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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

EP Sets Up Rebel Synod in Czechia and Slovakia

00 Metropolitan Rastislav Gont of Prešov PCČKS. 13.01.14

Metropolitan Rostislav Gont, the REAL Head of the Church in Czechia and Slovakia


Rhomphaia reported that on 22 February 2015, Archbishop Simeon Jakovlevič of Olomouc and Brno, locum tenens of the Orthodox Church of Czechia and Slovakia until 9 December 2013, officiated at the consecration of Isaii Slaninki as Vicar Bishop of Šumperk at the Cathedral in Brno. The EP didn’t recognise the election of Rastislav Gont, Archbishop of Prešov as First Hierarch by a Local Sobor of the Church of Czechia and Slovakia on 11 January 2014. Although the Local Sobor is the supreme doctrinal, administrative, and canonical organ in the Local Church and Archbishop Rostislav received 87 percent of the vote, the EP continued to consider Archbishop Simeon the locum tenens of a vacant throne and the only canonical hierarch in the Orthodox Church of Czechia and Slovakia. The EP broke communion with Archbishop Rostislav and his fellow bishops. On 6 February 2015 in Vienna, Simeon had a meeting with EP Metropolitans Emmanuel Adamakis of Gaul and Arseny of Vienna. During the meeting, they decided to elevate Archimandrite Isaii Slaninki to the episcopate to create an “Alternative Synod” of the Orthodox Church of the Czechia and Slovakia. No doubt, the ordination of the new bishop and the creation of an “Alternative Synod” will further exacerbate the local split, which for the past two years simmered amidst the unrest caused by the forced resignation of Metropolitan Kryštof Pulec, its former First Hierarch.

24 February 2015




This is a tangled story. Firstly, it’s a direct slap by Bart at an ally of the Centre. That’s not overly bright. However, never forget that Bart, like ALL Ecumenical Patriarchs after Maximos Vaportzis, is an utterly dependent client of Langley. However, this is DESPERATION on the Americans’ part. They’re tossing away their assets in a vain attempt to thwart Moscow.

Their assets aren’t only in the EP. Some are in the ROCOR, sadly enough. Not all the pro-Langley trash was taken out in 2007! Victor Potapov still works for the anti-Rodina “Radio Liberty” (do recall how he brought the interloper John Herbst to the Sobor in 2006). Mark Arndt still glorifies anti-Russian figures on his website. Nikolai Artemov is still squatting in München (that was “Spy Central” in the Cold War). Everyone knows the intel ties of Artemov and Potapov (their reputation as unpleasant figures is legendary… “I can deal with Lebedeff, he can admit his mistakes, but Potapov never admits anything”)… the Centre knew them, what they figured was that they were going to let Mark, Potapov, and Artemov rot on the vine… that’s the Orthodox way, it’s the least painful, it causes the least upset, and nature will take care of them all in due time. However, the present crisis in the “Ukrainian” pseudo-state scares the bejesus out of the Anglo Americans, so, they’re expending their assets in a mad attempt to stop Russian revival (a vain hope at best, a lunatic notion at worse). This exposes all the American assets for what they are. The plot thickens. The new Czech bishop studied in Germany, I think, under Mark. The Blunder ordained Isaii hierodeacon in 2010 in Moscow! Mark sent him a whole set of vestments as a present before the consecration. Mark was a member of NTS, which was a CIA front. He was active in setting up parishes in Russia in the 90s, unlike patriots like Bishop Alexander Mileant, Bishop Mitrofan of Boston, and the rest of the patriotic wing in ROCOR.

There can’t be two Orthodox Churches on the same territory. By doing this, Bart is declaring war on the Centre. Can it come to a breach of communion between the MP and EP? It very well might! Furthermore, it may lead to a schism in the ROCOR… mind you, it’d be painful… it’d be tragic… it’d be nasty… but I believe that it has to be. There are two “houses” in ROCOR… one is loyal to the Centre, to Almighty God… the other is loyal to Washington, to the Almighty Dollar. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand! (Gospel according to St Mark 3.25) THAT is a dominical statement, from Our Lord Himself. On the one side, we have the patriotic wing of ROCOR, loyal to Holy Rus… by all accounts, Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral leads it. On the other, we have a disloyal Quisling band, loyal to the American rightwing. As one of my correspondents put it, “The brothers at Jordanville appeared to be of the robot right”… that’s not all of them, but it’s all too many of them. These sides are incompatible. The present crisis is bringing things to a head. Are you loyal to Holy Rus? Then, you’re loyal to Christ and His Church. Are you loyal to the rightwing loonies in America? Then, you aren’t loyal to the Church… for a tree is known by the fruits thereof.

