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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! Little Mizz Ginny Falls Into the Pit (AGAIN!)… oca.org Does Its Usual Shitty Job

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


Well, it didn’t surprise me, but it’s sad to note that oca.org didn’t note the passing of John Richard Daeuenhauer… the guy was famous throughout the state of Alaska and beyond, he was a big sweat in promoting and preserving the Tlingit language, he wrote kick-ass poetry, what’s not to like? However, oca.org didn’t note his passing. They DID note a deacon and matushka… but not Mr Daeunhauer… and this happened on TUESDAY, kids… FOUR DAYS AGO. This is proof, even for the slow learners, that Lil’ Mizz Ginny is incompetent and clueless… she doesn’t know how to run an official website. She may have the credentials to do so, but her actions show that she doesn’t know shit from shinola about the real world and how to go about one’s work in it. I know what I would’ve done… but I’m not going to give this lazy gofer any hints on how to do her job. Trust me, the news would’ve been up, and any person of good sense would know how I did it. This shows that Lyonyo and the Syosset mob have nothing but contempt for you… but, that’s not news, is it? However (as Chukcha the Wise would have it)… Lyonyo (and all the First Family apparat) does approve of journalistic drooling running dogs like Victor Potapov, Serge Schmemann, Freddy M-G, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Rod Dreher… so, his patronage of Lil’ Mizz Ginny isn’t exactly a surprise, is it?

SHAME ON oca.org!

However, do note that they lose no sleep over it. That’s how much contempt that they have for ordinary believers. May God see and judge!



Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27 February 2013. “Slowpoke Rodriguez” oca.org Lives Up to Their Usual (Low) Standards

01 Slowpoke Rodríguez


It’s all over the internet… Metropolitan Iosif Bosakov is leaving New York for Bulgaria. I read the news last night. Does oca.org mention it at all? OF COURSE, NOT! Why, if that did that, it’d mean that they were attending to their duties (for a change). American church news is part of their “beat”, yet they act as though it didn’t happen. I think that all items posted have to pass censorship from Lyonyo, Jillions, and Dahulich. Ergo, news doesn’t get up in a timely fashion, making the oca.org lot look incompetent and clueless (is Lil’ Mizz Ginny Nieuwsma still there? Perspirin’ minds wanna know). Things are getting worse, not better. Shall we have to drain the cup to the bitter dregs? I bloody well hope not…



Monday, 25 February 2013

25 February 2013. The oca.org Gang Does It Again… They Play Favourites

01 This Ship is Sinking


The oca.org cabal does it again. It had a piece up about a nun dying in South Carolina on 22 February… but didn’t mention that Mother Theodora of Holy Transfiguration Convent died on the same day. I found out Friday night, at the Pannikhida for a friend’s daughter, and I got it up as soon as I heard of it. I’m sure that Iggy passed the word… why wasn’t it posted for all to see? It’s news, after all. Obviously, oca.org is playing favourites here… they publicised one of the konvertsy, but not someone from a real monastery. It does take all kinds, kids… and some sorts are just bone-idle layabouts, and there’s nothing to be done of it… except to fire them (which won’t happen). These people have an obligation to get out the news as quickly as they receive it, as modern technology allows such. The fact that they don’t is a reflection of their (lack of) character. Such people wish to be bowed and scraped to… what utter insanity.

The ship continues to sink, slowly, but steadily…



Saturday, 5 November 2011

5 November 2011. An Amusing Little Contretemps… oca.org Puts Up Images of the “Grand Banquet” After I Chided Them… Imagine That


“You mean you want MORE news and want it better-presented? It’s the WEEKEND… you don’t need to know it THAT badly. JP and Lyonyo say so…”


It’ s interesting… oca.org posted images of a so-called “Grand Banquet” after I chided Lil’ Mizz Ginny this morning. She chose the laziest option, by the way. If you’re going to report an event, do as patriarchia.ru does… give it a 200-300 word summary at least, giving the venue, who attended, and when it occurred. THAT’S what the people want… it’s why I hate to go over “800 words”… people don’t have the time to slog through boring shit and want it served up “short and sweet”. ALL real journalists know this… but since Lil’ Mizz Ginny isn’t a journalist, but a paid shill, she doesn’t know this. All of my previous criticisms of the oca.org reportage stand, and, in fact, are sharpened by this lazy and slipshod response. If Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Yustinian chose to associate with lying slime like Fathausen, that’s news, and she had the obligation to report it and in the proper detail. You can choose to believe her or me… and THAT’S up to you.

By the way, the visits of Kyrill and Yustinian mean that the Blunder’s faction in Bolshaya Ordynka is still behind Fathausen. There are at least THREE factions in the MPHis Nibs leads one… the Blunder leads another (it’s Renovationist, pro-papist, and almost quasi-UniateSVS and Jordanville (oddly enough… due to the malign influence of Andrei Psaryov) back him… Kliment Kapalin leads another (it’s why Varsonofy Sudakov replaced him as Chancellor). The Blunder’s faction is the smallest, but it’s the most dangerous. They’re pro-Western zapadniki, who support SVS unreservedly and fanatically (on the other hand, His Nibs’ faction is Slavophilic and Eurasianist). SVS supports them because the Blunder’s a certified Oxbridge pseudo-intellectual and non-Russian (he’s of Jewish heritage, I’m told, like Men). This faction only survives because of the enmity between Nibs and Kapalin’s faction (which, I’m told, includes Mefody Nemtsov). If this enmity were to cease, the Blunder would be toast (which is why he keeps the fires stoked, I’m told). Unfortunately, the dispute isn’t objective (which could be put right)… it’s a personal feud based in the fact that Kliment’s related to Dmitri Banditsky (they’re brothers) and Mefody’s a disappointed candidate for the funny white hat (not 2008, but the 2002 event caused by Patriarch Aleksei’s illness scare… it’s why he was “exiled” to Kazakhstan). There be reasons why “funny things” happen… they just don’t drop from heaven, y’know.


To all employers who may be Googling “Ginny Nieuwsma” in the future… all my references to “Lil’ Mizz Ginny” refer to her, and I’d tell you that she’s an utter incompetent and phony. Don’t hire her or pay credence to anything she says. She thinks that people who face sexual abuse charges are full of “integrity”… caveat lector!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 5 May 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Update:

The puff piece (with the shitty image) on Yustinian going to the OCA Sobor on patriarchia.ru wasn’t from the main MP Information Department run by Vlad Legoida… it was BS propaganda from the Blunder’s dezinformatsiya mill at the DECR. It means that the Blunder and his lackeys are trying to prop up El Gordo. Just thought that you’d like to know that…



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