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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21 February 2012. Gleanings From My Mailbag…


Editor’s Foreword:

I’m in plain type; my interlocutors are in italics.



I wasn’t “approving”… I found it “interesting”… quite another thing, wot? I’m old enough to have NO “enthusiasms” for anyone or anything. So are you… we’re not the ELDERS, but we’re “on deck”… we’re next. We need to be level-headed for the young’uns (who WILL get carried away… but that’s normal… we did, didn’t we?).


My conclusion is that some of these WASP converts (usually from well-moneyed backgrounds in Episcopalianism) just want the Church for themselves, for their ego-trip, without any nasty foreigners.


Have you seen this? Oliver Herbel, the OCA convert priest and “historian”, who’s the darling of the OCA ex-Protestant crowd, says that St Peter the Aleut didn’t exist, and that he was a myth! How completely and totally offensive… these people are out of control and they need to be stopped. Funny, though, his Frontier Orthodoxy blog is password protected, you have to be a “member” to read his rancid crap. 

It’s time for the Alaska Native Orthodox to contact the Russians… the Anglos won’t help them… they’re thieving liars and grasping rapers of nature. Herbel’s blog being “private” doesn’t surprise me… we’re not “good enough” for his wisdom. Then again, oca.org won’t tell us about Velencia’s suspension or the whereabouts of Dickie Wood. We’re not supposed to know! It’s time for the Alaska Native elders to quietly confer, go off to Vladivostok, and ask for canonical protection from the Mother Church. Otherwise, there’ll be no Church in 20 years time.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Albany NY


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