Do you stand with Holy Rus and its defence of Novorossiya, or do you stand with Sectarian America and its Godless and Theomachistic grasp at Global Hegemony? Choose well… I can’t tell you what fork to take… I’m certain that you know where I stand…


EP Ready to Interfere in the Ukraine per “Ukrainian Orthodox” Bishop from Canada… Is Black Bart Getting Ready to Knife Christ’s Church in the Back at the Behest of the Anglo Americans and Papists?

00 Bart with Biden

Will Bart remain a loyal slave of the West… or will he turn on them? Beware of Greeks bearing gifts… has the West forgotten that?


Metropolitan Yuri Kalischuk, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (subjected to the EP), said during an interview in Ukrinform that the EP is ready to help Orthodox Ukrainians to unite and awaits for a request by the Churches and the President (sic) of the Ukraine. Speaking about his recent visit to Istanbul, and his reception by Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople, Metropolitan Yuri said, “The patriarch emphasised that the EP never forgets that she’s the Mother Church of Ukrainian Orthodoxy (sic). He’s said this many times before. The EP is monitoring the situation in the Ukraine and considers it’s an ideal time to unite the Orthodoxy there. Uniting the Orthodox in the Ukraine will work. This is an ideal situation”. Metropolitan Yuri noted that Orthodox believers in the Ukraine hold different positions… some are pro-Ukrainian and some are pro-Moscow. However, the Church’s flexibility makes it possible to meet the needs of people with different views. What the EP had in mind in this case, Metropolitan Yuri didn’t spell out, as well as why he equates the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church with schismatic conventicles in speaking of unity. Meanwhile, Metropolitan Yuri called the MP’s jurisdiction over the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church “unnatural”, saying, “The EP expects to receive requests from state leadership and the Ukrainian Orthodox jurisdictions here, most importantly, from the President of the Ukraine (sic), inviting the EP to help in this situation”.

25 February 2015




Say “sayonara” to the notional “all-Orthodox Sobor” in 2016. This move shitcans it permanently. Now, why would Bart rip up something that’s he wanted for years? I think that his sugar daddies at the Vatican and Langley jerked his chain. The Anglo American Establishment and the Curia are seeing their “Ukrainian” project imploding… and in short order. They’re pulling out all the stops to keep their neofascist clients afloat. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian situation doesn’t play to the Anglosphere’s strengths. Firstly, the Black Sea isn’t suited to carrier operations or to nuclear attack sub operations. It’s ideally suited for silent diesel boats… remember the kerfuffle when the Norwegian diesel boat snuck past a US Navy carrier’s escort group? The Russians have that sort of stuff in the Black Sea. That is, Anglosphere naval superiority doesn’t mean squat in this theatre. In any case, if the USN tried moving ANY naval forces into the Black Sea, the Russians would notice it as it passed through the Turkish Straits.

Secondly, NATO airbases are far from the putative warzone. That’s important, for if NATO tried moving aircraft to closer bases in the Ukraine, Russian air defence would register that, probably, leading to preventive strikes on the bases by Russian forces (which are probably on alert due to the crisis). The farther away the bases, the less ordnance that the aircraft can carry… that’s just simple logic. If they tried in-air refuelling, Russian radar would catch that, spoiling the surprise. Air power is utterly dependent on bases… it’s not as mobile as the uninformed think.

Thirdly, Russian satellite recon would detect any NATO ground movements, and there isn’t any major ground forces available intheatre to begin with. The USA doesn’t have the ground forces to take on Russia, ISIS, and the Taliban all at once, not counting forces to watch the Chinese, Iranians, and DPRK. If you recall, last year, Putin got authorisation from the Gosduma to call reservists to the colours for “refresher training”… normally, this isn’t done in the Russian system. What that means is that Russia can call reservists back into service under a legal umbrella. In short, the NATO situation sucks… the military men must know it, but the “Perfumed Princes” echo the pols to keep their jobs.

