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Sunday, 29 November 2015

29 November 2015. One of These Things is NOT Like the Other… Don’t Mix ‘Em Up!

00 don't mix 'em up 291115


Don’t get buffaloed by Evangelical campaigns… in most cases, they’re much ado about nothing. The Starbucks holiday cup is a non-issue… so is the so-called “Manhattan Declaration” and all the rest of the Evangelical folderol. Do note that former Prods push such rubbish amongst us. I’d mention that Scripture warns us of people like that… it calls them “dogs who return to their vomit”. We have NOTHING to learn from non-Christian sectarians like the Evangelicals. Let’s start acting that way…


29 November 2015. Cabinet Vox Pop on Priests and the Internet



One the Cabinet sounded off on priests and the internet:

I totally agree with you. Priests must follow a higher standard, and the stuff you see from some of them on public blogs, Facebook posts, and a variety of internet places is appalling. They seem to forget they represent an important authoritative voice of the Church, which is way more important than their personal quirky ideas, feelings, and dumb-ass opinions. It’s not like they’re in some inconsequential secular job; they’re in the business of salvation, theirs and ours. What can be more important than that? However, their opinions seem more like a Charlie Brown cartoon.

I’d go further… I’d say that some of the rubbish that you see from “conservative” priests is downright demonic and false. It’s time for the bishops to step in and do some ass-kickin’… just sayin’…


29 November 2015. On a Proper Attitude to the Fast…

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Don’t walk around with a long face! Don’t tell people that you’re abstaining! Do good as much as you can! Do to others as you’d like them to do unto you! There… that’s the ticket for the Fast. If you don’t have joy in your heart, your fast is a sham and Satan sits on the throne. Do think on that whenever you hear the usual cast of suspects bloviate on this or that minute flyspeck in the canons. The Fast is a GIFT… do meditate on that…


Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. Cabinet Vox Pop on Metropolitan Joseph

00 Like I Wuz Tellin' Ya. 19.10.12


One of the Cabinet wrote me:

Talk on the internet can be a good thing… an official directive came out from Metropolitan Joseph after Reardon pulled his crap after the Supreme Court ruling. The directive said that no clergy are to engage in idiosyncratic public protests; they need prior approval from their hierarch. Therefore, my guess is that enough people spoke up, so, Sayedna Joseph had to listen and act.

What need I add?


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