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Friday, 11 April 2014

11 April 2014. RIA-Novosti Infographics. The Chronicle of the Ancient Olympic Games in Classical Greece

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Chronicle of the Ancient Olympic Games. 11.04.14.



As for me, I favour the reintroduction of the pankration to the Olympics. Trust me, it’d become the most popular event, no question about it. Could you see heavyweight pankratists go at it? Now, THAT’S sport! Alas, we live in wimpy times… squash has a better chance of being part of the Olympics than the pankration has… damn, it’d be a prole sport to beat the band, wouldn’t it?

8 February 2014



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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ura! Rasslin’ is Back in the Olympics

00 Russian Bear Wrestler. 08.09.13


The match isn’t finished. We have a second match to fight, but be careful, we’re good fighters.

Nenad Lalović

FILA President


On Sunday, an International Olympic Committee vote reinstated wrestling as an Olympic sport, beating two other sports for a slot at the Games. In February, the IOC dropped wrestling from the Olympics from 2020 onwards, and relegated it to candidate status. A diverse coalition of countries, including Russia, Japan, the USA, and Iran all rallied around wrestling’s attempts to regain its place. In Sunday’s vote, wrestling won a majority of 49 votes, far ahead of baseball/softball with 24 and squash with 22. In an online statement, Nenad Lalovic, president of the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, said, “To the millions of wrestlers, supporters, and fans around the world that came together to save Olympic wrestling I offer a very big thank you. Every one of you fought very hard for this victory. Now, we must remain united to make certain that we live up to the expectations that were placed on all of us by virtue of this vote”. Wrestling’s governing body made a range of changes to the rules since the sport lost its Olympic place and tried to give women’s competition a higher profile. Lalovic said, “With this vote, you’ve shown that the steps we’ve taken to improve our sport made a difference. I assure each of you that our modernisation won’t stop now. We’ll continue to strive to be the best partner to the Olympic Movement that we can be”. The 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo, which beat Istanbul and Madrid in a vote held on Saturday.

8 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

Rasslin’ stomped the competition! Squash is an Affluent Effluentcountry club” non-sport, whilst baseball is a local American/Caribbean thing with no worldwide following. No wonder that rasslin’ skunked ‘em! Rasslin’ is the PEOPLE’S SPORT… all that you need is a mat and two grapplers. Let’s face it, rasslin’ was an important part of the Ancient Olympics, and to kick it out would’ve castrated the Games. Now that we’ve got rasslin’ back where it belongs, perhaps, we could revive the pankration. That would be something to see! Did you see what I saw? All the Politically Correct people just fainted away at the mere thought of two pankratists getting the lion’s share of the attention in a modern Olympics… well, they were the stars of the show in the Ancient Games, weren’t they? One can always hope…



Saturday, 15 June 2013

Russian Olympic Committee President Pledges Support for Wrestling Bid

00 Squash in the Olympics. No Way No How. 15.06


Russian Olympic Committee President Aleksandr Zhukov assured FILA, the international wrestling federation, that his organisation would continue to campaign for wrestling’s reinstitution as an Olympic sport. On Friday, Zhukov met with new FILA president Nenad Lalović in Lausanne, the first day of the Association of National Olympic Committees general assembly. Whilst details of the meeting are unknown, Zhukov “assured FILA’s leadership of his continuing support” to get wrestling back on the Olympic program in 2020, Russian Wrestling Federation general secretary Georgi Bryusov was quoted as saying by FILA’s website on Saturday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) cut the ancient sport from the 2020 Games in February, prompting outrage in global wrestling circles. FILA… the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles… since pledged to introduce rule changes aimed at making the sport more viewer-friendly. Efforts have begun to pay off as the IOC last month included wrestling on a shortlist of three sports vying for a place at the 2020 Games, which will be held in either Tokyo, Madrid, or Istanbul. Squash and a joint baseball/softball bid are the other finalists. The IOC will make a final ruling in September in Buenos Aires.

15 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

The Olympics without ‘rasslin? That’s like a cheeseburger without cheeseham n’ eggs without eggs… a Polish Picnic without piwo n’ kapusta. Wrestling was at the very heart of the Ancient Olympics in Classical Greece. To remove wrestling is to cut out the very heart of the Olympics. As far as I’m concerned, hey, not only should we keep wrestling, we should bring back the pankration (now, that’d fry the ice of the politically-correct, wouldn’t it?). Look at the other two bids… they’re fuckin’ jokes, kids. Baseball is only played in the USA and in certain Caribbean countries. It deserves NO place at a worldwide event. Squash is a sport of the spoilt affluent effluent, playable only in restricted courts where “non-members” are barred… ‘rasslin is a PEOPLE’S SPORT, accessible to all. Wrestling is popular on all continents, especially, in Third World and Muslim lands (it’s the most popular sport in the Ummahsphere). You can see why the IOC wants to piss on ‘rasslin and replace it with an American or a rich man’s sport. This is just another Western attempt to grind Muslims’ noses into the shit, whilst kicking poor people in general at the same time.

