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Thursday, 28 May 2015

28 May 2015. Rasputin on His Siberian Homeland (NO… It Isn’t THAT Rasputin… It’s the GOOD Rasputin)

00 Altai. Teletskoe. V G Rasputin. Russia. 28.05.15


Don’t meddle with the people’s soul. It isn’t in your power to do so. It’s time to understand that.

V G Rasputin

On the people’s admiration of I V Stalin


No, this isn’t G Ye Rasputin, the historical figure associated with Tsar-Martyr St Nikolai Aleksandrovich. It’s V G Rasputin, the writer. Valentin Grigoryevich was from Siberia… from Irkutsk Oblast. He never lost his love for his mother Siberia, nor for his hometown of Irkutsk. He was both an Orthodox activist and a keen Red, a firm supporter of the KPRF. In his home of Irkutsk, he was one of the founders of the Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox girls’ school. Also in In Irkutsk, Rasputin wrote for the Orthodox-patriotic newspaper Literary Irkutsk and was on the board of the literary journal Siberia. He was a close personal associate of G A Zyuganov, considering himself a Stalinist. Valentin Grigoryevich was also close to HH… he was on the Patriarchal Council for Culture (MP PSK) (where he clashed with Tikhon Shevkunov) and condemned Pussy Riot’s blasphemy clearly. He said, “My conscience won’t allow me to be silent”; Valentin Grigoryevich not only agreed with the band’s trial, he was very critical of the open letter of arts and cultural figure defending the band’s actions, describing them as accomplices of “dirty ritual crimes”. In 2014, he supported Russian moves in the Crimea and the Ukraine.

Therefore, the most patriotic elements in Russia are Red AND Orthodox. Those who follow American-style Me First “Texas Hold ‘Em” Crapitalism aren’t patriots and they worship Almighty Mammon. Hmm… that appears to be true of ALL the US Republican presidential hopefuls. After all, we’re talking of a faction that nominated a draft-dodging job-destroying spoilt oligarch as its candidate the last time around. If the Reds are the REAL patriots in Russia (and the real believers, too!), then, the same could be true here, too. It puts a new face on those who want to ally Neoliberal Greedster Fraud with Christ’s Church. “All men are brothers” or “Bow down before the Koch Brothers”… that be the choice. Choose well…

“Rasputin” is a common peasant name… it comes from the Russian word for “crossroads”, that is, “People from the crossroads”. There’s nothing mystical in the name, nor does it mean “dissolute” as some ignorant Westerns believe. G Ye Rasputin was a man of the people, that’s the real reason that many aristos in Piter hated him. “How dare such a peasant move in our circles”. Do remember that Yusupov, one of his murderers, was a notorious dissolute pervert himself… methinks that the KILLERS had much to hide… not the victim. Smearing the victim didn’t just start yesterday. After all, almost everything that we have on him comes from his enemies. How well would any of us fare if that was all that the world knew of us?


28 May 2015. What the Church Thinks of the Soviet System and of the Free Market… Fr Vsevolod Speaks!

00 V A Chaplin. USSR. 28.05.15


Fr Vsevolod, along with Metropolitan Varsonofy Sudakov and Archbishop Mark Golovkov, is part of the “inner cabinet” around HH. HH, if you remember, willingly cooperated with the foreign intelligence arm of the KGB as the vicious and barbaric inequality in the West disgusted him (as it would any decent human being). The Church blesses Soviet communalism… it condemns Me First narcissistic Crapitalism! That’s why the Church blesses the Peoples Republics in the former eastern Ukraine.

There are many in diaspora Orthodoxy who want to ally the Church with the most feral, selfish, vicious, and brutal factions of the US Republican Party (or the Liberal Party in Australia or the Conservative Party in Canada and the UK). They’re in the wrong 100 percent. HH is tight bros with the Castros. ‘Nuff said… he doesn’t hang around godless filth like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Antonin Scalia (“Mr Torture”), Rick Santorum, or Lil’ Mizz Sarah (or any other Republican greedster fraudster). Keep that in mind the next time you read rants by Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Elijah Borek, or anyone like them. They’re trying to influence you to support a political faction that not only opposes the Church’s ethos, they want you to support a faction that wants to rip apart the ancestral motherland so that papists and sectarians can run riot. Nice people, aren’t they?

