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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

DNR Minoborony sez “Right Sector” Actions Show Junta’s Lack of Control over Militants

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Today, the DNR Minoborony told us that the Right Sector’s activities confirmed for OSCE monitors the failure of the junta to curb extremist formations supposedly under its control. A source noted, “All attempts by the Kiev authorities to integrate nationalist gangs into units under the control of the Minoborony Ukrainy have proved futile. This shows the members of the OSCE Monitoring Mission the true situation regarding the Right Sector militants”. Earlier, international observers reported that on 5 July Right Sector militants wouldn’t allow STsKK* observers to inspect junta-occupied Avdeyevka. At the time, the militants said that they followed their own command and didn’t obey orders from the Minoborony Ukrainy.

  • STsKK: Joint Centre for Monitoring and Coordination of the Ceasefire, joint Russian-DNR/LNR-Ukrainian body

7 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Sunday, 5 July 2015

OFFICIAL Statement of Joint Centre for Monitoring and Coordination of the Ceasefire on the Demilitarisation of Shirokino

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On 4 July 2015, in Shirokino, the heads of the Joint Centre for Monitoring and Coordination of the Ceasefire (STsKK) held a working meeting with the leadership of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) on the issue of demilitarisation of Shirokino. One should mention that the DNR authorities decided on 1 July upon a unilateral demilitarisation of the town by withdrawing their forces, as they wished to further peace initiatives and desired to reduce tensions in the area. To ensure continuous monitoring and verification of a complete cease-fire, the meeting participants discussed the deployment of a Monitoring Group, which would include representatives of the Ukrainian, Russian, and DNR sides, with constant monitoring by the OSCE SMM of the situation in Shirokino. However, later, despite the progress made in the meeting today on agreeing to the deployment of a Monitoring Group, the Ukrainian STsKK representatives suddenly expressed opposition to DNR representatives being part of the STsKK Joint Monitoring Group in Shirokino. Thus, the Ukrainian side deliberately disrupted earlier DNR peace initiatives by trying to exclude DNR representatives from the STsKK Joint Monitoring Group in Shirokino, an action not conducive to promoting the negotiation process. This situation confirms once again their absolute unwillingness to engage in direct dialogue with [DNR and LNR] representatives, that is, to carry out in good faith the Minsk Agreement of 12 February 2015. In this regard, the leadership of the Russian representative office of STsKK encourages the Ukrainian side to support DNR peace initiatives to stabilise the situation at this site on the demarcation line between the conflicting parties. We have much work to organise security in the environs of Shirokino. We will immediately inform the leadership of the OSCE SMM of this information received from the Ukrainian side, coupled with their attempt to block work in this direction.

Lieutenant General Aleksandr Romanchuk

Representative of the Russian Federation

Joint Centre for Monitoring and Coordination of the Ceasefire

4 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



This is why good Orthodox Christians can have NOTHING to do with “Ukrainian Orthodox” or “Ukrainian Catholics”, as their hierarchies support the lying and murdering Uniate/schismo fascist junta in the Ukraine. In fact, ALL Uniates are suspect, as they must support the junta, as that’s policy in certain parts of the Vatican. That means that you must treat ANYTHING from Vassa Larina, John Jillions, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, Victor Potapov, and Freddie M-G with the greatest scepticism, as all of them are well-known collaborators and friends of the Unia. Note well how the Uniate nationalist junta and its minions lie. They agree to one thing and then withdraw it. This is disgusting and nauseating. Have nothing to do with the church bodies that support the junta and have nothing to do with those who continue to schmooze with those who support the Uniate nationalist murderers of innocent children and old people. This is too much of a muchness.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dozens of UPTs/MP Priests Fled the Ukraine in Fear… 19 UPTs/MP Churches Seized

00 orthodox church. Petrovsky Raion. Donetsk. 28.04.15


Dozens of priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP (UPTs/MP) have left the Ukraine, fearing mistreatment. On Monday, at an OSCE conference on combating intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Vienna, Priest Dimitri Safonov, head of inter-religious contacts at the MP OVTsS, said, “Dozens of our priests had to flee the Ukraine. Right now, it’s impossible to get an exact figure. They fled the Ukraine under pressure. Their families received death threats; they faced threats of physical violence. The war in [Novorossiya] destroyed or damaged 77 churches and monasteries. Besides this, in the Western Ukraine, most religious crimes involve seizures of churches of the UPTs/MP. Today, we know that they seized 19 churches of the UPTs/MP and turned them over to the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate“. This religious body began in 1992 in the Ukraine; it has no recognition from any other canonical Orthodox Church in the world. All actions against the UPTs/MP are due to religious and ethnic antipathy”.

