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Sunday, 19 March 2017



According to astute librarians at Harvard University, your very own Russia Insider is corrupting America’s youth and we should consider it a gateway drug to exposing yourself to new ideas that might actually challenge your worldview. Who knows? It’s college… anything can happen. When we were in college, students strapped boxed wine to their bellies to use as makeshift alcohol udders. So, thinking outside the box is the logical next step, we suppose. However, honestly, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and stay far, far away from that vile internet URL, “russia-insider.com”.

Our friend Stephen Lendman (who also happens to be a Harvard graduate) was the first to come across their amazing list of excellent news and commentary resources. Therefore, we tip our hat to him. Actually, we’re very grateful to Harvard for the shout-out, because it provided a good excuse for us to comment on two important world issues. For one, we often use a literary device called “metaphor”. Here are two recent examples of Russia Insider publishing “clickbait” fake news:

  • Mark Zuckerberg has Stroke After Russian Insider Posts Harmless Cartoon
  • German Foreign Minister Throws Merkel Under the Volkswagen

We just did some fact-checking… Mark Zuckerberg did not have a stroke! Angela Merkel is unharmed and in good health, aside from the bruises she received last night from her Dresden dominatrix. We’re very thankful that Harvard University protected its children from these outrageous transparent lies, and Russia Insider should be ashamed for trying to bring some levity to a rather unfortunate situation (The Year 2017).

Anyone who “warns”, “advises”, “suggests”, or “threatens” someone against reading something is deeply fearful and pathologically insecure. Unfortunately, Harvard University isn’t the only institution that has issued a fatwa against Russia Insider. “So it goes”. However, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite everyone… including the impressionable young people at Harvard… to make up their own minds about what they should read. We know it’s a radical concept, but Russia insider feels very strongly about exposing ourselves and our readers to new ideas… even ideas that sometimes we don’t agree with at all. As we wrote not long ago:

Over the last two years, Russia Insider has been home to articles, videos, and opinion pieces by people and organisations that span the entire political spectrum. We opened our doors to straight-up Bolsheviks, White Russian monarchists, progressives, alt-righters, hippies, neoliberals, ultranationalists, etc. etc. etc. As a result, we probably offend no less than 25 percent of our readership every day. Trust us; it’s good for you. There was a time… not so long ago… when people were actually capable of encountering ideas they didn’t like without melting into a blob of self-righteous sadness.

We don’t have training in matters related to psychology, but when we see someone screaming about what people shouldn’t read, we immediately think:

There’s someone who’s scared shitless.

The End

16 March 2017

Russian Insider



Sunday, 10 May 2015

10 May 2015. A Vote for Bernie is a Vote for the Truth… Plus, Why I Do What I Do

00 jon stewart. 10.05.15


News is NOT accounts of this or that politician… news is NOT titbits about this or that empty celebrity… news is NOT some general showing off his latest toys. News IS the repair of a damaged bridge… news IS the baking and sale of subsidised bread to the modest of means… news IS the delivery of needed humanitarian supplies to those in need of them. News is NOT provided by talking heads in the District or in the Corporate Media. News DOES come from places where “reporters” and “journalists” never tread… when’s the last time that you saw a reporter in Mayfield PA or in Amsterdam NY? Hell, you don’t even see journalists in Bennington VT or even Albany NY! Schenectady NY is a joke to such people and Saratoga Springs NY only exists in August. NO WESTERN REPORTER WRITES FROM DONETSK OR LUGANSK. NONE. They just pass on Kiev bullshit just as uncritically as they pass on Washington’s spin. During the Vietnam War, reporters weren’t as knackered. Today, they all fear losing “credentials”… “Oh, dear… the Ministry of Truth won’t keep me on!” If you don’t toe the line, you’re out of a job. That’s why I have utter contempt and no respect for Victor Potapov, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Serge Schmemann, Sofiya Kishkovskaya, and Terrence Mattingly… they all willingly take part in the Corporate Deception Machine in one capacity or another. They all eagerly and willingly take on Caiphas’ pieces of silver… “They had to”, don’t you know…

I’ll confide that most people no longer trust in the bought n’ paid-for whores of the corporate media… no one believes them… no one. They can beat the drums all day for this or for that… no one bloody cares. As for those beating the war-drums against Russia, it’s a case of “Crying Wolf” once too often. People are simply bone-weary of warfare and want their sons safe at home, not in harm’s way as an aggressor in some far-off foreign part. Most people want us to see to our own needs… to see to the needs of ordinary people, not the grasping wants of the Oligarch class and their upper-middle agents and vultures.

