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Friday, 6 June 2014

6 June 2014. Video. Serb B-Ball Fans Show their Support for Russia and Novorossiya! Serbia, You’ve Got Friends in the Orthosphere!

00 russian double eagle flag. 01. 06.06.14



The Delije, the organised supporters of Red Star Belgrade strut their stuff to support Russia and the Ukrainian patriots fighting the fascists. By the way, backers of Red Star and Olympiakos have developed a deep bond. Fans of both teams call themselves “Orthodox Brothers”. Many times, Red Star supporters attend Olympiakos matches, especially when they play their biggest rival, Panathinaikos FC. In recent years, the “Orthodox Brothers” have included supporters of Spartak Moscow. This, too, in its humble way incarnates the Orthosphere. Never despise ANY of its manifestations. Serbia’s 100 percent behind Russia and Novorossiya! To hell with the politicians, talking heads, and intellectuals… the common folk are solid. They sense that payback for ’99 is in the wind… and, never forget, payback is always a mutha…


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