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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Junta Forces Fire at Russia Again

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On Wednesday, Rayan Farukshin, spokesman for the Southern Customs Department, told ITAR-TASS that two artillery shells fired from the Ukraine hit Russia near the highway border station at Kuibyshevo, saying, “The authorities evacuated the personnel of the customs station at 07.50 MSK after shells fired from the Ukrainian customs checkpoint Marinovka. Shells exploded outside a border checkpoint in Russia. No one was hurt in the incident”. The authorities also evacuated the customs station at Novoshakhtinsk overnight to Wednesday. Farukshin said, “Upon hearing gunfire at the Ukrainian customs border control point at Dolzhansky at 03.40 MSK, the commander of the customs station decided to evacuate all personnel”.


Junta aircraft attacked opolchenie positions near Saur Mogila Hill in the eastern Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). The opolchenie fought back with air defence weapons. A opolchenie source told reporters, “They attacked us with three Su-25 fighter-bombers. They came three times and fired four guided missiles plus NURS [unguided rocket munitions]. We responded with anti-aircraft fire”. Junta aircraft also bombed opolchenie positions in Tarany. Reportedly, large numbers of junta troops trapped near Saur Mogila are attempting to fight their way out of the pocket.


Citing opolchenie sources, Interfax reported that DNR opolchenie hit two junta Su-25 close air support planes attacking their positions. The source said, “We hit one of the aircraft using a MANPADS near Gorlovka. It flew off into clouds of smoke in the direction of Mirgorod Air Base. We’re clarifying the situation about the second one”.


Referring to TsIA Novorossiya, Interfax reported that Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) opolchenie encircled junta forces near the border control point, with the junta side suffering serious losses, stating, “Opolchenietsy fired grenade launchers against junta “spetsnaz” from Kirovograd at the Izvarino control point. We killed eight soldiers and wounded ten more. The enemy also reported being encircled in Izvarino, and we’ve put the junta artillery out of action. Meanwhile, in Sverdlovsk Raion of the LNR, our forces fired artillery and mortars against enemy troops from the 72 Brigade. There is no information on any losses”. An LNR source told reporters that the opolchenie pushed junta forces away from Krasnodon, which is close to the Izvarino border crossing.

16 July 2014

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