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Saturday, 7 July 2012

7 July 2012. If JP’s on the Way Out… How is it Going to Affect the Convention of the OCL Nutters in the District?


JP’s scheduled to be one of the main pooh-bahs at the upcoming OCL convention in the District. Click here to see the evidence (scroll down, you’ll see him mentioned). As most of us know, OCL is a bunch of affluent effluent pukes who think that they can rule the Church (and rig the rules in such a way that it perpetuates their power). What’ll happen to this pleasant little Dixie Fry if JP’s given le sabot? It’d be a kick in the dupa for them, for sure.

There’s MUCH more involved here than just the mere removal of Fathausen. What’ll happen to Bobby? What about Perich? What happens to Dickie Wood? Does this mean that the candidacy of Gerasim Eliel and Mark Maymon for episcopal elevation is dead? What’ll we do with pseudo-Orthodox HOOMie “clergy?” What’s in the cards for SVS and STS? What’ll happen to Lil’ Mizz Ginny Nieuwsma, JP’s willing little PR Peke? Shall the OCA Holy Synod depose Velencia and apologise to Fr Mike for what he’s had to go through at the hands of a disgraced and discredited ex-clergyman? Most of all… is the OCA going to “do the right thing”, dissolve itself, and go home?

We’ll have to see…


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