I say:

Hooray for wrestling, and let’s keep it in its honoured place in the Olympics. Wrestling is a global People’s Sport… let’s fly its banners high. As for squash… let the grasping and self-centred rich fuckers who play it rot in Hell along with their idol, Satan. ‘Nuff said…


Thursday, 16 May 2013

USA Ready to “Rumble” in the Squared Circle with Iran and Russia… Ura for ‘Rassling


Svetlana LipatovaRussian wrestler… ‘rassling ain’t just for guys any more  More and more women are ‘rassling… the IOC pissed on them, too. Keep ‘rassling IN the Olympics where it belongs… keep political correctness OUT. 


The USA wrestled with Russia over the war in Syria, missile defence, human rights, and adoptions. Both countries wrestled with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Now, the three nations are wrestling… just to wrestle, in a rare partnership designed to convince the International Olympic Committee (IOC) not to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. “The Rumble on the Rails” takes place Wednesday when the American wrestling team battles Iran in one match, and, then, Russia at the main hall of New York’s historic Grand Central Terminal. “Rumble” is part international exhibition and part charitable fundraiser, but the focus is on whether the IOC will be watching… and, perhaps, reconsidering its unexpected recommendation to scrap Olympic wrestling.

In February, the IOC’s executive board recommended that wrestling not be included in the 2020 Summer Olympics, a move that’d eliminate a sport that’s endured from the ancient Olympic Games through every modern Olympic competition since the movement’s revival in 1896. USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender said in a statement, “It became very evident to us immediately that this decision proved one thing… our international federation needed some help. Not just from the Americans, but from the Iranians, the Russians, from wrestling countries all over the world. Therefore, some of the best wrestling nations in the world will compete on one of the most unique stages in the history of the sport, for a unique purpose, which is to maintain our presence on the Olympic programme”.

There are eight sports vying for one slot in the 2020 Summer Games. The IOC board meets in Russia on 29 May to determine a short list of sports that could be chosen, with a final decision expected in September. Russian Team Leader Christakis Alexandridis said in a statement, “The three strongest teams in the world, the USA, Russia, and Iran, will come together to battle and to show the world that wrestling isn’t only part of sports, but a very important part of life for a lot of people”.


Russia, Iran, and the USA… rivals on the world stage… joined together in an unlikely alliance Wednesday inside New York’s Grand Central Terminal train station for a wrestling exhibition to try and save their sport from being dropped in the Olympics. The athletes competed against each other on the mat Wednesday, but were united against a common foe… the International Olympic Committee (IOC), whose executive board has recommended that wrestling be eliminated beginning with the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The “Rumble on the Rails” event served as a fundraiser for New York-area youth wrestling programmes, but it also had the purpose of putting an international spotlight on the IOC’s proposal, which shocked the wrestling world when the IOC made it in February. Russian Federation team member Soslan Ramonov, who took part in one of the matches, said, “There are millions of kids all over the world who’re involved in wrestling. In any type of sport, the ultimate goal is to reach the Olympic Games. That’s a dream for so many kids. To deprive them of having that dream come true, that’s a crime”.

Security was tight at the event, with New York Police anti-terrorism officers manning the train station’s entrance, and bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the venue. The event filled Vanderbilt Hall, a large open space inside the terminal, dwarfed only by the station’s enormous main hall next door. Bleachers were set up for fans from all three nations, and a contingent of Iranian supporters waived their nation’s flag and cheered on their team. Members of New York’s Russian community were less boisterous than the Iranians were, but no less enthusiastic. Grigori Lukiyantsev, who works at the Russian Federation mission to the UN, said, “I think it’s a wonderful display of sportsmanship and friendship”. Moreover, as to wrestling’s future, he cited history, noting, “It’s been part of the Olympics since ancient times. So, you really can’t imagine the Olympics without wrestling”.

In fact, wrestling’s Olympic heritage does go back that far. Historians say it was part of the original ancient Greek games dating from around 700 BC. American film actor Billy Baldwin, who wrestled as a student through high school and college, attended the event, and called preservation of Olympic wrestling a matter of social justice, saying, “This isn’t some kind of elitist sport you can only play with a horse and a polo mallet. Wrestling is part of life in second and third world countries. All you need is two guys and a plot of land, and let’s go”.

American team member Kyle Dake said that the camaraderie on display didn’t surprise him, observing, “We’re a brotherhood. We know what each other goes through to get where we are. I know those Iranians are working their tails off just like I am, and those Russians are doing the same”. Iran beat the USA 6-1 in the exhibition matches, and the USA prevailed against Russia 8-1. However, the result everyone’s focused on comes in two weeks, when the IOC, meeting in Russia, narrows down the list of eight sports including wrestling that are vying for a single open spot in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Then, they’d make a final decision on wrestling’s fate as an Olympic sport in September.

Dan Elias

15 May 2013




Editor’s Note:

The three ‘Rassling Superpowers (Iran, Russia, and the USA) will be hard to overcome. You see, wrestling has ALWAYS been part of the Olympics. You could no more have a real Olympics without ‘rassling than you could have a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. Wrestling is part of the core of the Olympic ethos, along with athletics (track n’ field in the USA) and running. Everything else is mere commentary… the ‘rasslers, the runners, and the pentathlon athletes have always been the heart of the Olympic movement… nothing against other sportsmen, but that’s what is.

Keep ‘rassling in the Olympics where it belongs… who knows, if we can do that, they could bring back the pankration! Now, that would be a pip, wouldn’t it?



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