That’s why I LIKE reporting the “mundane” news from the Peoples Republics… no, it’s not as “exciting” as the war news is, but it’s exciting in a far better way. People are doing their damnedest to build a fairer society than the one imposed by the USA. They know what’s wrong with the oligarchs… they know what was wrong in the Soviet system. The Republican Party hates the fact that the patriots concluded that the least-wrong system was the socialist Soviet system (all the possible alternatives had flaws, but the Soviet model had the least). The people WANT a Peoples Republic. They showed that in decreeing “Republic’s Bread” to have reasonably priced food for those on fixed-incomes. They willingly carry the Red Banner and they carry icons, too! They nationalised the holdings of the oligarchs… who were nothing but thieves of state property, upheld by the Western rich. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If like calls unto like, and shitbirds of a feather flock together, what does that tell us about the Western Affluent Effluent?

That’s why I’m doing my best to cover a small part of the world. I’m translating material from the DNR and LNR media. Listen to what they have to say. They’ve earned the right to speak via their sacrifice, blood shed, and pain endured. I’m honoured to be able to present it to you in the English language. No, it isn’t ALL that I do… but it’s something that I do daily… it’s an obligation, a duty to my coreligionists, compatriots, fellow leftists, and  coeval strivers for justice. The price of bread is DOWN in Lugansk and Donetsk… it is UP in Kiev. Wages and pensions are down (or not paid) in Kiev… wages and pensions continue in Lugansk and Donetsk. Indeed, the story of the LNR and the DNR is a very “American Success” story… an underdog succeeding against all the odds, who makes it work due to grit and determination. Yet, the news media treats them like subservient nigger slaves… no, even worse. They’re supposed to be GRATEFUL to the Americans for having sicced the oligarchs and their Uniate nationalist bully-boys on them.

I am going to carry on as long as God gives me health and strength. If the patriots in the DNR and LNR can spill their blood in the cause of freedom, then, I can take time and translate and write. I bow before them. May God bless you all. May next Victory Day see Peace… a Just Peace… a Peace where the “Ukrainian” aggressor is no longer squatting on the Russian Land, not able to bother Holy Rus and its People. I pray for this… so should you. GOD BLESS THE PATRIOTS OF NOVOROSSIYA. I love all of you and have you in my thoughts always. You DO have a friend.

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…


Friday, 26 December 2014

Trolls! We Create, They Spoil, and We Fight Back!




When I read this, I thought of what someone wrote me some years ago. They said that I was wise in shutting down the commboxes on my blogs. Well, dear, this one’s for you. I have some more comments, but let’s read the following first…



Trolls are exhausting, but eternal. They’re like lice, like parasites. When I try to imagine them, in my mind they seem like something slimy, moderately stinky, and thoroughly repulsive. It appears that they come from nowhere… they insult and ridicule, then, they move rapidly back into the darkness, awaiting another appropriate opportunity to attack and to harm. Like rat droppings, they leave their toxic comments at the bottom of the RT reports, and all over other great, often non-Western, media outlets. The better the reports, the more vicious their assaults are. Those writers who manage to effectively deconstruct the main official narratives erected by propaganda gurus of the USA and UK Trolls particularly “outrage” them. Their comments range from “The author must’ve been drunk when he wrote the article”, to the much more elaborate “analytical” slurs. You know that you’re dealing with a troll, when some stereotypical catch phrase pops up… “I’m shocked that RT is now droppings its standards, by using such low-quality reporting”. There are iPad revolutionaries amongst them, or some individuals, defined in some countries such as Eritrea as “useful idiots”. Useful to the Empire, of course!

