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Friday, 23 January 2015

23 January 2015. Langley Front Big Attacks RT… Compares It to ISIS… Where is that Rightwing Slimer Potapov?

00 Evil to Triumph. Oleg Tyagnibok. 09.02.14


Read this. The BBG is a known Langley front organisation. Victor Potapov worked (or still works) for Radio Liberty as a responsible middle-level manager (he has or had a “red” official passport)… let’s not be coy, RL is the CIA’s misinformation outlet aimed at Russia. Potapov must condemn this false accusation and oppose all those who support it (especially, the Republican opponents of Holy Rus… after all, they uphold the Uniate terrorists operating in the Ukraine). Otherwise, he and other fellow travellers such as Paffhausen, Whiteford, Dreher, and Webster stand convicted of Treachery and Treason in the First Degree to Holy Rus and to the Church.

Shall Potapov et al stand for the Truth? Or, shall they support the amoral godless neocon Republican filth? Quo vadis? We’ll see what these Quislings are truly made of, won’t we? To support what this BBG big said is to support those who support objectively-evil men such as O Ya Tyagnibok (a darling of Langley… and one of the worst terrorists in the world today). It’s time to stand tall or go home. I elect to stand tall…



Monday, 27 October 2014

Poroshenko More Loser than Winner in Rada Horse-Race

00 electoral fraud, 27.10.14


On Sunday, Oleg Ignatov, a deputy director general of the Russian Centre for Political Situational Analysis, said that first exit poll results after the early parliamentary elections in the Ukraine show that junta strongman P A Poroshenko is more a loser than a winner. Ignatov said, “If final results are close to those of the exit polls, the Ukrainian President will have little chance to form a coalition based on his party. I’d remind you that, towards the end of the campaign, Poroshenko claimed that he’d be able to form a pro-presidential coalition in the Verkhovnaya Rada and finally have a person from his team, probably Deputy Prime Minister V В Groisman, as Prime Minister. However, in the end, we see that the People’s Front of A V Turchinov and A P Yatsenyuk won more votes than expected. Therefore, it looks like Yatsenyuk will continue as prime minister, and conduct a policy independent from the president. Whereas, until now, Poroshenko favoured a less aggressive format towards relations with Russia and [Novorossiya], now, it’d be next to impossible for him, for he’d have to reckon with advocates of a harsher policy, the more so as other pro-war parties, such as Samopomoshch, the Radical Party, and Svoboda, won much support”.

Earlier Sunday, A K Pushkov, the chairman of the international committee of the RF Gosduma, wrote on his Twitter account, “It’s already clear that the election won’t trigger any changes in the power structures, but the authorities can’t do anything new… they have no financial resources. The Ukraine doesn’t have European integration ahead, but a complete loss of independence for the pittance that the USA and the EU would throw to it. The Ukraine’s future is miserable”.

According to results from national and international exit polls and a poll conducted by Inter TV, the Poroshenko Bloc won 22-23 percent of the vote. The People’s Front of Yatsenyuk and Turdchinov was next with 19.7-21.8 percent. Following were Samopomoshch (Self-Reliance) of Lvov Mayor A I Sadovy (11-14.2 percent), Yu A Boiko‘s Opposition Bloc (7/8-9.9 percent), O V Lyashko‘s Radical Party (about 6.5 percent), O Ya Tyagnibok‘s Svoboda (5.8-6.3 percent), and Yu V Timoshenko‘s Fatherland Front (5.6 percent). Other parties, including the radical Right Sector and the KPU, failed to overcome the five-percent barrier to win seats in the Rada.

26 October 2014




Correspondents told me that this election was as crooked as any local election held in the USA! Firstly, many ballots lacked communist candidates. Secondly, in many places away from the prying eyes of the Western media, the marking of ballots took place in public, so, there was crass voter coercion. Thirdly, there was no balloting in the DNR and LNR… even in most places under Uniate junta occupation. Regions wasn’t even on the ballot due to violence from Uniate nationalist nutters. Lastly, everyone believes that massive ballot-stuffing took place. In short, this was GIGO all round… but the USA and EU will brandish it as their justification for supporting the fascist neo-Nazi Uniate junta, just as they support the neo-Nazi racists in the Baltic States.

