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Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 March 2016. A Faith Based on “No” is No Faith at All

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One of the konvertsy boasted that the reason that people convert to Orthodoxy was that it says “No”… I find that both odd and troubling at the same time. I’m a believer because of what Orthodoxy says “Yes” to… not because of what it denies. I believe in the Christ Who opened His arms to everyone… I believe in the Church that embraced the Ethiopian eunuch and the fallen harlot Mariya Magdalene. I do NOT believe in the long (and seemingly ever-increasing) list of “Thou Shalt Nots” thundered forth by the konvertsy. God will save those whom He wills… He needs no assistance from me (or from you… or from the loud “experts”) in that matter. I even confess that the Lord wants to save the konvertsy… yet, shall they answer His call? I do hope that they shall in the end, but their present behaviour contradicts that, doesn’t it?

No matter how childish, mawkish, and wrongheaded they are, we Christians are under obligation to pray for the salvation of all and that all will attend to the Lord’s call and accept His Offer. We’re Christians; that’s what we do. However, we needn’t agree to or be passive in the face of their negative and hateful activity. The same is true here… we’re Christians; that’s what we do. After all, Our Lord Christ showed no mercy on the Scribes and Pharisees of His day, did He? Do reflect on the fact that the “religious” of His time wanted him dead… now, that’s a meaty Lenten reflection…


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

No Comment Necessary Department… Some Good (Orthodox) Sense on Mania About the Antichrist

Antichrist and his deceits. 07.12


One day Elder Porphyrios told me, “Fr Athanasios (taking me by the hand tightly), I’m blind now, my eyes don’t work physically because I have cancer of the pituitary gland, but I have spiritual eyes and see. Before you leave, I want you to tell me, what did Elder Aemilianos say about 666 and the Antichrist?” This was in the days of Chernobyl. This upset people and they went by the dozens every day, particularly to Elder Porphyrios near Athens, asking, “What’ll happen? Will the Antichrist come and stamp us with 666?” The Elder asked me, “My child, tell me what Elder Aemilianos said about 666 and the Antichrist?” I told him, “He told us in a gathering a few days ago to not worry. We should be interested in having a vibrant relationship with Christ and not give so much attention to the Antichrist, because then he’d become the centre of our lives and not Christ.

For us Christians, when we experience Christ there’s no Antichrist… when we have Christ inside us, can the Antichrist come? Can anything opposite this enter our souls? My child, for this reason, today, we don’t have Christ within us; because of this, we worry about the Antichrist. When Christ is within us, everything becomes Paradise. My child, Christ is everything, and we shouldn’t fear the Opposer; you should always tell people this.

You should tell the people not to fear the Antichrist. We’re children of Christ; we’re children of the Church”.

21 June 2015

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

ROCOR Diocese of Berlin and all Germany to Canonise Alexander Schmorell, Anti-Fascist Student Activist of the White Rose Circle


In 2007, the ROCOR Diocese of Berlin and all Germany decided to look into canonising a locally-venerated saint, Alexander Schmorell, an activist in the White Rose Circle, an anti-Fascist student organisation, executed on 13 July 1943 at Stadelheim Prison in München for anti-Fascist activities and the confession of the Orthodox faith. The final act of canonisation is slated for 4 and 5 February 2012 in München, according to the website of Diocese of Orenburg.

Alexander Schmorell was born in 1917 in Orenburg. His mother was Russian, and his father, who came from a merchant family, was German. Despite the fact that his family moved to München in 1921, until his death, Alexander felt a spiritual bond with his distant homeland, and was a Russian Orthodox believer. In 1942, Schmorell, then a medical student, and his friend Hans Scholl began writing and distributing anti-Fascist leaflets. The White Rose Circle is now known throughout Europe, it included fellow Schmorell’s schoolmate Christoph Probst, their friend Willi Graf, and Hans Scholl’s sister, Sophie Scholl. Hans Scholl was exposed in February 1943; the Nazis rounded up and convicted the White Rose members of treason, and executed them on the guillotine.

In 2008, the ROCOR and the MP announced that Alexander Schmorell would be the first new martyr glorified after the resumption of canonical communion between the two Churches. Bishops from Russia and the Ukraine, along with Metropolitan Valentin Mishchuk of Orenburg and Saraktash and Archbishop Kirill Dmitrieff of San Francisco and Western America, will attend the service of canonisation on 4 and 5 February in München. For more information about the life of Alexander Schmorell, click here .

20 January 2012



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