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Saturday, 21 January 2017

21 January 2017. G K Zhukov on the Russian Soldier… Anglos… TAKE NOTICE



To put it mildly, most invaders of Russia ended up with their bones bleaching on the Russian steppe. There were only two successful invaders… the Mongols, back in the 13th century and the Central Powers in 1918. Do note that the latter was due to a collapse of the central government and not to victory on the battlefield… and it only lasted about a year. The loudmouth Anglo liberals don’t know history. We Russians know that the Western hatred of our state, people, and faith goes back many centuries. In medieval times, the Teutonic Order attempted to conquer Orthodox Russia (particularly Pskov and Novgorod) with the blessing of the Pope of Rome, Gregory IX di Conti, the so-called “Northern Crusades”. However, the Russians threw out the papist aggressors, most signally at the Battle on the Ice in 1242.

In short, in modern times, no foreigner has successfully invaded and put down the Russian state and people. Anglos… take heed. You goad a state and people not only with more maturity and wisdom than you have… they have a solid record of repelling invasion. Will the Anglo-Americans heed history or will they plunge ahead stupidly and arrogantly, as they always seem to do? That’s their choice… I hope that they choose wisely… however, given their history and pigheadedness…



Sunday, 15 November 2015

15 November 2015. A Blast from the Metropolia Past…

00 jersey city nj metropolia 111115

Frs Dmitri Ressetar, Kohanick, and Kuby in Jersey City NJ in the pre-World War II period.


00 tikhvin icon metropolia 111115

Fr Daniel Ressetar (son of Fr Dmitri) with the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” (1967?), Harrisburg PA


00 john garklavs tikhvin icon 01 111115

Archbishop John Garklavs of Chicago and the Midwest with the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” (1967?), Harrisburg PA


00 john garklavs tikhvin icon 02 111115

Another image of the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tikhvin” visit in Harrisburg PA (1967)


If we don’t know where we came from, we can’t know where we’re going. Most of the loudmouth konvertsy voices on the internet know nothing of the REAL history of the Church here, nor do they have a clue about who the real heroes and villains were. They don’t know who Bishop Kip was, they haven’t heard of anyone other than Schmemann, Seraphim Rose, and the “Evangelical Orthodox” set. Well, if it hadn’t been for the spadework by the pioneers, none of those people would have mattered… ordinary working people and the priests who served them founded our Church… not the rich, not the powerful, not the people in the “big house on the hill”.

I honour what our forebears did. THEY founded the Church, but they get no credit on worthless chatter-sites such as Monomuckos. Keep this in mind… our Church did NOT begin in the “right” suburb… it did NOT begin amongst the garden party set. Our Church started in countless mine and mill towns off-the-beaten-track. Our Church started in obscurity. It didn’t have anyone like Freddie M-G or Rod Dreher in it… but it did have thousands of ordinary Joes and Marys who built up the Church that we have today. THEY ARE THE REAL HEROES.

I will NEVER stop saying such until the day I die. Grasp the real… not the phantasmagorical… that’s where God is…


Friday, 20 March 2015

20 March 2015. Americans Don’t Know What They’re Messing With… Some Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

00 The White Blue and Red. These Colours Don't Run. 20.03.15


The zapadniki truly think that all that they have to do is to threaten Russia and it’ll fold. Nothing could be further from the point. Russians have always risen up to defend the motherland from foreign aggressors. The aggressions of the Anglo American toddlers are simply the latest chapter in that old story. A godless ruling clique of moneyed elements are the true rulers of the USA (they mainly use the Republican Party as their instrument of choice… but the Interventionist Democrats are no better in foreign policy terms)… their ambition is to rule and rape the world. Russia will defeat this theomachistic rabble, just as it defeated the Teutonic Knights, just as it defeated the Tatars, just as it defeated the papist Poles, just as it defeated Karl XII, just as it defeated Napoleon, just as it held back the British and French at Sevastopol, just as it defeated Hitler… it WILL defeat the Anglo American toddlers, too.

That’s why I reacted so harshly to a recent post on Pravmir by an ignorant college student supposedly on Russian Orthodox civilisation. To be sure, the author’s juvenile incomprehension shone through the entire piece… their grasp of Russian history was sketchy, to say the least. Most of all, this “young elder” knows nothing of the Russian ethos… she knows nothing of the depth of our folk customs… most of all, she knows NOTHING of our religion and how it interacts with our national character. She’s in touch with zapadnik elements and mistakenly thinks them “Russian”. In any case, people like her should keep silence for at least a s decade after conversion so they can LEARN. Otherwise, they become warped (just look at Rod Dreher… he’s a case in point… running around ranting about how the Church is “going Episcopalian”… what a maroon!). Most of all, these kids shouldn’t run about telling the rest of us how “lax” we or anyone else is when they’re just mewling babes still shitting in their nappies.

These newbies have to shut up and learn. Shall they? Well, the key’s under the mat and the gate is unlatched, if they want to come to the REAL Church. Will they? That’s up to them…


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

3 December 2014. A Blast from the Past… Russian Orthodox Choir in Mt Carmel PA (1909 to 1912)

00 Russian Orthodox Choir. Mt Carmel PA. 1910s


This is what “rooted” means… Russian Orthodoxy has been in NEPA for over a century, and it’s still goin’ strong. Certain people should attend to that… but they won’t. Remember our past… if we forget our past, we won’t have a future. That’s the way of it…

The picture dates from 1909 to 1912… the dirigent is Mikhail P Balandnyuk.


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