Most of trolls are “politically correct”. They try to get you by the linguistic standards created by the Empire. You slip and they’re at your throat. You lose your temper, calling someone names in the middle of the battle, and they bury their dirty teeth right into your flesh. Trolls repeat, again and again, that you aren’t what you claim that you really are. You may go from one warzone to another, from one misery created by the Empire to another; you may be exhausted, covered in filth, hardly alive. However, they’ll call you “an armchair revolutionary”. Unless you become some sort of a bizarre character, a Mother Teresa with boots, Leica, and professional camcorder, they’ll smash you for being a hypocrite. Of course, the best would be if you could instantly die and vanish!

They study you. If you smash back at them, they remind everyone that you stayed in a good hotel, here or there, or that you stayed in some warzone for “too short a time”, so, therefore, actually, you’re a coward. They study you… they know, or others tell them, what hurts you. Then, they pin their needles exactly into those sensitive unhealed spots of yours. They never do it to improve the world, or to make us perform better. They only do it to break us, to make us suffer, to put us, so to speak, “out of service”.

Most of us that have covered the infinite wars, conflicts, misery, and revolutions carry a terrible baggage on our shoulders. We all think, often, during those dark endless nights, what could we have done better, more effectively. Most of us are alone during such moments. Then, the bloody trolls come. Like, after Mosul and Lebanon, and right before Eritrea, I finally realised what it really meant that Ms Serena Shim died, most likely murdered. We covered the same story, about the West training the Syrian opposition in Turkish and Jordanian refugee camps… she did it for Press TV; I did it for Telesur and others. She died, but I survived. I cried for her. Not right away, but later… after Iraq…

Then, a troll appeared. They said, “You’re fake”. I did the most stupid thing one could do, because I was exhausted and therefore vulnerable… I engaged with a troll, trying to explain, to defend myself. That’s when they called me an “armchair revolutionary”. I asked, “If I am, then, who’s not?” The answer came, “Serena Shim”. Of course, I’ve almost died on some 20 occasions, but I always survived… even after being tortured, even after being condemned to death on three different occasions. However, I survived, whilst Serena Shim died. That day, finally, I felt like dropping everything, cancelling Eritrea, and just burying myself in the Japanese countryside, writing my 1,000-page novel. Trolls 1: Vltchek 0. Then, I thought, “It’s just a troll. Eritrea needs me”. I ached all over that night, flying from Beirut to Asmara via Cairo. It’s clear that the carefully chosen words of trolls can do more damage than an entire battalion of enemy forces.


Trolls constantly attack me; of course, they also attack Pepe Escobar, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, John Pilger, and the others who systematically uncover the crimes against humanity committed by the Empire. They viciously attack those mainstream thinkers and investigative journalists who finally chose to listen to their consciences, who resign in disgust, who switch sides. Those people like my friend Andrew Marshall, the former head of Reuters in Iraq, who resigned from that press agency after a moral dispute over the coverage of Thailand (Reuters refused to publish his shocking findings about the élites and the monarchy in “The land of the smiles”).

Trolls are capable of tarnishing the reputation of such dissidents by spreading shallow and groundless, but extremely well-fabricated, lies about them. They’re able to and fully willing to ruin the lives of people. They’re always ready! The more decent and brave the people are… their victims… the more excited the trolls get, the more they salivate in anticipation of a revolting feast. Periodically, they even attack those who are still part of the establishment, if they touch on “forbidden subjects”, like the murderous regimes supported by the West… those installed in Rwanda or Uganda, or even in Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Bahrain, or Turkey.

Many trolls are paid. The great Uruguayan writer and thinker, Eduardo Galeano, once described them to me as, “These people… nobody knows who pays them, and they wouldn’t tell”. However, some trolls are actually “volunteers”, spontaneous busybodies, unable to write coherent essays themselves, but who are skilled enough to produce a few truly insulting sentences and attach them, as “comments” at the bottom of other people’s work. Many trolls are actually very sad characters. They’re mediocre, they have no future, and they suffer from an inferiority complex. They’re cowards! They’ve failed in whatever they’ve tried to do, so, therefore, they hate… barking is all that they have left. They have their favourite bases where they flock together. Apart from the logical bastions in both North America and Western Europe, they enjoy several sunny but ruined spots like West and East Africa, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, the Gulf States, but also some chillier places, including Eastern Europe and Hong Kong.


