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Friday, 12 June 2015

100-Year-Old Woman Said Secret to Long Life is “A Lot of Booze”

01 midnight moon whiskey


On Tuesday, a Pennsylvania woman celebrated her 100th birthday. What was her secret to a long life? “A lot of booze!” Pauline Spagnola of Plains Township celebrated with friends at the Golden Living East Mountain Center near Wilkes-Barre PA. Spagnola told WNEP the secret to her long life was “a lot of booze”. She certainly seemed to enjoy her party on Wednesday. Way to go, Pauline! Here’s to 100 more!

12 June 2015

WGN TV (Chicago IL)



I love this! Pass the jug and cheer! What a great human being… honesty and integrity incarnate. I’d rather have one Pauline and not 100 “earnest” sorts (especially, the “religious” kind)… I’m not alone!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 June 2012. The TRUE Face of Islam… You Have a Friend…


A Muslim believer helps an old lady in the London Underground. THIS is the reality that one sees most often in the West, not mad mullahs or bomb-throwing terrorists. Of course, there’s problems… but most interactions between Christians and Muslims are peaceful… ask the Christians from the Middle East; they’ll tell you the truth. Don’t put credence in Fox News, King Rush, or Wafflin’ Willy… you see, the religious hatred that they foment profits them… immensely.

Smile at the next Muslim you see… they just might smile back. As a priest once told me, (with a heavy Russian accent) “Love Christians, love those in the Church… and those outside… love them TWICE AS MUCH”. I’ve never forgotten that…


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