By the way… Clan Balogh didn’t help Poroshenko as ballot-box-stuffers and voter intimidators this time around. Could that be why Poroshenko did so “poorly?” Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

One last thing… the USA is putting extreme pressure on the Magyars. Are they getting to bale out of the US-led sanctions charade? It’s a possibility…


Thursday, 27 March 2014

27 March 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “I Stuck in My Thumb, and Pulled Out a Billion Plums… Oh, What a Good Boy Am I!”

00 Tyagnibok the Pig. 26.03.14


Look at the above. The Republicans want to feed swine like that and kick unemployed Americans in the face (that’s what John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan did by voting against UIBs and supporting the neofascist junta in the Ukraine). Remember that when you vote this November…


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

“Crimea is Autonomous and Russian”: Crimean Authorities Want Russian Protection and Assistance

00 Sevastopol. KPU militants. 11.02.14

Sevastopol is NOT Ukrainian… let’s get that straight…


The leadership of the Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (VS ARK) initiated amendments to the Republic’s Constitution, tasking a committee to “explore” the details involved in seeking Russian aid, to involve the Russian Federation as a guarantor of the Crimea’s special status as an autonomous entity. A meeting of the Presidium of the VS ARK passed the relevant resolutions today, 4 February. In particular, during a discussion on the political situation in the country, Party of Regions People’s Deputy Vladimir Klychnikov said, “In the face of a political crisis, and a ravening grasp for power by nationalist-fascist blocs that seek to end the Crimea’s autonomous status, local authorities must show the political will to protect our rights and freedoms”. He proposed that the Supreme Soviet establish a working group that’d map out changes and amendments to the Constitutions of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and of the Ukraine, to start an inclusive poll on the status of the Crimea, and to appeal to the President and Government of the Russian Federation to act as guarantors of the Crimea’s special autonomous status.

In turn, VS ARK People’s Deputy Sergei Tsekov proposed the idea that the ARK should appeal to Russia for help and protection. UNIAN quoted him as saying, “Simply put, we must appeal to the Russian Federation, taking into account that the Crimea is a Russian autonomy… its Russian by nationality, culture, and language … the Russian Federation is our only possible protector”. VS ARK Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov gave instructions to lawyers to work out the formalities of such an appeal. A VS ARK session will consider the initiative on 19 February.

Meanwhile, today, ultra-nationalist leader Oleg Tyagnibok said in the Rada that it’s important that the Rada shouldn’t only involve itself in finding a solution to the present Ukrainian crisis, but to solve it quickly, saying, “Otherwise, we’ll lose national integrity and sovereignty. Fact is, the Supreme Soviet of the Crimea wants to be part of Russia”.

4 February 2014

IA Regnum


Editor’s Note:

If “the Supreme Soviet of the Crimea wants to be part of Russia” and if “the Crimea is a Russian autonomy… its Russian by nationality, culture, and language”, why is no one in the West speaking up for the rights of the Crimean people to chart their own future? Where are Kerry, Ashton, Obama, Harper, McCain, Palin, Limbaugh, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, and Van Rompuy? They’re conspicuous by their silence and absence. There’s only ONE conclusion that decent people can come to after viewing the facts… the people named above are nasty hypocritical liars, who don’t give a damn for ordinary people in their own countries, let alone the suffering people of the “Ukraine”. I’ve gotten to the point that zapadniki lies no longer “register”… the zapadniki are hubristic, cruel, greedy, and arrogant. Don’t argue with them… oppose them.

Don’t forget that the Teutonic Knights of 1242, the Polish papists of 1612the Swedish invaders of 1709, the Napoleonic Grand Armée of 1812, and fascists of 1941 were all confident that Russia would crumble before their might. I seem to see that nothing of the sort happened. When will they EVER learn?



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