Of course, there are professional right-wing ideological cadres that do the heavy-duty smearing. All one has to do is some serious work for Russian RT, or Venezuelan Telesur, or Iranian Press TV, or Chinese CCTV, and your stuff is most likely to be attacked in this way, “So, an individual who contributes to Russian state media was given a very rare media permission for Eritrea and is now tweeting nonsense”. The above comment comes from a very “‘legitimate source”, from a real pro, not from any odd secret and pathetic troll. The author is the @businessinsider’s national security and military editor.

Today, smearing is an entire and huge industry in the West. It forms an integral part of ideological combat, or you may choose to call it the global ideological onslaught of the Western propaganda apparatus. Millions of cadres/apparatchiks in North America and Europe are busy working, day and night, on destroying opposition to the Empire. They’re all over the official corporate media, as well as in academia and all sorts of think tanks and NGOs. These days, academic degrees in certain fields are almost synonymous with terms like “collaboration with fascism” and “betrayal of humanity”.

However, academic smearing and the attacks from media sources aren’t what this essay addresses today. Academics and journalists are “professional” propagandists; the Empire educated and groomed many of them from an early age, through scholarships, funding, and recruitment. What we’re putting in the spotlight today are those little trolls; little shits, those tiny psychological gangsters, who try to break people… fighters against the Empire… through their petty but relentless insults, and personal attacks.


Let’s be honest… almost all of us who face the Empire are, to some degree, vulnerable. We engage in an extremely tough battle with the mightiest adversary on earth. It puts us emotionally and psychologically on edge. It leaves us shattered, battered, and often wounded. All of us need a great dose of psychological support, a home base, at least a tiny group of loving determined people who stand by us, “no matter what”. Yes, no matter what! We need someone who’d rather die for us than to betray us, even if we slip, even if, when exhausted, we babble total crap, absolute nonsense. Without such support, we could easily fall.

Our skin is thin. No matter how brave we are, we’re also sensitive and easily hurt. If we weren’t like that, we’d be whoring, successfully, with the corporate academia and media. We’d be the Empire’s apparatchiks. Several lines of smear often derails us for countless and precious hours, or even days… days that we could dedicate to much more important things and activities, than to the sorrowful licking of our own wounds somewhere in a dark corner. Therefore, I suggest that we fight back! Not just to defend ourselves, but to protect our time and our combat-readiness.

I suggest that we create a group, a “syndicate”, to identify the trolls, to unveil them, and to beat them, intellectually, over their dirty muzzles, back to where they belong, to nothingness. A troll isn’t even “an enemy soldier”, a warrior who landed on the wrong side of the trenches. A troll is only a snitch, a loser, and a collaborator with the régime, a pest… or, they’re simply traitors. Trolls monitor us, compile lists of us, and smear us whatever we say or write. Let’s compile a list of trolls, too! Let’s monitor them, expose them, and shame them. I propose the “United Front Against Trolls” (UFAT)… it’d serve and defend all of us, members of the “new media”… outlets such as Telesur, CounterPunch, or Global Research. Let’s come to the defence of each other; let’s start a pesticide campaign for our great resistance outlets to rid us of these pests. I say, “Down with the trolls! Let’s counterattack, comrades! With vehemence, passion, and deadly humour!”

5 December 2014

Andre Vltchek




This is why I oppose certain people so vehemently. Jonas Paffhausen collaborates with the Uniate enemies of the Church, attempted to ally the Church with “Evangelical” sectarians, and hobnobbed with the American Enterprise Institute… certainly, one of the more feral and disgusting neoliberal stink-tanks out there. Victor Potapov works for Radio Liberty… he’s a longtime willing slave of the Langley apparat… never forget his vicious attack on the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger in Georgetown. In like manner, Alexander Webster and Terrence Mattingly are rightwing stinktankers of the worst-possible sort.