A Gori is in the making… the Novorossiyans and the Russians already received an intel windfall at Debaltsevo. Some of the American equipment was still in its original packing crates! Trust me… that stuff is now in Akademgorodok; the wonks are tearing it down and inspecting it. Remember, the USSR reverse-engineered the B-29 in a year’s time… a tremendous achievement (A N Tupolev and his team rightfully received a Stalin Prize for their achievement). Russia still has world-class mathematicians, scientists, and engineers… if there’s anything that they can glean from the captured equipment and manuals, they’ll do it… and right smartly, at that.

All of the above is why the USA pressured Bart to do this goofy move. It’s desperate. It’s trying to stem Russia’s revival as a Great Power, and failing. What’s Bart to them? He’s nothing but an expendable pawn. Shall he remain a reliable lickspittle? Only time will tell us…


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24 February 2015. Oxymoronism Personified… Closed Facebook Group Called “Orthodox Christianity and Conservatism”

01 sarah palin age of stupid


00 Patriarch Kirill on freedom and responsibility. 08.10.13


00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13

This is what the Real Church teaches on “conservatism”… any questions?


Do you want to know the meaning of “oxymoronic?” There’s a CLOSED Facebook group called “Orthodox Christianity and Conservatism“. Of course, since they’re “closed”, one can’t find out what they’re saying unless one’s a member. A quick look at the list of open members showed mostly konvertsy (is that a surprise?). Of course, there’s no point of convergence between Anglosphere “conservatism” (actually, feral and godless anarchic and nihilistic neoliberalism) and Orthodoxy. NO CONVERGENCE AT ALL. That is, this group adulates something that doesn’t go bump in the night! The Church’s base teaching on the State is Symphonia… that is, the Church blesses the State, and it blesses the State’s intervention in society. It attacks the nihilistic anarchy at the heart of Anglosphere “Libertarianism” (actually, rightwing Laissez-Faire anarchism of the most vile sort). The Church teaches that since people are sinful, the State is a necessity to rein them in. It does NOT teach that people are good in themselves, and that we should leave them alone to order society without state intervention. Rather, it teaches that since people without restraint will choose selfish enrichment, it positively blesses the State. It BLESSES income redistribution… it CONDEMNS “I earned it; I don’t need to share it with anyone else”.

In short, Orthodoxy CONDEMNS Anglosphere “conservatism”; it finds it a vile and demonic ideology. Be wary of all loudmouthed ignorant sorts who want to ally the Church with that theomachistic movement. The Church BLESSES the State, Social Justice, and Socialism… get your mind right. As G A Zyuganov put it, “Christ was the first communist”… what else do you want (need I mention that HH and Comrade Zyuganov are good friends?)? You may stand for Christ or you may shill for the Free Market… it’s your choice… choose well.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Great Lent Begins for Orthodox Christians

00 patriarch kirill. 22.02.15


Orthodox Christians in Russia and other countries around the world begin observing Great Lent on Monday 23 February, in preparation for Easter, the most sacred and holy day of the Orthodox Church’s ecclesiastical calendar, celebrated this year on 12 April. On Forgiveness Sunday, the last Sunday before the longest and strictest fasting season of the year in the Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said, “Great Lent is a time for spiritual growth”. Orthodox Lent always begins on a Monday, designated as “Clean Monday”, a day when Orthodox faithful begin a spiritual and moral purification through fasting, prayer, meditations, repentance, attending Lenten religious services, and partaking of Confession and Communion. Patriarch Kirill said in his message, “Observing the 40 days of Great Lent means to change our lifestyle, go to church more often, and receive the Holy Sacraments, but the most important thing is to work on ourselves… seven weeks of work on the most fertile and the most important holy soil… the soil of overcoming our weaknesses. No spiritual growth and no other growth will be possible without it”. During the first week of Lent, His Holiness will hold special services twice a day in churches and monasteries in Moscow and Moscow Oblast.

23 February 2015



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