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Friday, 23 October 2015

23 October 2015. Fr Vasily™’s Cat… In 19th Century Russia, Did We Our Whisky Chill?

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Monday, 7 September 2015

7 September 2015. IS OUTRAGE! The Continuing Saga of Fr Vasily™ and His Cats! (A Riff on Alex Riggle’s “Onion Dome”)

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Lest you think that I’m making fun of the older émigré generation, this is actually a gentle tribute to them. I’m thinking of Archbishop Averky Taushev, Captain Nicholas Alexander, Fr Vladimir Sukhobok, and Nikita and Sophie Koulomzin. Without people like that (and their sometimes fractured English), we’d have no Church at all. They did more than all the loud newbies ever did… in their unassuming and quiet Russian way.

I salute them.


yes, they did talk like that sometimes… but they also had hearts as big and wide as the Russian steppe. I miss them…


7 September 2015. IS OUTRAGE! Fr Vasily’s Cat Speaks! (A Riff on Alex Riggle’s “Onion Dome”)

00 is outrage fr vasily cat 070915


Our Russian folk wisdom has it, “A cat makes a house a home”… therefore, “Many cats make a village”. As Alex Riggle’s Fr Vasily character is the quintessential ur-Russian, it stands to reason that he not only has a cat, but several. Besides, as a priest, he must own a cat… that’s unwritten law and custom… do ask Igumen Tryphon up in Washington State about that. So, if there was Fat Freddy’s Cat in the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, there must be Fr Vasily’s Cat (or more than one, really)… you don’t think so?



Saturday, 13 October 2012

13 October 2012. BREAKING NEWS Georgian Patriarchate May Have Accepted No-Nun Nuns in Maryland Under its Omofor


I got this from one of the Cabinet:

I just got word that apparently the Patriarch of Georgia disregarded warnings about the Maryland nuns and received them.

Indeed, this proves to all, even to the slow learners, that the Georgians may have replaced the OCA and ROCOR as Langley‘s cat’s paw in “Russian Orthodoxy“. Georgia is a desperately-poor country, made poorer by Ivanishvili, who’s stolen about a quarter of the country’s economy. The Local Church there is in dire straits, and they can’t get Russian funds, due to the Georgian government‘s anti-Russian policies. US Dollars go a long way in poor countries… and Georgia’s desperately poor. Remember Fathausen’s trip to Georgia? That got no mention on  patriarchia.ru or Interfax or VOR or RIA-Novosti. I’m told that the Centre was NOT told of it beforehand. Put two and two together… this trip plus the fact that the Georgians suddenly started parishes in the USA soon afterwards (it hadn’t any before as it supported the OCA)… that means that Georgia and the Phanar are Langley’s stooges in Orthodoxy. Do act accordingly.

Here’s something to watch for. Do note that the Georgians took these GREEK nuns under their omofor. That means that if the konvertsy party loses at the Parma Sobor (a virtual certainty), they’d run off to the Georgians and form a “Rump OCA” (shades of Alex Riggle and the Onion Dome). In short, the “interesting times” wouldn’t cease, but at least the schmidiots wouldn’t be a Russian Orthodox headache any more. If that happened, the crackbrains would elect Fathausen their “First Hierarch”… it could precipitate big-time troubles between the Centre and Georgia (with the Phanar supporting Georgia). That could lead to Moscow taking over the Church in Abkhazia and South Ossetia… which could deter the Georgians from doing it in the first instance. Let’s hope that happens…


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