Earlier, Metropolitan Antony Pakanich of Borispol and Brovary, the Chancellor of the UPTs/MP, complained to junta strongman P A Poroshenko about church seizures at a meeting of the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, “There were attempts to seize our parishes in Kiev, and in Rovno, Kyiv, Lvov, Ternopol, Volyn, and Cherkassy Oblasts. As of today, we’ve recorded the seizure of 20 of our parishes. Another eight parishes are still in our hands, but the situation is still extremely tense. All this is happening with the obvious collusion of local government bodies”. Metropolitan Antony said that the Donbass has 1,100 UPTs/MP churches and 17 monasteries; the fighting destroyed nine churches, with another 77 churches damaged.

18 May 2015




Most of the second paragraph didn’t make it into Interfax’s English translation. Interfax has notoriously bad English versions… especially, in stories about papists, Uniates, and the Ukraine. The konvertsy idiots, of course, use it without reference to the Russian originals, which gives them a distorted picture of events (in like manner, they rely on the equally bad translations of Alfeyev‘s crew at Bolshaya Ordynka). I’ve noticed much the same with rancid translation at Pravmir and Pravoslavie… but the toddlers gobble it all up! No matter which way you slice it, Несвятые святые is NOT Everyday Saints! Shevkunov allowed a neophyte konvert to mistranslate his book… it utterly fucked up the English version. The title loses its flavour of tension and contradiction (Unholy Holiness would be a MUCH better Englishing of the title… many of us (including priests) in the diaspora feel the same way about this classic howler of a mistranslation).



Monday, 4 May 2015

DNR Security Roundup… PM 3 May 2015

00 dnr donetsk pr. 03. 04.05.15


Today, Yuri Korsar, head of Yasinovataya Raion in the DNR, told us, “Until 05.00, the Ukrainian side fired at Yasinovataya. Mostly, they used 12-cm mortars. Right now, we’re assessing the effects of the fire. We already know that a direct hit destroyed a house, but we know that there’s much more damage than that. In addition, we’re looking for dead and wounded amongst the civilian population. We’ll have more information in a few hours”. Korsar thought that these attacks came about because of the junta wishes to disrupt upcoming talks in Minsk and the 9 May holiday, “I believe that they seek to disrupt this big meeting. Besides that, they want to muck up the 9 May celebration. However, despite the shelling, we’re not going to curtail the holiday celebration. On Victory Day, our city will sponsor a formal meeting with veterans, a ceremonial parade, a concert, and a disco for young people”.


Today, Donbassgaz told us that their repair crews restored gas supply in the Kievsky Raion of Donetsk, which underwent shelling from junta forces last night, “Our Donbassgaz emergency response crews managed to repair the consequences of last night’s shelling. We restored the damaged natural gas pipelines in the affected areas”. Gas mains ruptured by the shellfire during the overnight bombardment on 2-3 May were mostly in Kievsky Raion, in Partizansky Prospekt and Putilovsky Rynok.


Last night, the administration in Petrovsky Raion, on the southwestern outskirts of Donetsk, reported, “Overall, last night in our raion was quiet, there was no damage. However, near the village of Trudovska, which is next to the line of contact and bordered by enemy-occupied Maryinsky, ‘National Guard’ battalions fired on us with heavy weapons. There were deaths and injuries amongst the civilian population”.


Today, Ivan Prikhodko, head administrator of Kievsky and Kuibyshev Raions in Donetsk,  told us, “At the moment, we know that enemy shellfire damaged about 20 apartment buildings and School nr 58. The damaged apartment buildings have individual apartments, roof tiling, and floors destroyed by direct hit. At the school, there are shattered windows and roof damage. We know that there’s more damage, but it’ll take us a while to collect exact data on the damage”.


Today, DNR Acting Director of Medical Facilities Aleksandr Oprichchenko told us that the National Trauma Centre in Donetsk treated wounded soldiers and civilians, “Last night, we treated six wounded soldiers, five with slight injuries. We gave them necessary medical care, and we released them to outpatient services. We admitted one soldier with an eye injury to hospital. We also treated wounded civilians”.


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin told reporters, “The STsKK (ceasefire monitors) negotiated a ceasefire with the Ukrainian side around Donetsk as of 3 May at 00.00. However, despite the agreements, the Ukrainian side forces continued intensive shelling of civilian neighbourhoods in Donetsk for another 40 minutes. It seems that the enemy used NATO munitions. The craters match those made by NATO shells. However, for a definite conclusion, we need to make further analysis”.


Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “According to preliminary information, the enemy bombardment last night wounded three civilians (two men in Yasinovataya and a woman in the Kievsky Raion of Donetsk)”.


Today, Sergei Ivanov, head of Telmanovo Raion, told us, “Last night, the Ukrainian side again fired heavy guns at Novaya Marevka. They damaged a few houses; the blast shattered some windows. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties”. For the last week Novaya Marevka, where only 17 residents are left, was continually under fire from junta mortars and self-propelled artillery.