You read what Fr Vsevolod said… you know what these other jabronies say… it’s up to you to choose. Those are the two choices… there are no others…


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dozens of UPTs/MP Priests Fled the Ukraine in Fear… 19 UPTs/MP Churches Seized

00 orthodox church. Petrovsky Raion. Donetsk. 28.04.15


Dozens of priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP (UPTs/MP) have left the Ukraine, fearing mistreatment. On Monday, at an OSCE conference on combating intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Vienna, Priest Dimitri Safonov, head of inter-religious contacts at the MP OVTsS, said, “Dozens of our priests had to flee the Ukraine. Right now, it’s impossible to get an exact figure. They fled the Ukraine under pressure. Their families received death threats; they faced threats of physical violence. The war in [Novorossiya] destroyed or damaged 77 churches and monasteries. Besides this, in the Western Ukraine, most religious crimes involve seizures of churches of the UPTs/MP. Today, we know that they seized 19 churches of the UPTs/MP and turned them over to the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate“. This religious body began in 1992 in the Ukraine; it has no recognition from any other canonical Orthodox Church in the world. All actions against the UPTs/MP are due to religious and ethnic antipathy”.

Earlier, Metropolitan Antony Pakanich of Borispol and Brovary, the Chancellor of the UPTs/MP, complained to junta strongman P A Poroshenko about church seizures at a meeting of the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, “There were attempts to seize our parishes in Kiev, and in Rovno, Kyiv, Lvov, Ternopol, Volyn, and Cherkassy Oblasts. As of today, we’ve recorded the seizure of 20 of our parishes. Another eight parishes are still in our hands, but the situation is still extremely tense. All this is happening with the obvious collusion of local government bodies”. Metropolitan Antony said that the Donbass has 1,100 UPTs/MP churches and 17 monasteries; the fighting destroyed nine churches, with another 77 churches damaged.

18 May 2015




Most of the second paragraph didn’t make it into Interfax’s English translation. Interfax has notoriously bad English versions… especially, in stories about papists, Uniates, and the Ukraine. The konvertsy idiots, of course, use it without reference to the Russian originals, which gives them a distorted picture of events (in like manner, they rely on the equally bad translations of Alfeyev‘s crew at Bolshaya Ordynka). I’ve noticed much the same with rancid translation at Pravmir and Pravoslavie… but the toddlers gobble it all up! No matter which way you slice it, Несвятые святые is NOT Everyday Saints! Shevkunov allowed a neophyte konvert to mistranslate his book… it utterly fucked up the English version. The title loses its flavour of tension and contradiction (Unholy Holiness would be a MUCH better Englishing of the title… many of us (including priests) in the diaspora feel the same way about this classic howler of a mistranslation).



Friday, 15 May 2015

15 May 2015. More GOAA Scuttlebutt… Is Metropolitan Isaiah in the Doghouse Too?




I got this from a source:

Yes, I have heard those rumours as well. I also heard that the Archdiocese may remove Metropolitan Isaiah over the problems in Salt Lake City and stories about priests preaching sermons on the aerial toll houses, etc. in parishes of the Denver Metropolis, influenced by Fr Ephraim’s followers.

The buzz ain’t dying down. That doesn’t mean that it’s true, but it does mean that the buzz ain’t dying down. No one can sue me for saying that. In any case, look at the head of this… it’s tentative; I’m reporting what people are saying… not what’s happening. This is the fruit of the secrecy in the Church. When no real news comes out, all sorts of rumour and innuendo result, hell, it’s worse for the Church than the godawful idiocy in the first place. However, if priests are preaching on the Toll Houses, the Church should slap them down HARD. It isn’t a teaching of the Church… it’s NOT a synodically defined doctrine… it’s nothing but a pious opinion that one can take or leave as one wills.

I think it’s time to reiterate what the ROCOR Holy Synod did back in the day. It simply forbade all discussion or publication on the matter. That was WISE, kids. We should follow that, not scum-bum guru “elders” and internet swami bloviators. I say that the ROCOR Holy Synod should reissue its missive and direct it at all the loudmouth asshats out there. Now, that would warm my innards and make me rub my tummy in joy…


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