However, two people fall into the troll category… Rod Dreher and John Whiteford… I’m a “commie”… I’m a “Bolshie”… my personal life is grist for their mill. As for their families and personal life… I REFUSE to attack those… just because a troll reaches into the gutter doesn’t give you the right to do likewise. I oppose them because they defend clear, objective, and manifest evil. I oppose them because they repeat the lies of the Hegemonist Establishment. I oppose them because they’re apologists for Republican greedster murderers who don’t scruple at torturing and killing in their pursuit of filthy lucre and power (they applaud Republican pigs who support the Uniate war criminals in Novorossiya)… they call themselves “Pro-Life”… what an imposture! I do NOT oppose them because I hate them, their families, or their path in life.

Yet, that’s what trolls do. They’re the bane of anyone who does serious work on the ‘net. I’d remind my readers of the fact that Mr Whiteford lacks a real Orthodox formation as a clergyman (that takes some five to six years of study and residence at an Orthodox seminary, at least) and that Mr Dreher calls himself a “paleocon” whilst having lived the life of a veritable peripatetic nomad (he’s lived in four widely-separated metro areas in less than ten years… this lack of rootedness in any one place negates any claim of his to being a “conservative”).

I do NOT claim “final authority”… but some of my negative interlocutors DO claim such. I’d only observe that people of such ilk are unreachable. Do have a care if you interact with them… they’re nasty and bloody-minded, and anything that you might say to them may become public property, posted on the internet for all to gawk at. I know whereof I speak…

Have a care. There be fresh cowpats in that there field. Shit is very difficult to clean off one’s boots, even if one steps in it unintentionally…


Sunday, 26 October 2014

KPRF Launches “Krasnaya Liniya” (Red Line)… Online and Broadcast TV Outlet

00 The Whole Truth. 10.11.13


The KPRF launched a new initiative… Красная Линия (Krasnaya Liniya: Red Line). It’s an online/broadcast TV media outlet. Here’s its mission statement on its website:

TV Channel Red Line is a new KPRF informational outlet, available to all internet users at www.rline.tv. Our main objective is to be a source of information, as well as a discussion platform, for intelligent thoughtful people concerned about the way Russia and the world will evolve in the coming years. Politics, economics, education, health, national defence, and public utilities are critical topics for modern Russian society. We’ll discuss these issues and propose ways to address them, giving the communist viewpoint, together with the views of independent experts and of activists of other political and public associations. Red Line will broadcast around the clock. Most of the airtime will be its own programming… documentaries, special reports, political talk shows, interviews with scientists, politicians, economists, and public figures, many of whom, for various reasons, have long been “blacklisted” on federal TV channels. The main goal in preparing programmes for broadcast is to give an alternative view of the current problems of society, different from that imposed on the viewer by state and right-liberal media. We’re adamant… modern audiences today sorely lack political, economic, and social reporting, along with heated discussions and comments. Red Line is ready to offer all of this to its viewers.



The lying CIA filth at Radio Liberty didn’t post this in its entirety. Here’s what it posted:

A statement on the channel’s website said, “Our mission is to become a source of information and a platform for discussions among smart, thinking people, who are not indifferent to the ways Russia and the world are developing” (compare this to my second sentence above).

The channel said it would be airing documentary films, special reports, political talk shows, and interviews with scholars, politicians, economists and public figures who “for various reasons have been blocked from access to federal channels”.



If you needed proof that Victor Potapov is a lying Republican POS propagandist… here it is. Note well that the Red Line post is 205 words, short enough to post in its entirety. Also, note that the Langley asshats didn’t give you a URL for Red Line, so that you could check things for yourself. This means that Potapov isn’t only base in motive (attacking the Motherland in the interests of Corporate America)… he’s a conniving Langley denizen who won’t give you “the truth and nothing but the truth”. He IS a smooth article and one of the most “sincere” and “convincing” salesmen out there. He does fool the superficial gullible (such as Freddy M-G and Dreher)… do remember Potapov’s vicious attack on the late Patriarch Aleksei in Georgetown… he does spring from the KONR milieu.

By the way, the RFE/RL translation is more “word-for-word” than mine is (I’m of the dynamic equivalence school)… that indicates an unskilled, inexperienced, or incompetent translator. It tells you much about their English language posts, doesn’t it?

Again, note the use of “liberal” in Russian terms to denote Anglosphere “conservatism”… that trips up Whiteford every time. Liberal = Rush Limbaugh… any questions?


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