Today, Igor Kostenok, DNR Minister of Education and Science, told journalists, “We had just finished repairs on School nr 58 in Kievsky Raion. We planned to reopen it on 4 May, but the Ukrainian side hit it again. Now, they’ve badly damaged it, but we’ll repair it.”


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin said that OSCE observers and DNR Minoborony personnel identified shell craters in a joint inspection, “We recorded more than 100 craters in Kievsky Raion of Donetsk. In the affected area, ​​shelling destroyed more than 15 buildings. The shelling of civilian neighbourhoods came from batteries in enemy-occupied Opitnoe and Avdeyevka. The enemy used shells that they didn’t previously use. According to preliminary information, these were NATO shells. The statements by the enemy military in the Kiev media that our forces shot at ourselves are absurd. The orientation of the craters suggests otherwise. The Ukrainian side bombards us with all kinds of weapons”.                                                                                              


Today, Liliya Rodionova, spokesman for the DNR Commissioner for POW Affairs, told us that constant junta shelling makes it difficult to find and evacuate bodies of dead patriot and junta troops from battle sites, “The shelling from the Ukrainian side complicates matters. We’re not combatants, so, we can’t put people’s lives in danger. It’s important to remove the bodies, but it isn’t worth it to add more to the total. Now, we’re removing bodies in Starobeshevo Raion and the former Ilovaisk Pocket. On 1 May, we found another dead enemy soldier. We aren’t stopping our work, but we’re only working where it’s safe to do so. With the coming of warmer weather, people complained of putrid odours. The DNR government has plans to search for and remove bodies of dead soldiers on the outskirts of Donetsk and other places. We’ve incorporated all reports into the plan, we’re doping out the details, and then, we’ll carry it out. If STsKK (ceasefire monitor) informs us that the area isn’t in our zone, we’ll leave”. Earlier, on 19 April, Rodionova told us about the transfer of the bodies of 11 junta militants killed in the Debaltsevo Pocket to the enemy. The bodies went back to junta-occupied territory via the LNR. Overall, the DNR handed over the bodies of more than 80 dead junta militants.


Our correspondent on the scene reported that locals in Kievsky Raion in Donetsk, who had taken refuge last night in basements, are now returning to their homes, damaged by intense junta shelling. Local residents complained that they’re “tired of this war” and railed at junta militants, saying that they shouldn’t fire on children and civilians who “never did anything bad to them”. Donetsk homies also hoped that mothers of junta militants would urge their sons not to go to the front, “so they don’t commit a mortal sin in taking human life”.


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin said, “We lost one soldier killed. There were seven civilian casualties, five men near Yasinovataya and two women in Kievsky Raion of Donetsk. We came under fire 36 times. The most active artillery and mortar bombardment were at the Donetsk airport, Kievsky Raion of Donetsk, Novaya Marevka, and Grigorovka”s.


DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin stated that the DNR Minoborony would complete its study of the munitions used by the junta in last night’s shelling by tomorrow night, “We’re now investigating the type of Ukrainian munitions that exploded last night in of Donetsk. We’ll present our findings to the public on the evening of 4 May”.


The Donetsk GMA* media service reported, “As of 17.00, there is relative calm in Donetsk; there are no active combat operations. We don’t have any reports of untoward incidents from residents”.

  • GMA: City Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city


Today, DNR Human Rights Commissioner Dariya Morozova said that the DNR placed residents with apartments destroyed by junta shelling in temporary accommodation, “The DNR opened eight Temporary Accommodation Centres (PVR), to house more than 3,000 people. We’ve prepared room for residents of the Kievsky Raion in Donetsk who lost apartments in last night’s shelling by the Ukrainian side. In order for people to qualify for a place in a PVR, they have to apply at Office 546 of the DNR Government Building. We’re making up a new list for resettlement now. This nightly shelling is likely a provocation from irregular Kiev aggressor battalions. The Ukrainian side wants to use such provocations to try to disrupt the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk”.


Today, at a media briefing in Donetsk, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin stated, “According to our intel, yesterday, the Ukrainian side sited heavy artillery in firing positions around Avdeyevka behind the line of contact with our units at a distance of 6-8 kilometres, to strike Donetsk. During the day, they try to disguise their positions”.


Today, at a media briefing in Donetsk, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin stated, “Over the past 24 hours, we had six wounded soldiers in our forces, along with two dead and seven wounded civilians”.


Aleksandr Pelipas, head of Novoazovsk Raion administration, “recently, the Ukrainian side shelled Sakhanka. The shelling destroyed a house in the northern end of the village… miraculously, the lady who lived there survived”. Over the last 24 hours, Sakhanka was the most heavily hit place in the DNR by junta shelling. At a media briefing in Donetsk, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin said that the junta attacked Sakhanka with BM-21 Grad 12.2-cm/40 MLRSs.

3 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency





















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