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Saturday, 18 November 2017

From the Speech of Professor A I Osipov at the Yekaterinskaya Zale in the Moscow Kremlin at His Investiture with the Order of Friendship on 15 November 2017


We live at a time when we face many problems. True, this isn’t new for Rus; it always seems to be in such a state. You can point up many reasons why it arises in different spheres of life. However, I’d like to speak about the most important things, about roots. One can see the basis for such turmoil in the spiritual and moral state of our society. As F I Tyutchyov put it 150 years ago:

In our day, our flesh isn’t corrupted, but our spirit is, so people are in great distress.

For this reason, a terrible and hellish revolution took place; we just marked its 100th anniversary. Is there any solution to this problem? You hear much talk about it. For my part, I’d like to say that I V Kireyevsky, that remarkable thinker of the 19th-century, pointed up the main line of reasoning very well:

Every moral victory in the soul of one person is a great triumph for all of mankind.

The ancient Romans said:

Vive ut vivas… “Live to live [well]”.

However, is life possible without a soul and without God? Vladimir Vladimirovich, your attention to the spiritual and moral side of our society’s life inspires both optimism and hope. Thank you very much!

A I Osipov

Honoured Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy

17 November 2017

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Monday, 25 February 2013

A First in Russian History: The Head of State Gave a State Decoration to an Old Ritualist Leader

00 Metropolitan Kornely Titov. RPSTs. Old Ritualist. Russia. 25.02.13


President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Friendship to Metropolitan Kornely Titov of the Russian Orthodox Old Ritualist Church (RPSTs). Vladyki Kornely said at the award ceremony, “I sincerely thank you for this high award, which I had the honour to receive today. This is a historic event. For the first time in 350 years of our history, the Russian head of state presented a state decoration to a leader of the Russian Orthodox Old Ritualist Church”. Damba Ayusheyev, the 24th Pandit Hambo Lama, the head of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, also received the same award. Metropolitan Vladimir Kotlyarov of St Petersburg and Ladoga received the Order of St Aleksandr Nevsky. Putin awarded the Order of St Yekaterina to Natalia Sarganova, who raised 35 foster children over 30 years. Also amongst those decorated was Mikhail Komissar, the CEO of Interfax, who received the Order “For Services to the Fatherland” (Third Class).

22 February 2013



Sunday, 30 September 2012

KPU General Secretary Simonenko Receives Order of Friendship From President Putin



This was sent to me as a cut n’ paste in an e-mail, so, I have no URL to post. It comes from a reliable source:

On 28 September, Pyotr Simonenko, head of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU), was in Moscow to meet with Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the KPRF, and to receive the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation from the RF Gosduma. Simonenko received the award for his work in the KPU to promote friendship and brotherhood between Russia and the Ukraine. Later, he met with Zyuganov at KPRF headquarters in Moscow. The two Communist leaders discussed various topics pertaining to the situations of the Parties in both nations.

Editor’s Note:

Orthodox believers should make a poklon before Pyotr Nikolayevich. The KPU stood tall for the real canonical Church, even in the dark days of the 1990s and during the Yushchenkoshchina. When impious Uniate and schismatic mobs attacked the real churches and clergy, egged on and paid by the Americans (as evidenced by the actions of such godless smarmy filth as John Herbst), the KPU put themselves between the rabid insurrectionists and their targets. The Komsomoltsy defended the churches, they showed respect to and protected the real bishops and priests, and they “busted heads and kicked ass” to beat back the depraved pro-American scummer cabal, saving God’s Church in the Ukraine. Because of their steadfastness and bravery, there’s a real canonical Church in the Ukraine today.

Orthodox in the American diaspora should reflect on the fact that the konvertsy cheer on the theomachistic greed, pathetic consumerism, and reckless hegemonism of the American master class; they don’t support the god-pleasing actions of the KPU. By the way, Willard Romney and his squalid neocon cabal supports the schismatics and Uniates more than Barack Obama does… that should give you a hint as to whom to vote for on 6 November. The President isn’t perfect, and there are Russophobes and Orthophobes amongst his advisers. However, Willy’s far worse… he’s virtually declared war on the Orthosphere. You KNOW what to do about that.

Are the konvertsy really one with us? That’s for you to decide…


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

12 September 2012. VOR Presents… President Putin Honoured the “Golden” Paralympians

The Team Russia Paralympians returned to the motherland on the evening of 10 September. Friends, family, and fans met the athletes at Sheremetyevo International Airport. In the image above, Vladimir Lukin (centre), the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, spoke at short ceremony welcoming our sportsmen home.


Team Russia took second place in the unofficial national standings at the Paralympics in London as its members won 102 medals, 36 gold, 38 silver, and 28 bronze. In the image above, we see cyclist Svetlana Moshkovich at the welcoming ceremony for the Team Russia Paralympians at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


42 Team Russia sportsmen won medals at the games. In the image above, we see three-time track champion Yelena Ivanova (right) at the welcoming ceremony at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Runner Aleksei Labzin, who won two gold and one silver, at the welcoming ceremony at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Three-time gold-winning Paralympic champion runner Yevgeni Shvetsov (centre) at the welcoming ceremony at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Paralympic champion swimmer Honoured Master of Sport Olesya Vladykina (right) at the welcoming ceremony at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Three-time Paralympic gold- and silver-medallist in track Margarita Goncharova (left) at the welcoming ceremony at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


On Tuesday, 11 September, at the Aleksandrovsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, President Vladimir Putin presented state awards to honour Russian Paralympians who won gold medals at the Games in London. Honoured Master of Sport and Order of Honour holder Aleksei Ashapatov holds the Russian flag. The Paralympians received the same financial rewards from the state for medals as the Olympians did.


In summing up the performance of our Russian athletes in London, President Putin said, “They demonstrated the utmost panache. It was, indeed, a great success, a veritable achievement”.


President Putin with Honoured Master of Sport Aleksei Ashapatov, Paralympic Champion and holder of the Order of Honour.


President Putin awarded the Order of Honour to five athletes (Aleksei Ashapatov already holds it for his efforts at the Beijing Paralympics), and he gave another 37 athletes the Order of Friendship. Here, the President talks with Order of Honour recipient Yelena Pautova.


Members of the Team Russia Paralympic football squad presented President Putin with his own futbolka (football shirt).


11 September 2012

Voice of Russia World Service




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