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Sunday, 15 November 2015

15 November 2015. A Blast from the Metropolia Past…

00 jersey city nj metropolia 111115

Frs Dmitri Ressetar, Kohanick, and Kuby in Jersey City NJ in the pre-World War II period.


00 tikhvin icon metropolia 111115

Fr Daniel Ressetar (son of Fr Dmitri) with the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” (1967?), Harrisburg PA


00 john garklavs tikhvin icon 01 111115

Archbishop John Garklavs of Chicago and the Midwest with the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” (1967?), Harrisburg PA


00 john garklavs tikhvin icon 02 111115

Another image of the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” visit in Harrisburg PA (1967)


If we don’t know where we came from, we can’t know where we’re going. Most of the loudmouth konvertsy voices on the internet know nothing of the REAL history of the Church here, nor do they have a clue about who the real heroes and villains were. They don’t know who Bishop Kip was, they haven’t heard of anyone other than Schmemann, Seraphim Rose, and the “Evangelical Orthodox” set. Well, if it hadn’t been for the spadework by the pioneers, none of those people would have mattered… ordinary working people and the priests who served them founded our Church… not the rich, not the powerful, not the people in the “big house on the hill”.

I honour what our forebears did. THEY founded the Church, but they get no credit on worthless chatter-sites such as Monomuckos. Keep this in mind… our Church did NOT begin in the “right” suburb… it did NOT begin amongst the garden party set. Our Church started in countless mine and mill towns off-the-beaten-track. Our Church started in obscurity. It didn’t have anyone like Freddie M-G or Rod Dreher in it… but it did have thousands of ordinary Joes and Marys who built up the Church that we have today. THEY ARE THE REAL HEROES.

I will NEVER stop saying such until the day I die. Grasp the real… not the phantasmagorical… that’s where God is…



Friday, 26 June 2015

Pastor Accused of Fondling Man in Boardman OH Restaurant

00 accused priest James Callozzo. 260615


The pastor of a Youngstown OH church faces charges of fondling an 18-year-old man in the restroom of a Boardman restaurant. Court officials tell 21 News that 73-year-old James Callozzo of Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate in the USA) faces a 28 July pretrial hearing on a charge of sexual imposition. On Tuesday, cops booked Callozzo into jail following his appearance in county court in Boardman OH. The alleged victim told county sheriff’s investigators that a man followed him into the bathroom of the restaurant on 15 May and asked him if he could see his private area. The Boardman 18-year-old said that he forced the man away from him after he reached in front of him an fondled his genitals. The alleged victim took a picture of the suspect when he returned to his table and gave the picture to detectives. Authorities took the report in May, but they didn’t issue a warrant for Callozzo’s arrest until last week. 21 News attempted to contact Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church on Miller Street.  They didn’t answer our calls.

23 June 2015

NBC WFMJ 21 (Youngstown OH USA)



I checked the parish website, someone removed Callozo’s name and all references to him (but there were still images of him up in the “Photos” section, one wonders for how long, given what they did in re his name… smells like a “memory hole”)… there’s no mention of this, either. Here’s an interesting aside… there was all sorts of konvertsy rubbish pushed on the website, including a talk by Damascene Christiansen (apologist for Gleb Podmoshensky and well-known fawning hagiographer of Seraphim Rose). It looks like another case of sexual impropriety strikes a clergyman tied in with the Platina gang. It does make one wonder about that lot, doesn’t it?


Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. A Blast from the Past… Metropolia Memories… Ohio Clergy and Vladyki Irinei Bekish

00 metropolia 01. Ohio clergy. 23.11.14

Ohio Metropolia clergy… Revs Rozdesky, Prislopsky, Lilokovich, Dziama, Rachko, Waschak, and Kapral


00 metropolia 02. Metr Irinei Bekish. 23.11.14

Metropolitan Irinei Bekish


00 metropolia 03. Metr Irinei Bekish. 23.11.14

Metropolitan Irinei Bekish


A link to a happier and different time… but it wasn’t perfect! However, Metropolitans Anastassy Gribanovsky and Leonty Turkevich kept the peace and kept the gnarly shit down. Can we recapture the mindset? Can we build a united Church? I’d say so… and our forebears would’ve urged it, too. That they may be as one…


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OCA Midwest Diocesan Assembly Nominates Archpriest Paul Gassios as Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest


This Assembly was no democracy… the politicking went on for months beforehand… I’d been surprised if it wasn’t Gassios. It was your typical “managed” Russian-style Sobor, which shows that the delegates pushed the konvertsy to the side (and rightfully so).


On Tuesday, 7 October 2014, at a special Diocesan Assembly held at Archangel Michael Church in Broadview Heights [Greater Cleveland] OH, 103 clergy and lay delegates representing parishes throughout the OCA Diocese of the Midwest nominated Archpriest Paul Gassios to become the new OCA Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest. The Assembly forwarded Fr Paul’s name to the Holy Synod of Bishops for canonical election. Bishop Alexander Golitizin of Toledo, Locum Tenens, opened the Assembly immediately after serving Divine Liturgy. For several months, Fr Paul served as Administrator of the Diocese of the Midwest. Raised in a Greek Orthodox family, Fr Paul became a member of the OCA in the mid-1980s.  He received a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and received a Master of Divinity degree from St Vladimir’s Seminary in 1994.  After his ordination, he served in the Diocese of the Midwest as rector of St Thomas the Apostle Church, Kokomo IN for 11 years and as rector of Archangel Michael Church, St Louis MO, for an additional seven months. In 2007, he transferred to the OCA Bulgarian Diocese and became Dean of St George Cathedral, Rossford [Toledo] OH.

7 October 2014

OCA Diocese of the Midwest



I got several replies from Midwest Cabineteers (including one via smartphone from the Assembly)… the tenor of the posts was, “He won’t turn out like Moriak did. To hell with the converts and their ignorance”. Does this presage a general return to Tradition on the part of OCA ethnic parishes (the convert parishes aren’t serious… they’re people playing at “Church”)? I don’t know… but one of the Cabinet said:

“All this took was one convert and another parish tradition is no more”.

The konvertsy had best step lightly… they’re no longer the darlings of the First Families… that is, if they ever were (have you noticed how detached from reality most konvertsy are?)…


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