Pavel Bayev, a security expert at the International Institute for Peace Research in Oslo commented, “The police insisted that the same person carried out these two attacks. He arrived on the island in police uniform, saying that he needed to hold a special briefing on the bomb blast in Oslo. Yes, people saw him in central Oslo, but how he placed the device, and how he set it off is still unclear. It appears that he acted on his own. He has a page on a social network site where he set forth quite forthright anti-Islamic views and he expressed sharp disagreement with the present government’s immigration policy. Therefore, [Breivik] targeted the government and campers from the Labour Party’s youth organisation”.

Norwegian TV said that Breivik used to be a member of the far-right Progress Party (FrP). Experts noted that, recently, he purchased 6 tons of mineral fertilisers, allegedly for his farm, which he could’ve also used in bomb-making. It’s possible that this fertiliser was the main ingredient in the bombs that went off in central Oslo. Today, many call these twin attacks “Norway’s 9/11”. President Dmitri Medvedev and US President Barack Obama sent their condolences to Norway concerning the tragedy. Moscow and Washington also offered Oslo any aid that it might need in investigating the attacks. So far, there’s been a renewed call from around the world to strengthen international cooperation in combating terrorism, and some countries have taken measures on their own account. Amongst others, Norway closed its border in the aftermath of the attacks, Czechia tightened security measures, and Russia advised that we should focus on the protection of children in summer camps.

MVD (Police) Major General Tatiana Moskalkova, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for CIS Affairs in the RF Gosduma, commented on this, saying, “We need to discuss the question of how we could protect all of our children. This year, we passed a very good law, which established a three-level terror alarm system. We need to exercise the utmost vigilance in our licensing agencies; we need to check out everyone who applies to acquire weapons with due care. Besides that, we must pay particular attention to mentally unstable people, especially if they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol. Children are the most vulnerable part of our society. We must do our best so that there’s not a repetition of the Beslan hostage tragedy or of the recent events in Norway, here in Russia”.

Meanwhile, over the past two days, Muscovites brought flowers to the Norwegian Embassy, where its national flag flies at half-mast.

24 July 2011

Polina Chernitsa

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Note this part of General Moskalkova’s quote:

We need to exercise the utmost vigilance in our licensing agencies; we need to check out everyone who applies to acquire weapons with due care. Besides that, we must pay particular attention to mentally unstable people, especially if they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The reason why the shooter in the Giffords incident in Arizona got access to guns was that the Republican junta in Arizona is ideologically opposed to “gun control”, so, it didn’t keep its registry of mentally unstable people up to date. Yes, Virginia, there IS a consequence to electing members of the New GOP/Tea Party to public office. Everything goes by the boards except keeping taxes down for the oligarchs, waging endless wars in foreign parts, gutting all banking and stock regulation, and nabbing the few criminals who prey on the rich (that’s why their McMansions are in physically remote exurbs, often in a “gated community”, behind a berm… I kid you not… I’ve seen it for myself).

General Moskalkova makes good sense… Lil’ Mizz Sarah doesn’t. Which of these two gals do you want on your side? If you guessed that I’d say General Moskalkova, you guessed correctly… as for the other… let’s just leave it at that…


VOR Presents… Norwegian Shooter Awaits Court

The court hearings for Anders Breivik (pictured) will begin on 25 July, the suspect in the dual terrorist attacks in Oslo. Earlier, the authorities brought charges against Breivik under Article 147 of the Norwegian Penal Code, “On Terrorism, and Terrorist Activities”. He faces charges in connection with the massacre at the youth camp on Utøya Island and the bomb blast in central Oslo, and the authorities have closed his trial to the public.


The double attack in Norway occurred on Friday 22 July. First, there was an explosion at a government complex in central Oslo, near the Prime Minister’s Office. Soon after, a man in a police uniform opened fire in a Labour Party youth camp on Utøya Island near Oslo. According to the latest data, 97 died in these two incidents. Norwegian police arrested a suspect in the shooting on the island, 32-year-old ethnic Norwegians Anders Breivik, who has already confessed to both of the attacks, calling them “cruel, but necessary”.


On 25 July, Norway will host a nationwide minute of silence. Norwegians will stop what they’re doing, and keep silence for a moment in common to pay homage to the memory of the 97 people killed on Friday in the terrorist attacks.


A girl lays flowers at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Moscow in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks.


“Every single death is a tragedy. Together, they add up to a national tragedy”.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg


Meanwhile, Norwegian police continue to seek Breivik’s accomplices. Earlier, detectives arrested six suspects, but after the cops questioned them, they were released.


The search for those missing is continuing, but their number’s unknown.


Flowers placed in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on Utøya Island.


25 July 2011

Voice of Russia World Service


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